We all grew up attending weddings, so it’s an occasion that needs no special edition introduction. No matter how many times we hear that a couple close to us are getting married, we don’t get tired of jumping up from an overflow of excitement. Next, we prepare ourselves to be in attendance. In addition to that, we ensure that our gifts for them have been bought and properly wrapped before we grammar-check our heartfelt wishes for the lovebirds.

Whether you want to present written wedding wishes or memorize the ones they’ll hear you recite by heart. Below are rich samples of wedding wishes which you can simply sign off as yours, to keep it unique for your favourite couple.

Wedding Wishes

1: It’s my pleasure to witness, and to celebrate a very unique day in your lives. You both make a lovely couple, and lovely shall your marriage be.

2: Besides being a glorious day, your wedding day has changed my life in an incredible way. Just as my life has become more beautiful, your marriage shall blossom beautifully.

3: It is not always that we get to see a man and a woman who made it to the altar to live together as one. I’m glad to be identified with a special couple like you. May your wedding be fruitful.

4: Just as the sun shines brightly to make the day perfect, God’s favour shall light up your union for the perfect fruitfulness.

5: I am hopeful that the more you grow together in love, the more you’ll find reasons never to be apart. Your love for each other shall triumph over all circumstances.

6: True happiness can’t be substantiated with money. May you never be out of true happiness for any reason as long as your marriage lasts.

Wedding Wishes

7: Assuming that nothing else would make any sense to you at all during turbulent times, let your love for each other keep you on hold till the end of the storm.

8: The way you look at each other, reminds me of lovers who grow old into their 80s. May your marriage get to the peak of its fulfilment.

9: I feel good seeing you as glee as you both were when you found each other for the first time. I have nothing less but prayers of assurance that your union shall be blissful.

10: On the occasion of your wedding today, may all things become perfect for you. No time shall you have any cause to regret your union.

11: May your love be renewed as each day in your love relationship unfolds. My desire is for you to enjoy your love daily, as though you were gifted to each other anew.

12: As the months grow into years, your individual hobbies and interests will change. Your ideologies of life will evolve and could be parallel to each other’s. But in all, may the essence of your love remain untouched.

13: May your married life serve as a model to would-be couples. May your home be a modern-day paradise.

14: The way you love each other makes loving look very easy to do. I wish you a happy married life.

15: You don’t need to make a formal announcement that you are soulmates. The way you regard each other is enough proof that you were meant for each other. Enjoy a fulfilling marriage.

16: I won’t forget this day in a hurry. It’s not only a memorable day for me but one in which I realised that true love does exist. I’m happy for you!

17: It’s only for a day, but the enormity of its meaning transcends time. I can only say I love you, and may your marital union be gloriously blessed.

18: Two became one, a solemnization the host of angels stood to witness in awe. Your marriage will succeed.

19: It’s the beginning of a new life for you. May nothing ever stand in the way of your discovery of each other, not even your differences.

20: May all your dreams and aspirations for your union come true. May your home be filled with the aroma of peace and fragranced with the scent of togetherness.

21: The reason why you ended up together shall remain valid as long as you both live. Amen.

22: As a fine wine, your marriage will get better with age. You will cherish each other’s presence more, as you celebrate your marriage anniversaries.

23: No time spent with each other should be ordinary. Let no day be like the former, and may you never grow weary in serving each other. Happy married life.

Inspirational Wedding Wishes

Inspirational Wedding Wishes

1: Exchanging your marital vows is one thing; living out your promises is another ball game. I wish that regardless of the weather condition, in spite of your individual flaws, and not minding what it will cost you, be kind and affectionate to each other. Your union will excel.

2: Consider your marriage as a project where you are both the stakeholders and consumers. It lies in your hands to succeed, and I am positive it will. Congratulations.

3: Tend your love like a sapling that can be bruised by harsh treatments. You have just each other to love and to cherish. Make the best of your time together.

4: In my mind’s eye, I can visualize your babies as beautiful and cute as you. I can’t wait to celebrate their entrance into the world.

5: Let the whole world know today that a blessed home has been born on earth today. Let the celebration of love which has started, never end for you.

6: I heartily congratulate you on your wedding day. I waited for this day to come, and I’m thrilled to be alive to be a part of its grandeur. May you sing songs of joy that never have endings.

7: Make and keep loving memories of your time as husband and wife. Hold them dear to your hearts, and do not fail to remind each other of how special they are.

8: Daily, be reminded of the reason you chose each other amongst other viable choices. In the face of difficulties, may you remember that God is willing to come to the rescue.

9: Your love story has inspired me to strongly yearn for mine. Your wedding is indeed, divine. Congratulation, dear friends.

10: I am already envious of the purity of your love. I hope love happens to me the way it did to you. Congratulations!

11: You aren’t just perfect for each other; you complete each other in ways only love can explain better. Enjoy a fruitful marriage.

12: Congratulations on your marital journey ahead. Ignite your spirit of adventure, and keep falling into each other until you’re lost in yourselves. I celebrate your love.

13: You fought for your love, and I am proud you made it to the altar. May your union offer nothing but pleasantness to you, all the days of your life.

Funny Wedding Wishes

Funny Wedding Wishes

1: I would have asked for an exchange of your marital life with mine. The only hindrance is the freshness of your love; mine has been cooked and reheated severally. Its taste might push you into getting a divorce. I will hate myself for that.

2: I have been burned once by love, and I didn’t think it was worth my second chance until I heard the story that your hearts had been broken multiple times before you found each other. That implies your union prosper.

3: Marriage is like a dancing floor for a pair: enjoy your individual steps, and never forget to do a tango while you still have the strength. Happy married life.

4: Don’t forget that you signed the dotted lines when arguments start. Shh! Never delude yourself with the idea of an argument-free marriage; you guys aren’t robots!

5: It’s two together, forever. Make no provision for a third party, unless you are inviting us for a jolly dinner.

6: It is easy to say, “I do” but hard to plead, “I am wrong”. I pray it will not be the testimony of your marriage.

7: Love makes the world go round. Don’t ever get tired of running into each other; refuel with your love.

8: It’s amazing how you looked deeply into each other’s eyes as you exchanged your vows. It is quite mysterious a sight, that I had to wonder if you were trying very hard to find your reflections in your eyes. May you keep finding each other in love.

9: My eyes did their best to betray my soft heart which hid beneath my thick suit, as I heard you serenade each other with your heart-melting vows. I couldn’t help but fall in love with your marital union. Your home is blessed.

10: May you give birth to very lively babies who will turn your home into a circus ground. That, friends, is how a lively home is supposed to be.

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