True friendship lasts forever; the bond it is made of is stronger than any blood tie. Our friends hold a special place in our hearts, and it is appropriate to let them know that we are grateful for their loyalty and love for us. We have made available below, wonderful thank you messages for your friends which will guide you in customizing yours.

Remember, the gift of a true friendship is priceless, and it is also worth celebrating all in words and deeds.

Thank You Messages For Friends

1: Even though we don’t always see face to face yet, our hearts beat in synchrony with each other’s. I am grateful for your friendship with me.

2: Thank you, dear friend, for being an awesome person to me. I care a lot about you.

3: I never imagined that on a day like this, I will be making mention of a true friend in my life. Today, I am proud to say that I have got a rare gem in you. Thanks for everything you’ve been to me.

4: Seasons come and seasons go, but a friend like you stays true through it all. Thank you for being my lovely friend.

5: Someone as strong and kind as you are is hard to find. I believe in you, my friend. Thank you for everything you do for our friendship.

Thank You Messages For Friends

6: Regardless of our many fights, there is no other that makes me happy like you do, friend. I value you today, and always.

7: Whenever I need someone to encourage me in my life’s decisions, you come first in my thoughts. I can’t repay you for all that your beautiful heart has done for me. However, accept my heartfelt thanks to you.

8: I have a winner in you therefore, it is impossible that I will fail. You are a friend worth having. Thank you.

9: I can’t thank God enough for allowing me meet you. At first, we weren’t close enough to be called friends. But time unravelled the blessing of our friendship to us. Thanks for being an instrument of God’s help to me.

10: I have deep respect for your personality. No matter how much time passes between us, my unalloyed regard for you remains intact. Thanks for being my friend.

11: I acknowledge and appreciate the special bond we share as friends. Ever since we started off our friendship, my life hasn’t been the same; I have become better and stronger than before.

12: People pray to have just a bit of the quality of our friendship. It is too valuable to go unnoticed, and I have you to thank.

13: I am not exaggerating when I say that you are God-sent. In fact, I owe my sanity and wellbeing to your constant love, unwavering support, and deep commitment to me. Thank you, over and over again!

14: Let it not come off as odd to you, if I tell you that I celebrate our friendship as though it is an honorable event in my life. Our friendship is not just honorable; it is an honor itself.

15: By and by, the fruit of our relationship is generational. We may not be alive to see how it works out, but I can guarantee you that posterity will always be grateful for our friendship. Thank you for this lifetime opportunity to make a future.

16: The memories of our friendship are etched on my mind. I don’t know what I would have been without you, dearest. I’m grateful for your trueness.

17: For the happiness, joy, laughter, and love you bring into our friendship, thank you. You are a friend in a million.

18: I will always remember how we scratched on each other’s temper to reveal our limitless tolerance and endurance through hard times. I will always be thankful for the friendship that we started years ago.

19: The difference between our friendship and that of the average friends is the loyalty that marks ours. Indeed, it is a virtue that we’ve managed to sustain even when betrayal is the order of the day. Thanks for giving all of you into our friendship.

20: It is a rare privilege to be called your friend. It is synonymous to being regarded as a friend of a powerful king. Thank you, and I am proud of you, always.

21: Everyday of my life, I don’t fail to count my many blessings from our friendship. It has become an unconscious occurrence to me, no need to tell me to stop. I owe you my immense gratitude, my dearest friend.

22: The worst thing that can happen to me in the face of God’s earth is to lose my friendship with you. It is my life, my hope, and my everything. I truly appreciate it.

23: When I found you, I found everything. Even though we’ve had rough times, I want to thank you for your patience with me through them all.

24: The brightest of stars will fade away, and the moon may fail to appear in a given night, but our friendship has come to stay for all times. Thank you for being my friend.

25: Many complain of losing their identities all in the name of friendship. But with ours, I have discovered my life’s purpose, and regained my worth of self. Thank you for being a special friend to me.

26: I can’t remember any friend before you who had accepted me wholeheartedly, flaws and all. I can’t even remember feeling this alive in any past relationship. I want to thank you for showing me the real stuff friendship is made of.

27: Distance has got nothing on our friendship. We are as specially bonded as ever. Our lives have found each other, never to let go. Thanks for the gift of your friendship with me.

Thank You For Being My Best Friend Messages

Thank You For Being My Best Friend Messages

28: It is said that birds of a feather flock together. Wherever I am seen, you are looked for. I cant trade the uniqueness of our friendship with anything. Thank you for being a part of my life.

29: Looking back, I wonder how we held onto each other during the turbulent phase of our friendship. Now, I understand that the best is the result of the test. I am glad you are my best friend. Thank you.

30: The least I can do in appreciation of our friendship is to remain thankful for the rarest gift of a constant friend as you. I don’t know what I did to deserve you because you are surely the best.

31: You are somebody who, no matter the degree of mistakes I make, never wag fingers at me to judge me. You empathise as though you want to take my place in pains. I want to thank you from my heart of hearts, my best friend.

32: The fun that we bring to the table is exceptional. The amount of care we have for each other is second to none. Thank you for being my best friend.

33: Our friendship has lasted for years, starting from our childhood days. I wish to reaffirm my commitment to you, and also appreciate you for being my best friend.

34: Let me take out this time to sincerely thank you for your solid friendship with me. I never thought that we will hold on to each other thus far, but here we are. I celebrate you and all that you selflessly do as my best friend.

35: You make me happy; yes, you do. Thanks for being my super best friend.

Funny Thank You Messages For Friends

Funny Thank You Messages For Friends

36: You make a great listener. I don’t know how you do it, but I am sure I can’t be devoted to listening to woes and boring stories like you do. Thank you for being my unique friend.

37: Your jokes do not spare any intact ribs. In fact, you make sure that you destroy one’s reputation by causing them to laugh and howl like a hyena. Certainly, you are an extraordinary friend who does extraordinary things.

38: Do well to remember those days I made you fight bullies to protect me, because they mean a lot to me. Thanks for being my warrior friend.

39: I only hope that when we grow old, we will still walk down the streets together, our gnarled fingers interlocked with each other’s. I hope we will still have one or two teeth to flash when laughing at each other’s jokes.

40: I have found in you, a friend that knows how to poke nose in the name of trying to find out how my day went. I can’t do without you, but don’t always be on my neck like a mother hen!

41: In true appreciation of our friendship, I want to promise you that I will never leave your side. Even after you must have gotten married, I will be watching over you to make sure you are well taken care of.

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