When it comes to relationships, some signs naturally get along with each other, and some signs don’t. Each sign has other signs that are particularly challenging to find common ground with. For each zodiac sign, we have listed the top two signs that it does not get along with and why.

In reading this list, however, there are a couple of words of caution. The first is that people are more than their Sun Signs. For a full understanding of your relationship with another, it is recommended to seek a consultation from a professional astrologer.

The second is that compatibility is just one factor that goes into a successful relationship. Incompatible signs can get together and stay together. It will just take more work and negotiation on both of your parts.


For Aries, the most difficult sign to get along with is Taurus. Aries and Taurus do not have anything in common. Aries likes a challenge and enjoys a good fight every now and then. Taurus wants nothing more than peace, quiet, and a comfortable chair. Aries finds Taurus rather dull and frustrating, and in turn, Taurus finds Aries exhausting.

The second most challenging relationship for Aries is Cancer, and an Aries/Cancer relationship may take the prize as the most volatile in the zodiac. These signs can easily get into a vicious cycle in which the direct approach of Aries drives Cancer into a self-protective shell, which tends to infuriate Aries, driving Cancer further deeper into hiding, and so on.


Of all signs, Taurus has the most trouble with Sagittarius. The problem is that Sagittarius intensely dislikes the things that are most important to Taurus, namely security and stability. Instead, Sagittarius needs freedom. It will be very difficult for Taurus and Sagittarius to find common ground in order to manage a relationship.

Taurus also has a great deal of trouble with Sagittarius’ opposite sign, which is Gemini. While it is the big things that cause problems between Taurus and Sagittarius, it is the small things that are bothersome between Taurus and Gemini. Taurus likes to do the same thing in the same way all of the time, and Gemini never wants to do the same thing in the same way twice.


Gemini has absolutely nothing in common with Scorpio. This makes relationships between them quite problematic. Scorpio is the sign of intensity and depth, and this sign does nothing halfway. Gemini likes to try many different things, but this sign does not have the attention span to do any one thing for very long. This makes it hard for these signs to do anything together.

Gemini and Taurus also struggle for similar reasons. The difficulties between these signs do not have the potential for the volatility that exists between Gemini and Scorpio, but instead, Gemini and Taurus wear away at each other over time. Taurus finds Gemini flighty and unsettling, and Gemini finds Taurus dull and boring.


Cancer and Aquarius have very little in common with each other, and it is very hard for them to relate on a meaningful level. Cancer natives have a strong need to nurture others, and they tend to be ruled by their feelings and intuition. Aquarius natives are intellectual and try to detach from their emotions. These signs have an extremely difficult time communicating because they do not speak the same language.

Cancer and Aries is another difficult combination. They can communicate with each other, and there is chemistry between these signs. On the other hand, this pairing is often plagued by extreme volatility. These two signs tend to bring out the worst in each other.


Leo wants to shine and be the center of attention. The last thing that a Leo native wants is someone who will point out their shortcomings in great detail, which is what Virgo natives are prone to do. Virgo is also quite humble and has little patience for Leo’s pride and showmanship. There is very little common ground between these two signs.

Similarly, Leo struggles with Capricorn. Both of these signs like to be in the lead, but they do so in very different ways. Even though they are often in competition, these signs have little understanding of each other. Leo tends to lead through charisma and force of personality. Capricorn leads through no-nonsense efficiency. This makes it hard for these signs to work together.


Virgo is humble and prefers to quietly get things done. This sign tends to get annoyed with Leo and the tendency of natives of this sign to put themselves front and center and make a show of everything. Virgo natives rarely give public compliments and get shy and embarrassed when they receive them. In contrast, Leo natives love to give and receive public praise, which makes Virgo extremely uncomfortable.

Virgo also has trouble with Leo’s opposite sign, Aquarius. While both of them enjoy intellectual stimulation, the way they go about doing so tends to annoy each other. Virgo is meticulous and detail-oriented and tends to see things in very conventional ways. Aquarius is known for being quite unconventional and sees the big picture. Aquarius’ tendency to break the rules upsets Virgo, and Virgo’s nature seems petty and nitpicky to Aquarius.


