Launching advertising is a crucial step in any business’s life. In advertising, the most critical element is creativity, which means the advertising content, whether it’s a banner, a photo, or a video. In 2023, videos have emerged as the leader among advertising formats. So, anyone looking to promote their page needs to understand how to create advertising videos and what themes to choose. Nowadays, it’s not difficult to do; all you need is a simple TikTok editing app or any other video editing software. Let’s take a closer look at what types of videos to launch for successful advertising and start with where you can edit them.

Applications for Creating Promo Videos

You can use any application that suits your needs. Here are some recommended options:

  • CapCut
  • InShot
  • VN Editor
  • VJump and others.

VJump can be considered one of the best video ad maker, especially for beginners in this field. This app not only provides you with editing tools but also offers hundreds of different templates. With it, you can create advertising videos even if you’ve never done video editing before. In this TikTok video editor, you’ll find all the instructions you need.

What an Advertising Video Should Be: Key Rules

To run a video as an advertisement, it needs to meet the basic requirements of social media platforms. These requirements include the following:

  • The advertisement should not contain violence.
  • The video should not violate the copyright of other people.
  • The video should be of high quality.
  • Additionally, it’s important to determine the correct length and format of the video.

Video length can vary depending on what you are promoting, but on average, the optimal length is around 30 seconds. In this time frame, you can provide all the necessary information for the viewer and promote your product/blog, etc.

Video format can also vary, but in 2023, native sales and slightly provocative, entertaining videos are leading the way. Viewers are no longer interested in dull and ordinary product advertisements. It’s much better to choose formats like:

  • Demonstrating the practical use of the product.
  • Wrapping the advertisement in a playful sketch.
  • Creating an entertaining video with vibrant transitions.
  • With the help of an app like VJump, for example, you can find a source of inspiration, come up with original advertisements, and edit TikTok videos in high quality.

It’s also recommended to add effects or music to the video to make it look complete. For this, you’ll need the best TikTok editing app, where you can apply various filters and sounds, allowing you to find your unique style of presentation and launch an effective advertisement that will quickly pay off!


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