Just choose one word or phrase, and you are good to go – that’s the idea behind the game of this and that questions. This ice breaker of a game is interesting to play when you are with friends or with someone new. Also, it is hilarious, and can get dirty when the chips are down. Kids do find it fun to do, and we are excited to let you know that we have a list below, of irresistible this or that questions. Enjoy, and let love lead!

This Or That Questions

1: Brown rice or black rice?

2: Oats or wheat?

3: Beans or peas?

4: Book or cook?

5: Read or sleep?

6: Fight or cry?

7: Swim or jog?

8: Food or fast?

9: Hot tea or zucchini?

10: Cocoa or peanut?

11: Jelly or peanut butter?

12: School or picnic?

13: Fruits or vegetables?

14: Oranges or tomatoes?

15: Milk chocolate or brown chocolate?

16: Rainfall or sunshine?

17: Hot unsweetened cocoa or ice cold coffee?

18: Black or white?

19: YouTube or T.V?

20: Math or English?

21: Live or die?

22: Love or money?

23: Dollars or Pound sterling?

24: Sun tanning or tanning bed?

25: Tea or water?

26: Lemon or lemon grass?

27: Poached egg or scrambled egg?

28: Africa or Antarctica?

29: Spain or Portugal?

30: China or Philippines?

31: Hot bath or warm bath?

32: Rome or Greece?

33: Renaissance or Gothic?

34: Ship or car?

35: Windy or sunny?

36: Sour or bitter?

37: Expired or poisonous?

38: Rabbit or guinea pig?

39: Toasted bread or buns?

40: Lemon juice or orange juice?

41: Self-employed or government employed?

42: Shoes or rings?

43: Bath once or bath five times?

44: Disappear or grow old?

45: Oranges or bananas?

46: Spoiled or strict?

47: Used or abused?

48: Kimono or bikini?

49: White or blue?

50: Flowers or candies?

51: Flesh or blood?

52: Hangover or a heartbreak?

53: Bathroom or toilet?

54: Shout or go mute?

55: Sing or dance?

56: Play or pray?

57: Up or down?

58: Nose ring or earring?

59: Pork or veal?

60: Beef or fish?

61: Almonds or dates?

62: Chicken or salmon?

63: Physics or chemistry?

64: Water or beer?

65: Sneakers or snickers?

66: Nobel prize or U.N award?

67: War or hunger?

68: Plastic or glass?

69: Cologne or essential oil?

70: Carton or bucket?

71: Cloak or blanket?

72: Soap or bathing gel?

73: Fridge or deep freezer?

74: Pressing iron or charcoal iron?

75: WhatsApp or Facebook?

76: Instagram or Twitter?

77: High heels or ballet shoes?

78: Vanilla or strawberry?

79: Chocolate or banana?

80: Raisins or tiger nuts?

81: Hair serum or face serum?

82: Jojoba or pomegranate?

83: Christmas or Thanksgiving?

84: Independence Day or St. Patrick’s Day?

85: Beach or poolside?

86: Spray tan or sun tan?

87: Short husband or tall boyfriend?

Funny This Or That Questions

Funny This Or That Questions

88: Stupid friend or smart enemy?

89: Lost or found?

90: Frizzy hair or bald head?

91: Poor or bored?

92: Happy or drunk?

93: Party with friends or vacation with family?

94: Dog meat or venison?

95: Rap song or church hymn?

96: Shampoo or haircut?

97: Rotten egg or dead rat?

98: Hot balm or chilli pepper?

99: Zombie or witch?

100: Early morning or late night?

101: Snow or monsoon?

102: Stranger or annoying friend?

103: Cat or dog?

104: Labrador or Pit-bull?

105: Onions or garlic?

106: Sweet potatoes or Irish potatoes?

107: Tomatoes or grapes?

108: Manicure or pedicure?

109: Smooth skin or hairy skin?

110: Fainting or going into a trance?

111: Fly or run?

112: Rob or be robbed?

113: Forget momentarily or remember painfully?

114: Mascara or lip gloss?

115: Liposuction or waist training?

116: Music or absolute silence?

117: Fart or fat?

118: Writing a resume or a cover letter?

119: Cake or shortbread?

120: Pillows or pillow covers?

121: Treats or a favor?

122: Hard work or smart work?

123: Bright light or complete darkness?

124: Choose or be chosen for?

125: Milkshake or caffe latte?

126: T-shirts or boxers?

127: Face caps or straw hats?

128: Indian or Himalayan?

129: British or Spanish?

130: Umbrella or shower cap?

131: Wristwatches or bracelets?

132: Laptops or tablets?

133: Movies or plays?

134: Mayonnaise or salad cream?

135: Sunshine or moonlight?

136: Bake or fry?

137: Moisturizing lotion or emollients?

138: Left or right?

139: Paraben or phthalate?

140: Organic or eco-friendly?

141: Freelancer or 9 to 5?

142: Houseflies or mosquitoes?

143: Rats or bats?

144: Ocean or desert?

