“What If…?” questions are thought-provoking lines fit for fun times with friends. They are asked with a futuristic outlook on the outcome of an event or a circumstance. Whether or not there will be an outcome, what if questions have the capacity to make a dull room come to life, with lots of “healthy” arguments and laughter to go with.

In our post today, we have brought to you, a huge collection of what if questions you can use, free of charge, and which can inspire you to think out yours. Share them with your friends, and take turns to ask one another.

What If Questions

1: What if the sky is always black in the morning and blue at night?

2: What if cars don’t have wheels?

3: What if grasses have teeth?

4: What if there is no water on earth?

5: What if our teeth are as hard as iron?

6: What if you can’t smell anything with your nostrils?

7: What if you don’t have siblings?

8: What if your skin complexion is green?

9: What if there were no computers and TVs in your home?

10: What if your dog talks?

11: What if you don’t know how to read and write?

12: What if the world suddenly comes to an end?

13: What if your college professor comes to school wearing clothes made of leaves and branches?

14: What if birds can bark?

15: What if your mother tells you that you were adopted?

16: What if you are half-human and half-snake?

17: What if we are aliens communicating in an alien language?

18: What if trees walk from one place to another?
19: What if we all have wings and can fly?

20: What if Donald Trump was a magician and not a President?

21: What if there were no universities in the world?

22: What if we only eat plastic to survive?

23: What if your sister wakes up one morning with a growing beard?

24: What if we walk with our heads?

25: What if your parents have other kids you don’t know?

26: What if Hemingway was a photographer?

27: What if houses were not built?

28: What if there’s nothing like time and we have all been in a hurry in vain?

29: What if you eat onions as food for the rest of your life?

30: What if numbers and not letters are the language of humans?

31: What if there were no hospitals?

32: What if a tail pops out from your back now?

33: What if reading books makes one unintelligent?

Funny What If Questions

 Funny What If Questions

34: What if cats bark and birds meow?

35: What if winds sing songs?

36: What if every man on earth is legally entitled to marry ten women?

37: What if every woman on earth is legally entitled to marry fifteen men?

38: What if we can eat sand?

39: What if chocolates contain diamonds?

40: What if white color is synonymous to dirt?

41: What if handbags had urinary?

42: What if eating food makes one more hungry?

43: What if sunlight makes the ground cool?

44: What if table salt doesn’t exist on earth?

45: What if you lacked the willpower to accept or reject people’s opinions of you?

46: What if you were born with seven fingers?

47: What if you were alone in the dark for two hours?

48: What if you get lost on your way to a friend’s wedding?

49: What if your water breaks with your baby’s head out before your arrival at the hospital?

50: What if you misplace an important document for a business partnership deal a few minutes to the scheduled meeting?

51: What if you wake up one morning dumb?

52: What if you are forbidden from using a phone for the next five years?

53: What if you had boils in your armpits that refuse to heal?

54: What if you accidentally meet a robbery operation taking place in your neighborhood?

55: What if all your hairs fall off from your head all at once?

56: What if you a million dollars falls on your feet this instant?

57: What if you become the president of your country?

58: What if you have two pairs of eyes?

59: What if you are with your crush and then, your monthly period starts?

60: What if there were no footwear anywhere on earth?

61: What if we all have been asleep and dreaming, hoping that we are living a real life on earth?

62: What if there’s nothing like mistakes?

63: What if pigs neigh?

64: What if horses eat spiders?

65: What if every musician in the US relocates to Seychelles?

66: What if fishes climb trees?

What If Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

 What If Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

67: What if fire doesn’t burn?

68: What if parents become babies, and babies become parents?

69: What if we have a nose behind our heads?

70: What if milk contains traces of cow dung?

71: What if Adolf Hitler were alive?

72: What if there were no government and laws in countries of the world?

73: What if we cry blood as tears?

74: What if we still live in caves?

75: What if electricity was not invented?

76: What if all people of the world spoke the same language?

77: What if babies walk immediately after their delivery?

78: What if ants have teeth?

79: What if a gold mine is discovered in your backyard?

80: What if animals build and live in houses?

81: What if olive oil can drive a car?

82: What if your country knows nothing about fruits and vegetables?

83: What if your dentition were like a jaguar’s?

84: What if we were immortal?

85: What if we can walk on water?

86: What if we swap places with wild animals: they live in our homes while we live in theirs?

87: What if there’s no money in the world?

88: What if air stings?

89: What if vampires exist?

90: What if we don’t need food or water to survive?

91: What if we can eat meat raw?

92: What if there were no police force?

93: What if aeroplanes were not manufactured?

94: What if women don’t have breasts?

95: What if men lacked penises?

96: What if dorks actually deliver babies?

97: What if there were no force of friction?

98: What if there were no gravitational force?

99: What if you had a mouth odor?

What If Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

 What If Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

100: What if you are pulled over by cops for over speeding, and you had your toddler sitting on the passenger’s side?

101: What if you only see in the dark?

102: What if you become jilted by your lover at the altar on your wedding day?

103: What if you forget everything that happened to you in your twenties?

104: What if your teeth were tinted purple?

105: What if are hotly pursued by an irate lioness?

106: What if you lose all your memory before clocking thirty?

107: What if you are asked to stop sleeping for a month for ten billion dollars?

108: What if there were no alarm clocks?

109: What if money can be planted and grown in fields?

110: What if chicken tasted like fish?

111: What if there were no hospitals?

112: What if men see their period?

113: What if men can be impregnated by women?

114: What if humans don’t take their bath?

115: What if you have only tomorrow to correct every mistake you’ve made in life?

116: What if married couples were prohibited from divorcing one another?

117: What if there were no auto mechanics?

118: What if real beauty lay in how eloquently a woman speaks?

119: What if a dead person can come back to life after a week of their death?

120: What if teeth develop in the stomach rather than in the mouth?

121: What if sunless tanners can make a person’s skin permanently dark?

122: What if everyone on the face of the earth were perfect?

123: What if I become ten times richer than you’ll ever be?

124: What if bunches of bananas were harvested from the ground?

125: What if there were no formal institutions of learning?

126: What if human beings are tongueless?

127: What if every car can fly in the air?

128: What if acne can be treated with urine?

129: What if you had nine lives?

130: What if foxes can be domesticated?

131: What if there were no diseases on earth?

132: What if life can be paid for?

133: What if cakes can be prescribed as medicine for the mentally ill?

134: What if tomatoes have hairs?

135: What if much carbs were healthy for the body?

136: What if the cure for HIV/AIDS is discovered tomorrow?

137: What if India becomes the world power?

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