For so long now, weddings have been deemed to be major stepping stones into the grown-up life. It is the foundation of a new generation and the beginning of another phase. With your sister’s wedding around the corner, you may be filled with mixed feelings of joy that she’s finally living her dreams, and of sadness, that she’s walking into uncertainty without you.

Amidst the mumbo jumbo of emotions, is the place a wedding wish makes everything feel right for both you and your lovely sister. Take a look at these sample wedding wishes and inspire your mind to coin something beautiful on your sister’s special day.

Wedding Wishes For Sister

Wedding Wishes For Sister

1: I never thought I would cry at my sister’s wedding. But seeing you walk down the aisle in that majestic angelic dress, has truly moved me. If possible, wear it for the rest of your life. I wish you the best this new phase has to offer. Congratulations

2: Sometimes, I still see you as a little girl, though I have to accept that you are grown up with a partner for life. May this day be the beginning of a fairytale story that lasts forever.

3: You have finally found someone who will offer you a shoulder to cry on for the rest of your life. I am still amazed that you went for the person we least expected. I hope you find all the fulfillment and happiness in the world.

4: I love you so much, sister. Seeing you leave with someone else is simply heartbreaking, but I know this has to happen because we all have to meet our soulmates someday.

5: I simply can’t stop looking at you. You are the definition of true beauty and divine magnificence. Congratulations on this major milestone, sister.

6: Whenever hard times come, always remember that you won most of your battles when single, so now that you have a partner, you get lazy to wake up.

7: Sis, the D-day has finally approached and I’m here, wishing it was a dream. I’ll miss you a lot. Have a fruitful marriage.

Wedding Wishes For Sister

8: All the times we shared remain the best thing that has ever happened to me. You’re not only my sister, but also my closest friend and getting married won’t change that. Enjoy your wedding!

9: I’ve always thought that nothing would change once you are gone from home. Now, I realize that it has all been false thinking. I’m missing you already. Happy married life, sis.

10: I want to congratulate you as you march into another side of life with your soulmate. I wish you joy, peace, and happiness. Have a fantastic wedding ceremony, dear sister.

11: If wishes came true as fast as we made them, I would have kept you by my side forever, sis. Have a fruitful wedding and a joyous home.

12: Sweetest sister of all, it is a great honor to witness your wedding day. Experience the joy and bliss of a productive marriage.

13: I look forward to the time when you will be called, “Mom.” Meanwhile, enjoy your wedding ceremony, my sister for life.

14: Sis, you have a beautiful heart, so you deserve the best. I wish you marital bliss.

15: My adorable one is getting set to walk down the aisle. Your marriage is blessed!

16: Congratulations, big sis, for getting married to the man of your dreams. I wish you an awesome and beautiful years together.

17: May this day be the genesis of fulfillment and great success in your life. Happy married life, best sis.

18: The fairest of all the ladies from my mother is on the way to her husband’s house. Your marriage will succeed!

19: A stress-free wedding do I pray for you, sister.

20: You have a bright future, and I am sure your marriage will make it blissful. Best wishes on the wedding day, little sister.

21: Never stop dreaming; never stop believing. Your marriage is already perfect, sister.

22: Happiness with no defect, that is my prayer for you. Happy wedding day, my delectable sister.

23: You took care of me as your younger sister. Now, someone else will take charge and care for you like no other. Happy married life, sweetest big sis.

24: Everything you do is perfect, sis. Mom will surely miss you. Congratulations on your marital union today.

25: Two became one. Your union will last forever, sis.

26: How time flies! Yesterday, we were playmates; today, you’re getting married. I wish I could turn back time, darling. Happy married life.

27: You have my complete support, sis. I wish you all the incredible blessings that a good marriage brings.

28: Do you know what awesome means? It means getting married to your soulmate. I’m glad you’re having an awesome marriage, dear sis.

29: I will always pray for your marriage. It will stand the test of time. Happy married life, honey.

Inspirational Marriage Wishes For Sister

Wedding Wishes For Sister

1: Growing up, you always emulated and copied most of my behavior. Look at me now, asking you for relationship guidance, yet you are the younger.

2: Here’s to the most beautiful and most intelligent lady in the whole world. I couldn’t ask God for a better sister. Our childhood could never be the same without you and your crazy character. Best wishes on your marriage.

3: Another year of love and another family member in the family. As we celebrate and sip different drinks, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your achievements.

4: The only thing I wish right now is seeing you happy and fulfilled. As you set out for this new life, dear sister, may you always remember how much we all love and pray for you.

5: We grew up in a humble home and now here you are, ready to spend a whole load of money for a wedding. I am happy for the huge strides you are making.

