Dear parents/guardians,
If we are to be “puritanically” truthful to ourselves, we would not fail to admit that it is quite difficult to release words of affirmation from our mouths to our not-so-perfect kids. In fact, it comes easy for us to spill out vehement criticisms with the speed of lightning, at the slightest provocation from our little ones.

That’s why, it takes self-control, positive thoughts, and a desire to rear up self-confident kids to make words of affirmation a part and parcel of our dealings with them. Don’t be discouraged if you are at a loss on which words validate your children’s worth; we have taken care of that with our post today.

Take your time to believe each of the lines below and imagine your kid/s being more than perfect regardless of their inadequacies. Who knows; they might be acting erratically under the influence of destructive words. Set the ball of change rolling, starting from now!
From us, with lots of love.

Words Of Affirmation For Kids

1: You are absolutely beautiful/handsome!

2: Your teeth are immaculate, dear; you should be smiling more often.

3: I love your curly hair.

4: Your healthy hair is the most unique I have ever seen.

5: You are doing your chores exactly as you should. Keep it up!

6: I am quite impressed with the way you are doing your homework on time.

7: Your mathematical skill is exceptional.

8: I never knew you would make an attempt to speak Spanish though it isn’t your native language.

9: God saw that you would be a blessing so, He gave you to me.

10: You are exceptionally talented in drawing.

11: Hope you are aware you are a sweet child.

12: You are one of the most lovely kids in the world.

13: You are my child, and I am very proud of you.

14: Incredible is your second name, honey.

15: With the way you dance, you are going international as a professional.

16: I am happy with the progress you are making in music.

17: Thank you for helping me out with the chores. You have a kind heart.

18: God gave me the best gift in you.

19: You smile like the superstar you are.

20: I am confident that you will be an excellent student of music.

21: I don’t know what I did to win such a beauty as my child.

22: How did you know I needed some water? Well, I am not surprised because you have a kind spirit.

23: You are not weak in Mathematics; all you need is a little bit of extra study and an open mind to do exceedingly well in it.

24: You are the best kid in the whole wide world. Don’t ever forget that.

25: No matter what you do, always remember that mom/dad loves you.

26: You are your mom/dad’s special child.

27: The entire world is awaiting your grand manifestation, sweetheart.

28: God made you for a wonderful purpose, one of which is the joy you bring to us and our family.

29: What strong muscles you’ve got there!

30: Pretty eyes, how do you do today?

31: You sing like a nightingale.

32: You make me thank God everyday for such an amazing child.

Positive Words For Kids

Positive Words For Kids

33: You inspire me to be a dutiful mom/dad.

34: You were built to look perfect in almost every kind of clothing you wear.

35: I am glad whenever I see you helping your sister with her homework.

36: I didn’t think in that area, how did you come up with such an ingenious idea?

37: You are doing much better than I did when I was your age!

38: You are getting better in your football practice.

39: You talk respectfully like a prince/princess.

40: Ever since you came into my life, you’ve been nothing short of a blessing.

41: I can’t trade you for anything in the world.

42: Because of you, I have developed a renewed interest in basketball.

43: You have a sound mind.

44: You are the kind of child every well-meaning parent desires to have.

45: With you around, I feel safe and loved.

46: At the pace you are going academically, you will soon be the youngest professional in our community.

47: You paint like a modern-day young Picasso.

48: You are the light of the world.

49: You reason years beyond your age, and that’s extraordinary!

50: I am elated that you are growing in body and in mind.

51: I make boast with you to my friends.

52: You handled that conflict well. That shows you are becoming a wise young man/woman.

53: Your empathy and consideration for the needy is commendable.

54: Your teacher believes in your ability; so do I.

55: You are a bright child.

56: You were awesome on the field today.

57: You will make a great cook.

58: You always keep your room tidy; that’s good of you.

59: You are a child with a promising future.

60: You conducted yourself well today at the party. Keep it up!

61: I like the way you are attentive during classes.

62: You make a good conversationalist.

63: Great job at taking care of the puppies!

64: I have no doubt in me that you will pass this exam successfully.

65: You have made my heart swell with pride.

Words Of Affirmation For Every Child

Words Of Affirmation For Every Child

66: Your skilful hands create mind-blowing artworks.

67: Your have a hilarious sense of humor.

68: I love your dress.

69: Your haircut suits your face.

70: I find it exciting listening to your tales about school.

71: You are a strong boy/girl.

72: I love your boldness on the stage.

73: You are becoming older and solidly independent.

74: You were able to stand up to the bully; I’m super proud of you.

75: You are photogenic; don’t be shy of the camera.

76: You have the strength of steel.

77: You’re a lively chap; I will miss you when you leave for school.

78: You are an empathetic listener.

79: You are special for the way you say the truth all the time.

80: You have a heart of gold.

81: You are a genius!

82: Your love for others is remarkable.

83: You are a blessing to humanity.

84: You were born at a time we needed you the most.

85: Your humility blows my mind.

86: I and your dad/mom are happy whenever you are around.

87: I trust you.

88: I believe in the validity of your dreams.

89: People shall call you lucky.

90: You are one in a million.

91: Your tender smiles warm my heart.

92: If I am asked to choose, I will have you as my child, over and again.

93: You don’t give up easily; I love that about you.

94: You are a born teacher.

95: You spell like a pro.

96: I don’t know what I did for God to have a brainy kid like you.

97: Your brothers brag with you as their big sister.

98: You make being your dad/mom the easiest job in the world.

99: If I don’t care about you as my lovely child, who will?

100: You did a clean job clearing the garden.

101: The cake you baked has the sweetest aroma.

102: You smell as luxurious as a flower in spring.

103: You do a better job washing your hair than I.

104: Your company is soothing.

105: My shoulders are always high whenever I visit your school because you are a star.

106: It is a pure delight hearing you discuss contemporary issues with your friends.

107: You motivate me with your positive view on life.

108: I find it interactive, the way you relate with your dad/mom.

109: You handle your personal belongings like a level-headed adult. I like that.

110: The little time you spend with me is treasurable.

111: I love taking you places.

112: Your line of reasoning is sound and a breath of fresh air.

113: My greatest treasure on earth is you.

114: I have made up my mind to give you the opportunity to be yourself at all times, regardless of how difficult it might be for me.

115: You are much more handsome than television stars.

116: Your desire for excellence shall announce you before kings and queens.

117: How can I do without you? Impossible!

118: You are blessed with an insightful mind.

119: I love cooking for you because you eat my food with much relish.

120: You fascinate me with your wild and free spirit.

121: The only reason I will give up on you is when I stop being your parent, and that’s not going to happen!

122: You impress me with your knowledge of a wide range of subject matters.

123: You are a refined gentleman.

124: Darling, you don’t have to strive to look like anyone because you are wonderfully and fearfully made.