Pisces men can be very sweet and loving. They are usually gentle and kind, but they are very hard to read. Tending to live in the moment, a Pisces man has a difficult verbalizing what he wants. He also tends to get along well with most people. Yet, he really does have preferences when it comes to those he chooses to spend time with. Read on to learn what attracts a Pisces man in a friend, a lover, and a wife.

What attracts a Pisces man in a friend?

What attracts a Pisces man in a friend

Many relationships start as friendships. Even if they develop into something more, it is good if there is some element of friendship that remains. Below are some traits that a Pisces man looks for in a friend.


Pisces is the sign that is the least attached to the material world. A Pisces man is often quite spiritual, creative, and artistic. He is rarely practical. For this reason, he tends to surround himself with friends who are.

A Pisces man often relies on his friends for good advice and is very grateful to those who provide it for him. In return, he gives emotional support and a shoulder to cry upon.


A Pisces man needs people in his life who are stable. He forms deep emotional attachments to people, and if they are broken, it is extremely upsetting, and he misses them dearly. For this reason, he looks for people in his life who are stable and who will be around when they say that they will be around.

Also, a Pisces man, there is always a sense that the world around him is ephemeral. For this reason, he looks for a friend who can provide him with grounding.

A sense of order and discipline

In some ways, Pisces can be the least structured sign of the zodiac. He does not have many internal boundaries, and so left to his own devices, he can have the feeling that he is floating away. He is often quite brilliant, and he has an incredible power of imagination.

The difficulty is that without structure, he has a hard time turning the ingenious ideas and wonderful dreams in his mind into reality. For that, he needs friends and allies who can take his ideas and imaginings and give them structure. Because of this, he is drawn to someone with a strong sense of order and discipline.


Pisces is a Water Sign, and for all of the Water Signs, the most important thing in any relationship is trust. A Pisces man gives his heart and his soul to anyone that he is close to, and he can become deeply hurt if he is betrayed in any way.

Pisces is a naturally trusting sign that tends to see the best in everyone. This is a virtue, but it can leave him vulnerable to those who are not well-meaning. It is not uncommon for a Pisces man to have scars from the past.

For this reason, a Pisces man values honesty in those that he considers friends. It is not only important to be honest with him, but for you to be honest with others as well. He will notice how you treat other people, and this will play a role in whether he will allow you to get close to him.

What attracts a Pisces man in a lover?

What attracts a Pisces man in a lover

While many relationships start off as friendships, people tend to look for different qualities when it comes to romantic encounters. Read on for the traits that attract a Pisces man in a lover.


A Pisces man is a sensitive soul. When he falls in love, he does so fully and completely. Sex is more than just a physical act for him. He wants to bond with his partner body, mind, and soul. This means that he can become terribly hurt if he falls for the wrong person. For this reason, he wants a partner who is kind.

As with honesty, a Pisces man will not only look at how you treat him, but how you treat others. A Pisces man cannot abide by cruelty or meanness towards anyone. Many people underestimate this sign, but a Pisces man is capable of great acts of heroism and bravery in the defense of the weak or helpless.

Capacity for deep emotions

As a Water Sign, a Pisces man has a strong desire to connect with others on a very deep level. Many Pisces natives are psychic, and they a capable of bonding fully and completely during sex. Physical intimacy without emotional intimacy feels shallow and unsatisfying for him.

Not all people are capable of the type of connection that a Pisces man desires. Because of this, a Pisces man sometimes has the reputation of being rather needy and clingy. The reality is, though, that this is generally only the case when he is with someone who does not have the desire or emotional capacity for the type of bond that he wants.


Because a Pisces man has such a great capacity for bonding with another, he needs someone who he knows will be loyal to him and to the relationship.

The loyalty that a Pisces man wants goes beyond mere faithfulness. He can be a bit naïve, and he will forgive almost anything. A Pisces man will be there for you whenever you may need him. He does want the same in return, however.

A love of family

For a Pisces man, relationships are extremely important, not just romantic ones. He is great with children, and he also usually likes pets. It is common for him to want children, and he is close to his family. As such, he finds a love of family extremely attractive.

He wants someone in his life who feels the same way as he does. The ideal partner for him is one who is close to her own family and supportive of his relationship with his. He also wants someone who is good with children and who wants to have them someday.

A Pisces man is quite understanding if you have children from a former relationship. He will not be jealous and will treat them as he would his own.

What attracts a Pisces man in a wife?

What Attracts a Pisces Man in wife

When it comes to marriage or other long-term commitment, most people seek out someone who is their opposite, who can provide balance for them. A Pisces man is no exception. Read on to learn the traits that a Pisces man finds attractive in a wife.

An eye for detail

A Pisces man tends to be a bit fuzzy when it comes to details. He looks for the big picture and often misses the little things. He can be terribly vague in his sense of what is going on around him.

Because of this, when looking for a wife, he is attracted to someone with a keen eye for detail, who can catch the things that he misses. Strangely enough, a Pisces man can be rather critical with the person that he settles down with, so he needs someone who can tolerate and accept this in him.


A Pisces man can be an odd contradiction. When he lives alone, his place may be messy and disorganized. This does not mean that he likes it that way. It is hard for a Pisces man to keep focused on his daily life. He is easily distracted. This makes it hard for him to function when his surroundings are untidy.

It is difficult enough for him when it is his own stuff that is cluttering his place. If he lives with someone else, and she has her own clutter, this only serves to double his confusion. For this reason, he is attracted to someone who is naturally tidy.

High ideals

Although a Pisces man seeks his opposite, he does want a lifelong partner who shares his values and ideals. A Pisces man does not necessarily see things as they are, but as they could be. He can see the best in everyone and in every situation.

Because a Pisces man can have some trouble with seeing things as they are, he benefits from a partner who is able to see faults and flaws in order to correct and improve upon them. Together, they will be able to reach for the stars.


As discussed before, a Pisces man is often brilliant. He can see things in a way that most others cannot, and this can blossom into genius. He values a wife who he can discuss his insights with and who will understand them. He also appreciates someone who can think for herself and share her ideas with him.

There are different types of intelligence, however, and a Pisces man seeks a partner who is intelligent in a different way than he is. He is able to see the big picture and how everything fits together. He seeks a partner who has strong analytical ability who complement his own unique way of looking at the world.