6: As your elder brother, I feel overwhelmed by emotion simply because your special day has arrived. I have known you to be a strong, dedicated, committed and resilient young lady. May you continue with the same spirit even in marriage

7: Wishing the newest couple in town a happy wedding and an eternally blessed union. I know it didn’t come easy, but you have made it and I am proud of you. Thank you for being such a good role model.

8: Sending blessings and glad tidings to my one and only sister, who has done us all proud. I’m so happy for you, dearest.

9: You have grown up into an immaculate woman who is being married to such a bold man. What more could we ask for a perfect wedding?

10: As you begin another aspect of your life in good faith that it will be a glorious one, I wish you the best of the best. May you find indescribable joy in your marriage, sister.

11: Dear sister, I’m delighted to be part of your big day. Don’t ever lose that perfect smile. Happy wedding ceremony.

12: All I desire for you, sister, is an excellent union. Prosper in your marriage.

13: Your home is already blessed; I’m sure of it. Enjoy your wonderful wedding day.

14: My partner in crime is getting hitched today. I’ll miss you dearly. Congratulations on your wedding day.

15: Having a sister like you is one of the greatest blessings from God. I am super blessed to also see you get married to your man. Congratulations!

16: I know you made the right choice, which means that you’ll be happy all your life. Congratulations on your wedding, beloved sis.

17: My special sister, you will have no regrets in your marriage. Congratulations.

18: Whenever you need someone to talk to and your husband is far away, buzz me and I will be right there on your side. Happy wedding day, my lollipop.

19: Permit me to say that you have brought so much joy and happiness to our family. It is hard to let you go, sis, even though it is a good thing that you’re getting married.

20: From afar, I watched you blossom into an exceptional young woman, and I am proud of your decision to marry the love of your life. Happy married life, my little friend and sister.

21: There are insufficient words to clearly express my heart to you. Just know that I will always love you, beautiful. Blissful marital life.

22: You have my blessings, dear sis. Enjoy your marriage.

23: Congratulations, sis. I look forward to celebrating your first wedding anniversary with you.

24: There were times I thought we will all be together forever. I can see now that it is impossible because we will all get married. Happy married life, sister.

25: Congratulations, beloved. May your marriage be hidden in true love and great joy. Live in gratitude

26: You married a good man. You’ll have no cause to regret your marriage.

27: Both you and your man are the sweetest couples my eyes have ever seen. You’ll have cute babies, I know. Congratulations on your wedding day.

28: Your love for each other can be felt by those around you. May this love remain in your marital journey.

29: Hey, lovey sis, be rest assured that you’ll make a great wife and mother. Happy married life.

30: Your great days have just begun. Happy wedding day, sister.

31: When others were settling for less, you waited and bagged the best for you. I’m happy that you did the right thing for you. Have fun on your wedding day, sis.

32: You are my friend and have become my sister-in-law by getting married to my brother. What a perfect life it is for us! I wish you a joyous wedding.

33: You spread happiness and peace, and I believe your husband is the luckiest man on earth to have married you. Enjoy your wedding, big sis.

34: I grew into an independent and bold woman because you modeled excellence to me. I love you, sis. May you have great delight in your marital union with your husband.

35: If I should make a count of the most influential personalities in my life, you will take the first place, super lady. I’m blessed to have you as my sister. Happy married life.

36: Yours is a grace to grace journey. I’m happy that you’re getting married, sissy.

37: Congratulations to the very important sister in my life on her wedding day. Have fun!

38: I am very, very excited for you, pretty one. Have a lot of marital bliss; your home is blessed.

39: When you’re happy, I’m happy, too. Promise me, sis, that you’ll always find happiness in your marriage.

40: You have evolved into a loving and caring young woman. I am very sure that you’ll make a fine wife and will build a strong home. Congratulations.

Funny Married Wishes For Sister

funny Wedding Wishes For Sister

41: Congratulations on getting married. It is with great joy that I hand over your trouble and mischief to your husband. To say that I prayed for this day to come is just an understatement.

42: My brother-in-law is one of the luckiest men alive because he has an adviser like me, who will leak all your secrets to him. Congratulations!

43: So, you’re finally getting married. I will not miss you, even though I’m crying right now.

44: Getting married doesn’t mean that you’ve arrived. Get ready for the continuation of my troubles in your husband’s house.

45: I don’t know why you decided to marry a caring, young man. What wrong did that elderly fellow you rejected do by loving you?

46: Left for you, your babies will be hotheads. Thank God that you’re getting married to a gentleman.

47: As you depart our home for your new home, make sure you leave behind all those horrible clothes of yours. I’ll like to wear them. Thank you.

48: The day I have always waited for has finally come. Goodbye, roommate. I wish your husband great luck living with you.

49: I know you can boil water well. I hope your husband wouldn’t find out that I taught you how to boil water.

50: Welcome to that chapter of your life when you have to deal with your problem and your man’s dirty socks at the same time. Congrats!

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