Growing up has its fair share of ups and downs, regardless of the magnitude. What most people don’t know is that kids need constant encouragement and nurturing to grow up into strong, resilient individuals.

As a parent, guardian or friend, you have to take up the responsibility of speaking into a kid’s life, whether through notes or texts of encouragement. Trust us! It goes a long way. If you don’t have enough insights regarding the kind of encouragement to create, we have you covered. Here is our shortlist of the most heartfelt words of encouragement.

Words Of Encouragement For Kids

1: You make me smile and for that, always feel loved and appreciated.

2: My world is so much better with you in it. Whatever you set in your heart, believe and you will most certainly achieve it.

3: I will always do my best to keep you inspired and to fuel all your brilliant ideas. You are a dime

4: You are the most creative kid I’ve ever seen. Wherever you go, trust your instincts and your ideas and you will end up just fine.

5: Sometimes I say no because I know you can handle it. With your wits and resilience, nothing should hold you back from achieving your dreams in life.

6: As you grow up to be a mature, responsible young man, keep in mind that every choice you make in life matters. You are strong and you deserve the best that this world has to offer.

Words Of Encouragement For Kids

7: You are more than capable to make it in life, dear one. We all have faith in you, so keep pushing and doing what you do best.

8: Whenever you are going through a rough patch in life, remember how happy you make me and stir up the good in you to outweigh the bad situations.

9: You may think that being small doesn’t give you the chance to make important decisions, but it gives you the power to make transformational life choices. If you make the best choices about life right now, you will end up quite successful.

10: As you walk this corrupt and messed up life, know that your words have power. Take care of yourself, but most of all, take care of how you perceive different matters.

11: Whenever you make mistakes in life, don’t beat yourself about it. The most successful people learned from their mistakes and picked themselves up. You can do this!

12: Growing up is one of the hardest tasks, but so far you have made us all proud. You are beautiful and all your ideas matter. I love you

13: Wake up every day and wear your smile like a loaded gun. You deserve every good thing that comes your way. Seize all the opportunities and make hay while the sun still shines.

Inspirational Words Of Encouragement For Kids

Words Of Encouragement For Kids

1: I am grateful for you each day and for the impact you make. I am always ready to listen to you, regardless of time and day. Keep shinning, baby girl.

2: Every time I see you concentrating on your work, I can’t help but wonder what goes on in that puny brain that generates great ideas. I bet some grownups still haven’t reached your capacity of thinking.

3: Thank you for being part of this family and for making us all feel good on our bad days. You may be the youngest here, but you might just have the greatest impact on everyone.

4: Take every opportunity to learn something new. You never know when you will have to use some of the accumulated knowledge.

5: Keep doing your best in everything and one day, every good thing will follow you. I am proud of the person you are becoming.

6: If I haven’t said it recently, I love you, and I always will, even with your flaws and imperfections. Because you have a unique identity that no one can ever steal.

7: I always wondered why you attract so many friends. Then I realized how valuable, interesting and wise you are. Keep carrying the same energy and positivity.

8: Very soon, you will be done with middle school and you will start facing real-life challenges. Whatever come may, think through situations logically and don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment. You can be the best you were meant to be.

9: I am always excited to see you try out new things because such ideas inspire your thinking and drive you from one level to another. Keep shining in whatever you do.

10: Whenever you are faced with tough challenges, remember that life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

11: Gratitude and respect always go hand in hand, and I am proud of you for being so instrumental in displaying these two traits.

12: I’d like to encourage you to try and give something to someone each day. Whether it is your time, energy or money, because the more you give, the happier you become.

Positive Words Of Encouragement For Kids

Positive Words Of Encouragement For Kids

1: As you grow up to be a responsible kid, explore as much as you can, discover and learn everything you set your eyes on. After that, find your dream and pursue it as your life depends on it.

2: Most people in life have fooled us into thinking that receiving makes us happier but in the real sense, the blessing is in giving. Take that at such a young age and you will grow up to do wonders.

3: In your day to day activities, always keep in mind that someone else’s poor behavior should never be an excuse for your failures. Own up every step of the way and make amends to set things straight

4: Always feel free to ask for help and to learn from past mistakes. We are all human, so don’t let anyone judge you or put you on the hot seat for doing things differently.

5: More than anything, learn how to love yourself and appreciate all the small wins, for they are a key motivating factor in determining how you turn out later in life.

6: You never have to compare yourself to other people to become successful in life. Everyone has their unique race, so run yours diligently.

7: In case no one ever told you; you are interesting, beautiful, valuable and smart. Always learn how to look beyond imperfections and focus on the positives in life.

8: Aside from being smart and disciplined, learn how to give more to people because when you die, all you will leave behind is a legacy for people to remember you.

9: I am so glad to see you shinning in school and the neighborhood. Without any shred of doubt, you are a special person. Thank you for everything, dear one.

10: You can always change your mind about things in life. Don’t let anyone force you into doing something you don’t have to. You have the liberty to make your own choices.

11: When I was your age, I could not come up with half as brilliant ideas as you do. It shows how special you are. Keep putting your best foot forward and you will reap the best fruits.

Funny Words Of Encouragement For Kids

Words Of Encouragement For Kids

1: One of the best pieces of advice I would give you right now is that you should choose a job you love doing so you will never have to work another day in your life.

2: Keeping a positive mindset will improve how you look at things: Including cartoons and blockbuster movies.

3: Once in awhile, mix some foolishness with your most serious plans. You would be amazed by how lovely the result would be. Life should never be too serious all the time.

4: My son, sometimes, you cannot change the seasons or circumstances, but you can change some of your behavior, such as eating and sleeping habits.

5: Make each day your masterpiece but on some days, you are allowed to relax and sleep all day long. Sleep is healthy but doesn’t get addicted to it.

6: Never let the odds or circumstances keep you from doing what you are called to do. But that doesn’t permit you to be a crook.

7: Surround yourself with people who will always lift you higher, regardless of the situation. You deserve the best in life.

8: Give the world your best shot and the best things will come back to you. In the same magnitude you sowed, so shall you reap. Whether good or bad.

9: In this life, dear one, learn from people’s mistakes and experiences. But never from your own. Don’t wait to mess up to learn from your mistakes.

10: As you do your homework and play with your friends, keep in mind that no one is perfect. That’s why pencils have erasers.

11: In all situations, ensure you are the first premium version of yourself instead of emulating someone’s second-rate version and trying to be something you can never be. Especially when it comes to chasing girls and being naughty in school.

12: I am glad you know how to balance the seesaw more than most kids. That’s because life is like the same see-saw. You step on it with great care and learn how to balance. Life is full of balancing and when you master that art, you will truly succeed.