Fun times are happy times. So are truth or dare questions sessions. We can say that the safest way to learn deep things about our friends and dear ones without grilling them, military wise, is through asking truth or dare questions.

The game is such that there are two parts to be looked into: the truth, and the dare parts. Somebody would ask another to choose to be asked either a “truth” question, or made to “dare” doing something. Whichever he goes for will be thrown to him. If he chose a question, he would answer most truthfully. If he chose to be dared, he would carry it out.

There’s a second chance to a dare, that is, if someone wasn’t able to fulfil the first dare, he would be dared again, and he has to do it, no matter how weird, or face the consequence for “disobedience.” Below are truth or dare questions you can make use of.

Truth or Dare Questions

Truth Questions: List

1: How old are you?

2: How much do you care about your mother?

3: Do you have a girlfriend?

4: How often do you daydream?

5: Can you lie against your best friend?

6: Who has made you cry for love?

7: What has been your greatest regret?

8: Did you eat last night?

9: Who do you hate here?

10: What is the biggest lie you’ve told?

11: What shoe size do you wear?

12: What is your best food?

13: Who is the best teacher to you?

14: Do you like your school?

15: If given the chance, will you exchange your parents for another?

16: What did you hate while growing up?

17: Who would you like to marry: a rich person or a romantic person?

18: Which part of your body do you like best?

19: Which part of your body do you wish to change?

20: How often do you daydream?

21: What makes you happy when you’re sad?

Dares Questions: List

22: Remove your shoes and walk on the slippery mud.

23: Throw your bag away from the window.

24: Laugh for 30 minutes.

25: Dance with the person you hate most here.

26: Drink a litre of water in 20 seconds.

27: Climb this tree within 3 minutes.

28: Bite your best friend’s nose.

29: Scream, “I love you” 10 times from the balcony.

30: Bring your brother’s favorite shoes to school tomorrow.

31: Dance like a madman for 1 hour.

32: Cook your least favorite meal.

33: Throw a ball into your angry neighbor’s backyard, and go over to ask him for it.

34: Catcall any girl you see walk down the street.

35: Tell your mom, “I hate you.”

36: Sneak out from the house in the night, and walk down the street naked.

37: Switch off the T.V in the living room while your dad is watching a programme on it.

38: Bark like a dog while leaping like a frog.

39: Eat five lime fruits.

Embarrassing Truth or Dare Questions

Embarrassing Truth or Dare Questions

Truth Questions: List

40: What childhood fear do you still have as a grownup?

41: When did you have your first kiss?

42: Who is your crush among us?

43: Between you and your best friend, who is more handsome?

44: Have you ever bed wetted?

45: Which of your sisters do you envy?

46: What is the color of the pantie you’re wearing?

47: Do you like to be kissed on your forehead?

48: What will make you pee on your body unexpectedly?

49: What kind of women do you like?

50: Who’s your kind of man?

51: When is the last time you had a quickie?

52: What size is your penis?

53: What has been the worst kiss you’ve ever had?

54: Can you fall in love with your best friend’s partner?

55: Who has the finest pair of eyes here?

56: Have you ever cheated on your wife?

57: How does your poo smell?

58: Who do you secretly admire here?

59: Where did you meet your current boyfriend?

60: Do you have feelings for your boss?

61: Have you ever made out in a public place?

Dares: Questions: List

62: Draw graffiti on your school wall.

63: Throw a party in parents’ house without notifying them.

64: Burn your dinner.

65: Fast for 3 days without food nor water.

66: Chant war songs on your way to school in the full glare of passersby.

67: Walk down your street on your pant and bra.

68: Drive off in your dad’s car when he’s preparing to go to work.

69: Kiss someone on your left.

70: Slap the person sitting opposite you.

71: Remove your trouser now.

72: Run around this building 10 times.

73: Meow like a cat for 10 minutes.

74: Hunt for a squirrel.

75: Dance like a zombie.

76: Breakdance like Michael Jackson.

77: Bring your mom’s purse to school tomorrow.

78: Wear the backside of your clothes home.

79: Walk home barefooted.

80: Eat a worm and flush it down with water.

81: Sniff the anus of anyone you want in this room.

82: Fly like an aeroplane.

83: Drop a bucket of ice on your feet.

84: Skip your lunch for 5 days.

85: Lick your best friend’s face.

86: Look for a mouse and catch it within one hour.

87: Drink water from a tap in the restroom.

88: Pay for our dinner tonight.

Funny Truth or Dare Questions

Funny Truth or Dare Questions

Truth Questions: List

89: If you were having your bath and suddenly, the roof gave way, would you scream or run away?

90: Do you brush your teeth before going to bed?

91: How often do you sleep naked?

92: How will you feel if your crush comes knocking on the door now?

93: How messy is your fart?

94: What is the longest you have gone without a bath?

95: When last did you steal from your parents?

96: How jealous are you of your friend’s success?

97: If you are stuck in the middle of the devil and the deep blue sea, where will you go?

98: When did you find out that your parents are sex partners?

99: What is the most bitter food you’ve taken?

100: How long does it take you to poo?

101: What is the weakest part of your body?

102: If you were asked to lose anything of great value, what will it be?

103: What was your most embarrassing moment at work?

104: How do you like to be kissed?

105: Can you send your child to an orphanage for a billion dollars?

Dares Questions: List

106: Lick up water on the floor.

107: Stand on the couch for one hour without swinging your arms.

108: Move around the room on your belly.

109: Mimic a pregnant lioness.

110: Go to work, braless.

111: Feed on vegetables only, for a week.

112: Take a photo of your waking up face.

113: Call your girlfriend’s ex.

114: Dance for 20 minutes in a nearby grocery store.

115: Wear a mask to pick your kid at school.

116: Have lunch tomorrow in a cemetery.

Truth or Dare Questions For Friends

Truth or Dare Questions For Friends

Truth Questions: List

117: What is the most saintly thing you’ve done that got you into trouble?

118: Which of your friends will you want to look like?

119: Which of your friends drives you crazy?

120: What do you like about your friendship with your friends?

121: Have you imagined cheating on your best friend with her boyfriend?

122: Who is the naughtiest one amongst us?

123: What will you like to change about our friendship?

124: What will our friendship look like in the next 3 years?

125: What is the dirtiest secret about us which we don’t know?

126: Who do you think is the most likely person to betray us?

127: Have you ever gossiped about us with someone here?

128: When a crime is committed, can you defend us even if you know we are guilty?

129: Who is the most intelligent amongst us?

130: Are you dating the person you really want to be with?

131: Do you wish to fall in love with any of us?

132: Have you ever wished to be identified with another group of friends?

Dares Questions: List

133: Ask your teacher for her car keys.

134: Walk like a zombie.

135: Gag on your food while eating breakfast with your parents.

136: Eat 3 bells of pepper without squeezing your face.

137: Lick your car’s windscreen.

138: Go to bed fully dressed on a raincoat and a pair of work boots.

139: Drink your pee.

140: Write a long poem in 15 minutes.

141: Rap a country song like your life depends on it.

142: Keep a mouse as a pet for a month.

143: Without looking at your watch, tell us the time.

144: Lie under the bed for 3 hours.

145: Write a letter to your ex.

146: Give the last dollar on you as a charity to a beggar.

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