One of California’s original area codes, 916, covers a densely populated region in Northern California. The population strongly focuses on education, with a large percentage pursuing higher education.

Purchasing a local 916 number helps businesses establish a solid regional presence, boosting customer trust and credibility. Additionally, it comes with advanced features that enable business owners to handle incoming calls efficiently.

Local Presence

Area codes might seem trivial, but they hold much meaning for people. They’re more than just three digits that are appended to your phone number and can be influential brand ambassadors.

 A 916 number is instantly recognizable to residents and can reinforce a trusted relationship with your California clientele, boosting sales and increasing brand loyalty.

Having a 916 number can also boost the effectiveness of your cold-calling campaigns. Answering calls from recognized numbers makes it easier to connect with customers, increasing conversion rates. The 916 area code is widely available with CRMDialer. This virtual dialer allows you to instantly purchase and assign local numbers across the United States with no physical address required.

To add a local touch to your calls, the 916 number service lets you choose the greeting and voicemail you want your callers to hear. This customization ensures your callers receive the correct information and makes your business sound more personal and professional. That way, you can ensure your agents always provide the best customer experience.

Resonance with the Local Demographic

When a business wants to establish itself as a leader in its field, it must resonate with the local population. Having an area code that is native to the region helps a company to do just that. For example, in California, 916 is the regional number for the Sacramento metropolitan area. By using a 916 phone number, businesses can show their local presence to the people of this densely populated city.

In the past, area codes represented a geographic area, with each state receiving its unique three-digit code when it first received an overlay. Over the years, as the demand for area codes increased, many states needed more digits and created new ones by combining them with existing ones. 

But while it may only be three additional digits appended to a phone number, an area code can mean more than that to some residents and businesses. For many, it’s an emblem of a city’s culture and heritage. It’s even a source of pride. 

The PUC plans to introduce a new overlapping area code for those who still want to keep their 916 phone numbers. The new area code would cover the same territory as the current 916, but callers must dial 1 + the area code and the 7-digit telephone number (usually presented in this form: XXX-XXXX). Local businesses must remember that even if they don’t currently operate in the region, they can maintain a strong presence if they buy 916 number with the region’s familiar numbering plan.

Boost Your Marketing Visibility

As the only area code covering Sacramento, 916’s digits are among California’s most sought-after phone numbers. That’s why, as a business owner, you want to ensure your customers can reach you efficiently and effectively. With a local phone number, you can boost your marketing visibility in the capital city and the surrounding areas.

The coveted number can be a powerful marketing tool to attract local customers and build brand trust. As a result, your call answer rate will increase. A local phone number can boost your business’s sales and lead generation efforts in the region when paired with other tools, such as phone call analytics.

Area codes have existed for nearly 70 years and serve as unique identifiers for cities and states. They’re often a symbol of a community’s heritage and culture, so they’re referenced in popular music. 

In general, new area codes are introduced to states when existing ones run out of numbers. However, in some cases, the pool of available area codes has become so small that a state can only add a new one if it overlaps another.

While it’s hard to imagine a world where area codes are less valuable than they once were, the reality is that they will only be around for a while. Businesses can strategically use dwindling area codes to attract local customers.

Access to the Local Market

Purchasing a local area code phone number gives you access to the local market and makes your business appear more trustworthy in that region. When customers see a local phone number, they assume that the business is nearby and that they will be able to provide faster customer service.

Local numbers are also ideal for running local ad campaigns. These numbers are easy to remember, making them an excellent choice for helplines and other call centers.

 Many people reference their area code in their brand names, as it adds to their credibility and helps them stand out among competitors.


When choosing a new business phone number, selecting one that fits your company’s goals and target audience is vital. You can use a local phone number, which allows your calls to be routed directly to your office, or a toll-free number that is free for clients to call and can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Choose a vanity number, a preselected set of digits that spell out a word associated with your business and make it easy for clients to recall. Vanity numbers are available for local and toll-free numbers, depending on your phone provider.

If you want to purchase a local area code phone number, it is best to do so sooner rather than later. 


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