Your much-anticipated wedding day is days or weeks away and there is definitely no way it will be complete without the recitation of wedding vows. Without guessing, we know it could be a rather difficult task to craft out wedding vows for your woman because the joy in your heart won’t let you put your head to the ground.

That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to step in for you with these succinct and emotional wedding vows for her. To ensure you get the gist of the matter, the vows below can be used verbatim or can serve as inspirations for you in creating yours. We wish you a memorable wedding ceremony and a happy married life in advance!

Romantic Wedding Vows For Her

1: My love, the first day I saw your face, I caught a glimpse of heaven. After all these months, I can attest to the fact that I have found my own angel for a forever life of bliss. On this day and before this host of witnesses, I promise you that I will keep you as mine, fiercely guarding you with all that is in me, and never let you go.

2: Only you have the key to my heart. Only you deserve a place in my life. Only you can be my partner, my best friend, my better half. Only you can be the mother of our kids. I singled you out of many, and choose you before all this day, to share my bed with me, to be my wife all the days of my life.

3: The life I lead with you is my dream come true. You have been my joy from the word go, and still have that effect on me that makes my heart bubble melodiously. Princess, I vow to honor and cherish you. It is for your happiness that my life and well-being are laid at your feet. Your satisfaction is my paramount goal.

4: The sound of your laughter is healing to the ears that hear it. The light that illuminates your eyes detail the purity of your soul. I love you, baby, and won’t be the unlucky man to not have the treasure you are. So, I want you with me forever.

5: Pretty, when you smile, I come alive. There are more than one million ways to describe the potency of your touch on me. How about the words that come out from your perfect lips? They are golden, baby. Also, your delicate hands have held mine through raging storms and tempestuous winds.

6: The man in me has acknowledged the truth that he needs the woman that you are. All I sought for in me is found in abundance in you, in components and as systems. There is no matter of debate about it. There is absolutely no way I can deprive him of that honor of making you my wife.

7: Sharing my life with you adds irresistible beauty to it: serene as the blueness of the Navagio Beach, loving as the streets of Paris, enchanting as the throbbing drums in an African meeting. My desire is to live my life totally immersed in this beauty which you bring into my life.

8: You are my miracle, the reason I got a second chance to be loved again. You are my peace, the needed consolation for my wearied heart. You are my soulmate, the live representative of my spiritual essence. You are my everything, without which I wouldn’t have sworn a lifetime commitment to you.

9: I solemnly declare this day before every flesh gathered here, that you are my choice, my starting point and final bus stop, the beginning and end of every good thing I have dared to imagine in me. Darling, you are my wife, not to be, but as already designed by destiny for me.

10: Dreams do come true for those who believe in the power of dreams. I believe in the efficacy of dreams, especially as they revolve around us. I believe that we belong to the world we have created with our hands of love, sealed with the promise that we will be together forever.

11: Bestie, you are my personal person. With you, I can be in my realest form having no fear of being judged. I can quietly whisper words of affection from a distance, and your ears will quickly get hold of them. I have made the sweetest decision to spend my life with you.

12: Anything you wish for, I will be there to make it come true for you. For everything that your beautiful heart has written out to achieve, it is my duty to support you every step of the way. I solemnly promise you these and more.

Heartfelt Wedding Vows For Her

Heartfelt Wedding Vows For Her

13: Honey, I will never give you up for anything. When you’ll be down, I’ll be strong to lift you up. I am your clothing for your nakedness, the defender of your self-esteem. Your tears shall run down my cheeks. With my hands, I will carry every burden that threatens your peace.

14: You need to know this day and onward, that you are the sun that lights up my day. I hope to always prove the right choice you made in me through my words and actions in all areas of our marriage. Sweet, you will never regret taking me as your husband.

15: Life was bleak and empty until you came into the scene. None of us was expecting the smooth clicking of our hearts and minds when it happened. Here I am before God’s congregation with my vows, that I will do you well all the days of my life as your loving husband.

16: My only one, let me state emphatically that you are the epitome of strength. Not of bones and muscles, but of the will and resilience. In all, I promise that I will protect you as your man. I rather die than let you weather any storm alone.

17: I……vow to you, my lady, that ever before you will yearn for attention, I will give it to you to the point of overflow. In my honor, I will provide for you without thinking twice about the sacrifices therewith. I live to make you proud; I will never bring you shame.

18: My promises to you today aren’t to fill the lines or to fulfil all righteousness. Everything I say to you is straight from the depth of my heart to the wife of my youth. In loving, every new day is an adventure for me and you because you are my ever-true love.

19: Will you be flattered if I tell you that you are my all in all? Of course, who wouldn’t? Unfortunately, I flatter you not. Baby, you are the summary of my dear life, the living part of me. Within the twinkling of an eye, I will gladly marry you again and again.

20: I don’t take your love for granted. Rather, respecting and esteeming you highly are the most important duties I cherish performing. That will continue in our union as man and wife even as we build a formidable home whose foundation is love.

21: The best thing that happened to my grownup life is meeting you. You are amazingly a shining star. In a carefree manner, you struck my life with the brightness of your love. I only ask you today, to remain the lone star in my sky until forever becomes another day.

22: I may not know what tomorrow has promised but I am perfectly contented today to take you as my wife. Today, I love you as I will love you if tomorrow comes. Even if there’s no tomorrow, I am loving you today like there will be nothing left of love after today is gone.

Funny Wedding Vows For Her

Funny Wedding Vows For Her

23: I promise to be the only one keeping you warm when the night is freezing cold while I have no other choice than to clang my teeth together for mercy while the torture lasts.

24: My vow to you today, is to be the man you’ve always dreamed of. That man that will love all your cooking with his compliments and wash all the dishes without complaints. I will take care of all your mood swings with patient understanding, with the full awareness that you are a woman with a million emotions.

25: Babe, I may not have everything you want, but I am confident that I will make you laugh and cry with my quirky humor. There will be no dull moments with me; that alone is my huge selling point to you.

26: I love you so much so that if we don’t get married, my sanity will be questioned. So, let’s continue with the rest of the ceremony.

27: I believe in love, if you are in it. If you are out, then I am out too.

28: Don’t worry; I will be the sweetest lover you’ve ever known. I am only telling you so that you’ll be prepared for surprises later.

Wedding Vows For Her