As the best man, best lady, parent or close friend to any newly-weds, you should always be prepared in case you have to say a few words or raise a toast to the new couple. This would be extremely hard if you didn’t have any time to prepare beforehand, but that’s why we are here!

Buckle up, because we are going to expose you to some of the awesome catchy toasts you could give during any wedding. You don’t have to be the most eloquent or the most confident in the room, but you could always leave a great impression while you’re at it.

Here are some of the best examples you could find:

Wedding Toast Examples

Wedding Toast Examples

1: Let us raise our glasses and make a toast to the health of the bride and groom, a toast to the person who tied this knot, and to everyone who made this day a success. May you receive all the things you have ever desired. Cheers!

2: You know you are lucky when you find your one true love, the one who makes your heart beat faster and smile a little more often. To the bride and groom, may you always hold on to the steadfast love you share for each other and may the flame of love between you two never fade. Congratulations to the both of you. This is just the beginning!

3: As you celebrate this joyful day, remember that the best days are still ahead. Before then, let’s all raise a glass in unison to the loving marriage that has officially begun. Here’s to health, happiness, and joy that exceeds human limits. We celebrate you (Bride and Groom)

4: Anything is possible when love is the ruler of your heart. As you begin this interesting but magical journey, may the odds be ever in your favor and may you experience the best moments together. This is a big step, so congratulations and best wishes!

5: Congrats to the newest couple in town. With your hearts of gold, may your love keep shinning till the end of your days. Let us all raise a glass to a marriage that will be phenomenal and as strong as nothing we’ve ever seen.

Wedding Toast Examples

6: Even after years have passed by, let us all remember this day as the magical day where the bride and groom before us professed their undying love for each other and officially became married. We love and celebrate you today, dear ones.

7: A lifetime of happiness, a love that hopes, believes and endures, is all we wish for you today, loved ones. Always keep in mind that the first duty of an unfaltering love is to listen and understand. We pray that God may open doors and shower you with blessings that exceed your greatest expectations. Cheers to new beginnings!

Awesome Wedding Toasts

Awesome Wedding Toasts

1: There are so many situations and circumstances over the years where I thought I could never be prouder of my child, but today happens to be one of those days as well. Seeing you finally walk down the aisle with the love of your life, I could never be happier than this. My heart is at peace and full of joy, knowing that my little girl has finally grown up to become a woman of substance. Cheers and best wishes to the newlyweds!

2: As a loving mother, I have always wondered about my children’s fate and future. Though you are all grown up, you will always be my sweet baby boy. The love you two have for each other and the affection you have developed is admirable and quite commendable. Here’s to writing beautiful stories in your book of love. Congratulations.

3: Both the bride and groom have been my pride and joy. Watching you fall in love over the years has given me tremendous joy and peace because you complete each other in all aspects. May the Lord honor your marriage and may you live long in good health. Congratulations on your union.

4: This unforgettable night is all we had hoped for, and more. Let us all take a moment to appreciate and honor the new Mr. and Mrs. As they embark on this new journey of matrimony. May God’s blessings be bestowed upon you and may you reign in happiness and contentment.

5: People can be so cynical about love. When it’s real, everything else seems to be fake. We have seen both the bride and groom fight, makeup, take risks and make sacrifices and finally, they have tied the knot. We all wish you the very best as you plan to make new memories.

Wedding Toast Examples

6: I know we all feel honored to be part of this special celebration. From an amazing reception to a delicious three-course lunch buffet, we have nothing but joy in our hearts. Accept our thoughts and well wishes to you and your new family as you explore this new phase of life. Cheers to this profound union.

Short Wedding Toast Examples

Short Wedding Toast Examples

1: Here’s a toast to the past, to the good times, the bad, and all you have endured getting here. You have both been instrumental in impacting people’s lives and I pray that your marriage lasts as long as you want it to. Let’s raise a glass to the prettiest couple in town.

2: On this special day, words are not enough to express my gratitude and well wishes towards the bride and groom. May your lives be long and happy. May all your sorrows and worries find their solutions and may you have loads of friends and family surrounding you at all times. Above all, I hope you learn how to be gentle with each other while respecting this holy matrimony.

3: May the hinges of this friendship never rust and may the wings of your love stay intact for the rest of your lives. Let us all join hands in congratulating the bride and groom for this major milestone. They deserve the best in life! Together, you can achieve all you’ve ever desired in life.

4: As you move to the next stage in life, may you move in wisdom, courage, and commitment to your love for each other. May the people in this celebration look back one day and be proud to be part of your journey. Your best days are yet to happen, so make it count. Here’s to having the rest of your lives to yourselves.

5: Cheers to the past for all that it has taught you, to the present for all you share at the moment, and to the future, for all the things you have to achieve and look forward to. May you have numerous anniversaries ahead, keeping in mind all the vows and promised made on this day. Wishing you two the best in life, because you deserve it. Congratulations.

6: To a couple we all know, we wish laughter, love and a happily ever after story. May you always have a shelter for the rain, tea by the night fire, walls for the wind, and laughter to cheer you up on the bad days. From this day forward, function as husband and wife, supporting each other through thick and thin. Best wishes to the loveliest bride and groom!

Funny Wedding Toast Examples

Funny Wedding Toast Examples

1: Raise your glasses and toast to both the bride and the groom for blessing us with this one of a kind occasion. As they gain companionship today, we all gain extra bills to pay. Whatever the case, congratulations on this colorful matrimony.

2: Before we get all excited to raise a glass for the newlyweds, let us all remember Pauline Thomason’s words of wisdom: ‘ Love is blind, but marriage is the eye-opener,’ Regardless of the ups and downs that come with marriage life, may you be the most adorable and most-fulfilled couple in town.

3: Things have worked out quite nicely for these lovebirds. In all honesty, both the bride and groom are thieves. The groom stole her heart, and in turn, she stole his last name. Cheers to the happy couple you are. We love you more than words could ever tell.

4: To the bride and groom, congratulations on the relieving termination of your lonely period. May I take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the determination you have shown in ending the frustration and demsperation of being single and lonely. We commend the inspiration to make this combination happen to bring more life to the existing population.

5: Before I delve into the warm wishes and the happily ever afterthoughts, I’d like you to face each other and realize you are now looking at the person who is most likely to murder you- according to statistics. However, we pray that this will be a blessed union, full of love, kindness, compassion, and selflessness. Congrats, lovely ones!

6: Having known you both for the longest time now, your love astounds the entire galaxy. Marriage is known to be a sacred bond between two people such as yourselves. Let it be known I said “sacred,” and not “scared.” Moving onwards, you should note that even the latter is applicable in marriage. All the best in making your happily ever after.

7: Congratulations to you two for throwing such a glam, expensive wedding. May you enjoy your honeymoon having in mind the debt you have accumulated from this classy wedding reception. Just kidding! If I would give you one piece of advice, it would be: Never stop laughing, even when the times don’t allow it.

Wedding Toast Examples