If you are a woman and reading this post, we can wager our last dime that you are planning your wedding, or are anticipating to be wedded to the man of your choice. Be that as it may, your commitment to the journey of marriage wouldn’t make any sense without your timeless promises to him in the form of wedding vows.

Maybe you are bored by the repeatedly used lines of vows said by a host of other couples, and you desire something different, creative, and minty.

You are definitely at the right place if such is your heart desire, as we have rolled out below, impeccably written wedding vows that can get your man whimpering like a puppy (unless he is untouchable). Enjoy the read!

Wedding Vows For Him

1: You are much more than a man to me. I have found in you, the king of my kingdom, my anchor in life’s tempestuous sea, the glitter behind my beauty. Above all, you are my husband, and I will love you forever.

2: Are there words specially developed for the purpose of helping overwhelmed hearts? If there were, I wouldn’t have been at a limbo trying to tell you all that this little heart of mine feels. One this is sure though; I can’t wait any more to be your wife.

3: My darling love, I vow to you this day before God and men, that as long as I live, I will make you the happiest man of your kind. If it demands going above and beyond my potentials, wait for me; I will definitely bring you happiness.

4: My eyes saw the treasure that you are, ever before I knew you’re going to be my husband. Now that this day has come, I promise to honor and cherish your priceless personality, all the days of my life.

5: Life is more often about the choices we make. That includes everything we rationally decide to live with until the end of time. Choosing you as my lawfully wedded husband is the bravest of my life’s choices that I guarantee you is the best.

Wedding Vows For Him

6: There is no lateness or error in the plans of the Almighty God. When He allowed us to cross each other’s path, He meant for this day to happen. I promise you that I won’t undo this predestined love union between us, come rain, come shine.

7: My sunshine, I solemnly give my words to you this day, that I will be to you, everything that you have desired or will desire in a woman. I will never give room for any form of dissatisfaction or lack to brew in you. This, I promise.

8: I am not going to call you my other half; you are my best half. Reasons for that are best known to me and to God. Nevertheless, I vow to keep you mine, and will forever be grateful that I got the choicest gift from above in you.

9: Whenever I laugh heartily, my thoughts quickly take me back to those days when you were yet to announce your presence in my life. How was I able to hold on for you without giving up on life? The answer lies in my vow today, that you’ll remain my beacon of hope.

10: The alluring quality that makes you quite different in my eyes is your persistence in loving me. I realized later, after a series of denials, that you are made for me. I promise to make your love for me your best ever.

11: My happiness is your priority. Even though I am always after your well-being, you have tirelessly overtaken me with your unconditional love. I am not ungrateful, and promise you today, that I will never be out of your sight. Also, I will marry you as my heartbeat that you are.

Heartfelt Wedding Vows For Him

12: Taking a cue from the sound of the rainfall, it is my joy to tell you that I will be the constant thuds on the roofing of your comfort. My expectation is to always remind you all the days of my life, of my undying love for you.

13: You are sweet, unlike anything else I’ve ever had or tasted. You are handsome beyond any simple description. I love you, much more than my mind believes is possible.

14: Do you know for how long I waited for this sacred day to come to pass? Will you be able to imagine how much I groaned in my spirit for the speedy arrival of this opportunity, to stand before the world to call you, “My husband”?

15: My heart of hearts, you surprise me on a daily basis. Down to this point of standing before the congregation, you’ve made every thought of you to be laced with varying manifestations of love-struck emotions. I make this vow to you, that I will hold onto you dearly until death do us part.

16: The adventure we are about undertaking is filled with precious moments between us, to look forward to. I say all that because you are my best friend, my true love, and my most dependent partner. No other person will do.

17: Before you, love had no meaning. With you, love is life, and life makes a lot of sense. After you, it is Paradise where we will be united before the host of angels, as the power of our love is to infinity.

18: I have this utmost conviction that whosoever finds her own lover has found a lifetime ticket to freedom. I am convinced because I enjoy the rare privilege of loving a man who brings out the best in me. Needless to say, this lady you liberated with your love belongs to you for all times.

19: I found peace with you, one that I had lost hope on its existence. You fulfil me in ways I least expected from a mortal man. Honey, I want to spend the rest of my living days with you; I don’t want it any other way.

20: At the most inordinate time, it dawned on me that my best friend has been the man my heart waited for all those years. Suffice it to say that heavens shined on me to give me one of life’s top rated blessings. I am destined to love and honor you without looking back.

21: The flowers bloom in their season. The waters rise and fall with the demands of the weather condition. I promise you that my love and commitment for you will defy any season, any reason. It is here to stay.

22: I was at a deep loss on what to do about how I felt about you not knowing that it was the case with you also. Now that we are sure that we are meant to be, I can assure you that you won’t regret choosing me as your wife.

23: Your patient loving and understanding brought the unquenchable fire blazing in my heart. You have made me believe in true love; I am grateful. I vow to never let you down.

24: I love you for reasons that don’t have any logical explanations to them. What matters really, is that I love you, and am ready to be committed to you for life.

25: Your simple personality and honest dispositions attracted me to you. Ever since then, your loving heart has kept me from leaving. Truth is, I like it here with you.

Funny Wedding Vows For Him

Funny Wedding Vows For Him

26: Life is crazy, and won’t retire from its crazy self after we say “I do”. But bear it in mind that two of us are in this together to tame crazy life. It has got nothing on us.

27: We will have many kids and diapers; that’s okay. I will make you uncomfortable sometimes and could poke on your nerves. However, I am determined to pursue your love to a logical end: till death do us part.

28: Getting married to you is a status I am itchy to attain. Not only will I shame our haters with it, it will also be a warning to them that love conquers all odds. Ours is a winner.

29: I don’t live a perfect life; neither do you. In fact, we will make a lot of messes and could argue like kids. In all of those, know that I’m going nowhere, neither are you.

30: My love for you is truer than can be found in the movies without the props and lighting. I love you as raw as the desert sun. Surely, that will give you some ideas on how I will remain an intricate part of you.

31: Forget the bustling activities going on around us today; henceforth, we are doing life together as one. Whenever we argue, kindly remind me to never let go of that truth.

32: I want to be your wife, your only wife, and nobody but your wife.

Beautiful Wedding Vows For Him