In his 1972 song Lean On Me, Bill Withers voiced out our deep desire for support and encouragement which only a fellow human can give. Indeed, we all need somebody to lean on; suffice it to say that your friend is also in the loop of those who will need your words of encouragement when it is just impossible for him to press on alone.

Life is hard, no kidding, so, the little help you can offer your wearied friend at the time it’s needed can go a long way in keeping them from slipping. Because we know how difficult it is to come across the right words given the limited adjectives that can bring comfort to a struggling soul, we have painstakingly developed and collected words of encouragement which your friend will greatly appreciate. See them below:

Words Of Encouragement For A Friend

1: I believe in you.

2: You are much stronger than you think you are.

3: I have got your back.

4: I am deeply convinced that there is no mountain you can’t overcome if you have a little faith in yourself.

5: The more I think of it, the better assured I am that you are a warrior. Fight on, friend!

6: We are rooting for you, anytime, any day.

7: Today appears tough but tomorrow promises to be as soft as fresh dough if you welcome it with a renewed zeal.

8: Strength belongs to those who are willing to break limits and make exploits.

9: The journey to greatness isn’t for the fastest. Rather, it is for the most persistent.

10: You are one of the strongest persons I am privileged to call a friend.

11: Don’t stress beyond your capacity to work. Rest is as important as always.

12: The only thing standing between you and your goal is your drive, dedication, and diligence. Never, ever give up.

13: You are a shining star.

14: Even if I don’t say it often, I strongly admire your indefatigable spirit.

15: No matter your struggles, you’ll live to eat the fruit of your labor.

16: Maybe you don’t know it, but I look up to you for inspiration.

17: I have known you long enough not to doubt your exceptional intelligence.

18: Even if there is no one left to cheer you on, there is a burning light right there in your heart that illuminates your path ahead. You can make it by yourself.

19: Very soon, we will celebrate your breakthrough if you do not quit on the way.

20: Who would ever think that you will come this far in life? Press on, dear, for we have a lot of people to disappoint in life.

Words Of Encouragement For A Best Friend

Comforting Words For A Friend In Need

21: The rippling effect of a single pebble on the sea should be enough motivation for you to celebrate your small victories.

22: The sun doesn’t shine for fancy. The labor of your hands shall not be in vain.

23: You are the best of your kind.

24: You have been earmarked for success; I mean it because I know it.

25: Words aren’t enough to say all that you worth to me. But know this that you are much more than a blessing; you are a treasure.

26: Never hold onto the fear of the yesteryear when the beauty of the future is wooing you for a lifetime commitment.

27: In you, I have got a best friend. With you, the world is easy to navigate. Besides you, there’s no other for me.

28: Since you’ve always trusted God for your safety, I can guarantee you that He will not fail you.

29: If the road to success were smooth, even the lazy would find a fault riding it.

30: This is your year of answered prayers.

31: The pain you feel now is nothing compared to the gain that follows your hard work.

32: You are a smart woman. Read that again.

33: I want you to bear in mind that you are my friend for all times. I will never trade your friendship for anything the world has to offer.

34: Priceless people like you are the rare treasures we all should kill for.

35: I like it when you laugh with contagious energy like your life depends on it.

36: You are not superhuman. It is okay to tell me about your fears and mistakes. Be rest assured that I will never judge you for that.

37: When I recount how much you’ve given into our friendship, I always come to the conclusion that I am the luckiest being on earth to be associated with you.

38: This storm will soon pass, and you, my friend, will emerge strong and better.

39: There is no disappointment that isn’t for a beautiful reward in the long run.

40: Your scars light up the star in you.

Words Of Encouragement For A Friend

Words Of Encouragement For A Best Friend

41: Thank you for saying no to worries and yes to positive thinking.

42: I can count on you to stay cheerful in this trial season though if it hurts to do.

43: Remember that I am always here for you. Even in the dead of the night.

44: You are an amazing friend.

45: You are doing a wonderful job as a mother to your lovely kids.

46: You are a super dad.

47: I am jealous of your quiet strength.

48: One day, we shall all tell the story of how you flawlessly dealt with this situation.

49: I am honored to be associated with a loyal friend like you.

50: You are my sunshine on a cloudy day.

51: Stop getting worried about things that will happen without your permission.

52: Life is beautiful because you are in it.

53: Sing, dance, groove. Do anything but getting hooked up to worries.

54: I am exceptionally proud of you.

55: I can’t wait to hear your success story.

56: When the darkness becomes thicker than ever, hold on for the morning.

57: You are liquid fire; the strength of your resolve is undiluted.

58: You’ll be fine, that I know.

59: The more we look at it, the clearer it becomes that challenges are power builders.

60: Dearest, you are in my prayers.

Words of Encouragement For A Friend Who Is Depressed

61: May the love and mercy of God hold you in a warm embrace through this trying period of your life.

62: Tomorrow’s gladness will compensate for the troubling sorrows of today.

63: I may not understand all that you are passing through. But I do know that everything will be okay in the end.

64: Don’t be too quick to write yourself off; help is near.

65: Your past made you who you are today.

66: You are a victor; not a failure.

67: The storm is over – believe it!

68: Regardless of how low you bend in the storm, you will rise up again.

69: Nothing can break you if you don’t allow it.

70: You are fruitful, just like the tree planted by the rivers of water.

71: Find the diamonds in the rocks that life hurls at you.

72: This challenge will bring you fame, not shame.

73: Rest on God; you will have a safe landing.

74: Life can knock you around all it can but victory is yours.

75: One step ahead. And another, and another.

76: The glory of God in you outshines the criticisms of men. Keep up the glow!

77: Darkness lacks the power to take away God’s love from you.

78: Hold on for the rainbow that soon follows the rainfall.

79: It is okay to cry, but not till forever.

80: Don’t be afraid of what tomorrow brings. We all will see it in good faith, alive.

81: Take care that you don’t become overwhelmed by trouble. One day at a time, sweetheart.

82: By tomorrow, you won’t believe that you were wondering how you would overcome today.

83: The tears in your eyes now can’t be equated with the joy that awaits you soon.

84: Real people are those who acknowledge their weaknesses and refuse to accept them as hindrances to success. You are real, my friend.

85: You have a resilient spirit. I can say that without mincing words.

86: Arise, for this is your time to shine.

87: You are unstoppable.

88: Instead of quitting, take some rest from your struggles for the journey ahead is worth it.

89: When the fight becomes the hardest, that’s the time you need to stick to your purpose.

90: Have perfect faith on the unfailing grace of God to keep you through.

91: You are valued. You worth more than gold.

92: The way I see it, this is your season of laughter.

93: All things are working together for your own good.

94: Do me a favor: walk down to your mirror, smile gorgeously to yourself while saying, “I am beautiful.”

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