It was Robert Ingersoll that said, “We rise by lifting others.” The certainty about life is found most in the kindness and goodness human beings show to their fellow humans, and animals. To an extent, natural vegetation also benefit from the show of kindness and goodness that make life worth living.

In the busyness that has filled every nook and cranny of society, it takes the sacrifice of some persons to make out time to declutter spaces, bring solace to the restless, provide shelter for the homeless, give food to the hungry, offer their time to tend to the frail and weak, and still keep smiles on their faces that give hope to the hopeless ones.

These wonderful, sacrificial hearts have been graciously called volunteers. It is interesting to note that the services they render are basically free of charge, a testimony that they offer themselves, selflessly. In that regard, we cannot fail to appreciate them in words, for all that they do to make our world a better place.

Best Appreciation Messages For Volunteers

1: You serve with love and humility. Thank you for being a great relief to mankind.

2: Thank you for the time you give toward uplifting souls and adding meaning to lives. We are truly grateful.

3: The little thanks we offer to you cannot match your magnanimous love to the poor, the weak, and the helpless. Nonetheless, accept them because they come from grateful hearts.

4: This is another opportunity to let you know that your value as a volunteer is inestimable. Thank you for your selfless service and goodness.

5: What you do for us as a society can never be forgotten in a hurry. You may not know how big your sacrifices for the greater good are, but have it in your mind that you shall be rewarded in this life and the life hereafter.

6: To call you an awesome person is just a scratch on the surface. You are divine, an answered prayer to us. Thanks for your services as a volunteer.

7: I really appreciate your commitment to this selfless service. Thanks for all you do, and all that you stand for as a volunteer. Remain blessed.

8: I have seen many people in my lifetime, but none is as tireless and serving as you. You care so much about others than you do for yourself. Indeed, you are a blessing in all ramifications. Thank you.

9: There is no doubt that you volunteer with all that you have got. Sometimes, I wonder if you ever get worn out. Thanks for all you do.

10: Everything you do amounts to the betterment of many lives. You are a living legend and we cannot thank you enough.

Thank You Messages For Volunteers

11: Service is the basis for a bright future which we work so hard to give our kids. While we are still making policies and thinking them through, you, on the other hand, decided to get your hands working to prove that service is actionable. Thank you for spurring us into action.

12: Even if we decide to repay every single work of kindness which you do, we will definitely not be able to pay all, and will still run into debts. Your kind deeds are invaluable. Accept our thanks.

13: For serving from the deepest part of your heart and with the most genuine intention, thanks very much.

14: You are exceptionally unique, an epitome of selflessness. Thank you for adding flavour to our existence.

15: You are a special commander of compassion. Your words have a way of healing brokenness, and your hands, the restorer of love. We are always indebted to you, dear volunteer.

16: Much is the overflow of our thankful hearts. Few are the words that express them fully. One thing is sure: your kind is rare. Thank you for your caring services.

17: Time does not have all it takes to reward you sufficiently. Money does little to show my gratitude but my mouth and heart are adequately equipped to appreciate you. Thank you for your works of grace.

18: We are always thankful to God for a person like you. You lend volunteer works the beauty they deserve. Thank you for all you do for our community.

19: You give, you make sacrifices, you bless lives. Most of all, you do all with much love and graciousness. We are really appreciative of your works.

20: You live by example. You don’t just serve but you live a life of service. Thank you for your exemplary life of service for the good of humanity.

21: For a long time, I have quietly observed you. You do not serve for the applauses and praises, neither do you give to impress. You do all you can to help out because it flows from your heart. Thank you for contributing immensely in restoring my hope in humanity.

22: It is not easy to find a person as reliable as you are. You are really a treasure to have, an amazing help to us all. Thank you very much.

23: You are one of the best assistants our company has ever had. You are quite hardworking, teachable, and creative. Thank you for your priceless services to us.

24: If we had another like you, we would have no issues with battling much cruelty to animals in our community. Thank you for your heart of overflowing compassion.

25: You are a hero to the many children who you have rescued from depression. Words fail us to thank you properly. May God reward you beyond measures.

26: It isn’t possible that you will know all whose lives you have touched, but it is public knowledge that you are known by every single person in our community whose life you’ve touched. Thank you for leaving your footprints on the sands of our memories.

Thank You Messages For Volunteers

27: You have been of an immense help to my family. Even without being told, you are quick to offer your support wherever you feel it is needed. I thank you from the depth of my heart.

28: We cannot tell our success story without mentioning your name and the contributions you made selflessly during your time as a volunteer in our organisation. We really appreciate all you did for us.

29: Your devotion in your service to the homeless is commendable. You are an inspiration to our new hands. Thank you!

30: I cannot remember anytime you complained about fatigue during your stay as a volunteer in my department. You are a ball of energy, relentless and tireless. I am very envious of your strength. Thank you for making leadership easy for me.

31: No opportunity to help slipped past you. You always saw yourself as a pillar of support who has to be there for the needy. Truly, you are admirable. Thank you so much for your outstanding kindness.

32: The way you smile when you are assigned a job always leaves me baffled. I can’t get used to that because it is uncommon and challenging. Thank you for teaching me that service is a lifestyle, and not necessarily about the reward.

33: You are heaping up for yourself, treasures in the heavenly places. You are absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to us. Thank you for lending us your helping hand.

34: You bring nothing but happiness to all and sundry. You have a divine calling in hospitality and service to mankind. Thank you for touching my life with your acts of service.

35: There are lots of people who volunteer. It is also known that many of them do it for the fame and recognition it brings. For you, it is a different ball game. You volunteer with all your heart and might, sometimes not minding the financial implication of the projects you undertake. Thank you for being selfless, real and true.

36: Your service distinguishes you. Your character esteems you. Your kind is one in a million. Thank you for being all you are to us.

37: Even though it is an unpaid job, you handled your responsibilities with the skill of a professional. I am beyond ecstatic. Thank you for your maturity and commitment.

38: I can boldly describe you as a God-sent. You stepped into our lives as a volunteer and ever since then, you have clearly shown us that you are a divine help. Thank you for all you have done for us.

39: The much you do go a long way to establishing our trust in you. It is easy to get help but a pretty difficult task to get a self-motivated helper. For all and more, we are grateful to you.

40: You don’t just say what you can do; you also do what you say, and beyond our expectations. Thank you for your strength of integrity.

41: The little acts of kindness you render have a rippling effect on us all. We cannot thank you enough for loving us from your heart.

42: You are a volunteer par excellence. The first day I met you became the turning point in my life. You inspired me to keep aside every form of self in order to get immersed in the service for the good of humanity. I am forever grateful to you.

Thank You Messages For Volunteers