Libra is the sign of diplomacy and charm, so it would seem like Libra natives would be able to get along with anyone. There are a couple of signs, though, that Libra has trouble with. One of these signs is Scorpio. For Libra, courtesy matters more than anything, including honesty. Scorpio, on the other hand, will dig for the truth, even if it is painful and unpleasant. This puts these signs into conflict with each other, and this conflict is very difficult to resolve.

Libra also has trouble with Cancer. Even though there is chemistry between these signs, they rub each other the wrong way. Libra is an intellectual sign and has trouble dealing with the emotions of Cancer. Cancer is often shy and tends to hide in a protective shell. Yet, when provoked, Cancer can become quite fierce and wields sharp claws. Also, Libra tends to flirt, which can make Cancer feel insecure.


Scorpio is an intense sign and prefers depth to breadth. This sign tends to mate for life and can be quite jealous. This makes Sagittarius a very difficult sign for Scorpio to get along with. Sagittarius values freedom above all else and hates nothing more than the feeling of being tied down. There is nothing that will drive a Sagittarius native away faster than displays of jealousy. The differences between these signs are very hard to reconcile.

Scorpio has similar difficulties with Gemini. Gemini has no understanding of the Scorpio need for intensity and tends to see Scorpio as obsessive. Scorpio, in turn, finds the Gemini tendency to flit as flaky and irresponsible. They have a hard time seeing each other’s virtues, which makes it difficult to find common ground.


Sagittarius needs freedom and gets restless staying in one place for very long. This makes it quite difficult to be with Taurus, who wants security and peace more than anything else. Heaven for Sagittarius would be a life of constant travel to many different places, which would be hell for Taurus. Likewise, heaven for Taurus would be a life in which very little if anything changed from day to day, which would be hell for Sagittarius.

Sagittarius also has difficulty with Scorpio. Sagittarius’ trouble with Scorpio is similar to that with Taurus. With Scorpio, however, there are far more displays of intense emotion than there are with Taurus. On the one hand, this is more interesting for Sagittarius, who enjoys a bit of spice. On the other hand, Sagittarius will feel even more confined.


Capricorn is serious and hard-working. This sign quietly and efficiently does what needs to be done. Leo, who is flamboyant and larger than life tends to get on Capricorn’s nerves. They do not understand each other, but they often find each other in competition with each other. Both of these signs like to lead rather than follow. This puts them at risk for frequent power struggles.

Capricorn also has trouble with Aries. These signs naturally irritate each other. Capricorn finds Aries reckless and irresponsible, and Aries finds Capricorn stodgy and dull. Yet, they can learn to respect each other. Still, this relationship does not have much potential when it comes to romance. They do better as coworkers or business partners.


Aquarius is a hard sign to generalize because of its tendency to relish being an individual. More than any other sign, Aquarius will often enjoy being with other signs that one would think would be a mismatch. Yet, Aquarius does have trouble with Pisces. Pisces is an emotional sign that lives life by intuition. Aquarius takes pride in being logical and rational. This can make it hard for these signs to communicate and understand each other. They do not speak the same language.

In most cases, opposite signs are their natural partners. Yet, Aquarius has a lot of difficulty with Leo. Of the opposite pairs, these two have the most trouble with each other. Aquarius does not give Leo the attention and admiration that Leo needs, which annoys and frustrates Leo. This brings out the worst in Leo, which annoys Aquarius. These signs are also quite stubborn, so they have a hard time compromising or finding common ground.


Pisces is gentle and has the natural tendency to adapt to a partner, regardless of sign. Yet, this can be quite difficult with Aquarius. An Aquarius native does not want someone who will change to fit with them. Instead, they prefer a partner who has a firm sense of identity. Furthermore, Pisces needs a deep emotional connection to be satisfied, and Aquarius can be frustratingly cerebral.

Pisces can also run into a great deal of trouble with Leo. The problems with this pairing are not likely to show up at first, though. Pisces will be charmed by Leo’s ability to put on a show, and Leo will bask in the attention of Pisces. Yet, on a fundamental level, these signs do not understand each other. Leo’s fiery nature is dampened by the watery nature of Pisces, and it is hard for Leo to give Pisces the emotional support that this sign needs.


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