145: Smile or frown?

146: Debit card or credit card?

147: Loan or collateral?

148: Food supplements or pain relievers?

149: Cats or mice?

This or That Questions For Couples

This or That Questions For Couples

150: Love or lust?

151: Water birth or hospital birth?

152: Rich tea or yummy biscuit?

153: Dessert or appetizer?

154: Apple or lime?

155: Hate passionately or love obsessively?

156: Climb mountains or skydive?

157: Fruit salad or vegetable salad?

158: Mango or lemon?

159: Avocado pear or cabbage?

160: Writer or scientist?

161: Handbags or purse?

162: Table or chair?

163: Low stool or high stool?

164: Dance or drama?

165: Pout or scream?

166: Tweet or face time?

167: Summer break or conference meetings?

168: V-neck or sweetheart?

169: Lose or win?

170: Macaroni or spaghetti?

171: American pizza or Greek yogurt?

172: Coke or Fanta?

173: Sprite or Pepsi?

174: Cocaine or Indian Hemp?

175: Morning or Afternoon?

176: Breakfast or lunch?

177: Dinner or brunch?

178: Condo or duplex?

179: Skills or talents?

180: Red or blue?

181: Samsung or Huawei?

182: School or job?

183: Trust or betray?

184: Fry or roast?

185: Shop or travel?

186: Gown or shirt?

187: Aloe Vera or cocoa butter?

188: Teaching or nursing?

189: Graphics designing or software engineering?

190: Sandwich or roasted lamb?

191: Walnuts or grapeseed?

192: Spring water or table water?

193: Numbers or words?

194: Radio or IPad?

195: Love feast or date dinner?

196: Amazon or eBay?

197: Frozen or thawed?

198: Brown or black?

199: Child or adult?

200: Mop or hop?

201: Heaven or paradise?

202: Nightclub or wedding party?

203: Ballpoint pen or whiteboard marker?

204: Dishwasher or wiper?

205: Solar panel or power bank?

206: Grey or green?

207: Pink or purple?

208: Washing machine or hair dryer?

209: Rest or run?

210: Polka dot or monochrome?

211: Sunscreen or insect repellent?

212: Snowballs or fireballs?

213: Text message or call?

214: Herbs or roots?

215: Sugary or scented?

216: Enigma or open book?

217: Beginner or expert?

218: Professional or amateur?

219: Towel or handkerchief?

220: Zoo or botanical garden?

221: Student or professor?

222: Meek or stubborn?

223: Fair or dark?

224: Online store or physical store?

225: Flats or block heels?

226: Hair rollers or hair ribbons?

227: Sandals or boots?

228: Thesis or dissertation?

Dirty This Or That Questions

Dirty This Or That Questions

229: Pussy or dick?

230: Nipple or breast?

231: Footsie or blow job?

232: Hot kiss or warm hug?

233: Balcony sex or kitchen sex?

234: Hot massage or lovemaking through the night?

235: Sexting or love call?

236: Missionary style or 69?

237: Anal sex or fisting?

238: Quickie or slow dance?

This Or That Questions For Kids

This Or That Questions For Kids

239: Snake or lizard?

240: Drone or submarine?

241: Roses or seaweed?

242: Painting or typing?

243: Drawing or sculpting?

244: Comedy or romance?

245: Racist or missionary?

246: Cheese or salad cream?

247: Ice cream or Indian sweet?

248: Toys or tickets to live games?

249: Sleepover or late night movies?

250: Dad as a cook or mum as a cook?

251: Friends or family?

252: Groupie or lone wolf?

253: Bicycle or tricycle?

254: Sports car or Range Rover?

255: Gymnast or athlete?

256: Dancer or drummer?

257: MacDonald’s or KFC?

258: Playdate or dinner in a fanciful restaurant?

259: Android or IPhone?

260: Mac or Windows?

261: Rastafarian or Jamaican?

262: Biking or skiing?

263: Snow skating or bowling?

264: Canada or Australia?

265: Gifts or lifts?

266: Pheasant or duck?

267: Eagle or dove?

268: Lion or tiger?

269: Chimpanzee or orang-utan?

270: Cow or sheep?

271: Body spray or roll on?

272: Sweet corn or green peas?

273: Red pepper or green pepper?

274: Dental appointment or school night?

275: Justin Bieber or Chris Brown?

276: Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez?

277: Superman or Batman?

278: White bread or popcorn?

279: Broccoli or spinach?

280: Stand up comedy or comedy skits?

281: Horror or Thriller?

282: Governor or senator?

283: Giant or dwarf?

284: Cinderella or Snow White?

285: Godzilla or Anaconda?

286: Colgate or Maclean?

287: Kung-Fu or Karate?

288: Badminton or table tennis?

289: Antelope or deer?

290: Cold soda or hot hamburger?

291: Sardine or mackerel?

292: Soup or stew?

293: Braids or locks?

294: Textbook or workbook?

295: Attorney or jury?

296: Bakery or brewery?

297: Plump or thin?

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