It is not often that you will find a person or a group of persons who are willing to go out of their way to warmly receive and accommodate guests who were once strangers to them. In this world of justified self-centredness, we should be compelled to applaud any act of generosity – that which involves giving of one’s money, time, food, and other basic necessities of life – displayed by any man or woman, their social status regardless.

In our post today, you are going to see sincere thank you messages you ought to send to someone who has shown you, in deed and in kind, that you matter a lot to them.

Thank You Messages For Hospitality And Generosity

1: My mouth is full of thanks to you, for the way you risked the security of your home to receive a total stranger. I can’t quite express the impact of your hospitality to me, but always know that I can never forget you.

2: It is obvious that you are kind and open to show some love to anyone, big or small. Thank you for blessing my life with money when I needed it. Remain blessed.

3: This is my little way of appreciating you for your open heartedness toward my children whenever they come visiting for the holidays. You are not just loving; you are an epitome of selfless love.

4: I don’t think I have ever met somebody as wealthy as you, who takes the form of a servant to make their guests profoundly comfortable. You are truly remarkable, and I want to thank you for your exceptional hospitality.

5: You accepted me as your own the first day I showed up at the door of your house. My homelessness came to an end after you insisted I shared your house with you. I am overwhelmed with joy, and my eyes are tear-filled with gratitude.

6: It is of no use keeping quiet over an undeniable show of generosity to me. Your understanding of my need for a listening ear gave rise to the confident woman I am today. Thank you, and remain lifted.

7: The warmth of your smiles melt every coldness in my heart. Your thoughtful words nourish my deserted spirit man. I wish I had known you earlier. Thanks for your readiness to take me in whenever I call on you.

8: There is none other that I know, who is as pure and giving as you. You might not have done a lot in your own eyes, but to me, you’ve given me in excess of my highest aspirations. Thank you.

9: You have a beautiful heart, and I do hope that nothing will ever change it. Thank you for your mind-blowing generosity to my family all these years.

10: I can’t fathom the extent I would have gone in life without your solid encouragement, kind donations, and honorable presence for the success of my business. Thank you, sir. I am indebted to your generosity.

11: At the time when I and my husband needed friends in our new neighborhood, you showed up like an angel, and have never looked back ever since. I can attest to your hospitable heart. May God increase you in all ramifications.

12: The good thing about having someone like you as a friend is the regular take home lesson that can be gleaned from your personality. You are so generous that I sometimes ask myself if you do have any need at all. Thank you.

13: I least expected the royal treatment you gave me the first time I visited your house. It remains indelibly etched in my memory, and I thank you for the bags of goodies you sent me home with.

14: Until I draw my final breath, I doubt I will ever stop reminiscing on the superb way you welcomed my ailing mother into your home to take care of while I went to have my baby. All I have to say is, “Thanks, my hero.”

15: Even if I decide to write a list of all the wonderful acts of generosity you’ve shown me for the past two years, I will definitely offend God because they are too innumerable to be contained in a book. Simply accept my heartfelt thanks.

16: In my prayer for a miracle, I was totally tipped over by the answer I received in your person. How could a person be this liberal in his show of financial support? Thank you; you are one of a kind.

17: May God bless the day I stepped into your apartment. It served as my refuge from an abusive home. Furthermore, you became my mentor and the essential player in my healing process. My thanks to you run from now into the end of time.

Thank You Messages For Hospitality and Generosity

18: Without being told, I perceived that you were the perfect hostess. But I never imagined that you would care about our welfare, post-visit to your house. Thanks for the bags of food and money you left in our room on the day of our departure.

19: Immeasurable is my heart of thanks to you for your exceeding openhandedness to my son. He doesn’t fail to intimate me on all the provisions you make available to him. May God replenish you in several folds.

20: Just as the rain falls carelessly to the ground, so will God show you mercy without explanations. Thank you for accommodating me when I had nowhere to go. I am grateful you came to my aid when I had nothing on me.

21: If I had my way, I would have gone all out to spread the word about your generosity toward me. My only impediment is your life of privacy. Thank you for dealing favorably with me. Remain blessed.

22: A young boy who was unwise in the way of the world fell into your hands, yet you didn’t take advantage of his naivety. Thank you for treating me like your own brother, and for helping me stand on my feet today.

23: I want to specially thank you and your family members for warmly receiving me and my kids into your home. It isn’t a common thing to do, and I wish to profusely appreciate you all for your hospitability to us.

24: The size of the bed you offered me was big but incomparable to the size of your heart. You are a rare gem to humanity, and I wished I had spent more days in your house. Thank you for taking good care of me.

25: You are the kind of person that angels aren’t saddened to share their title with. It wouldn’t have been someone else but you, who would look after my cat when I was hospitalized for a week. May God bless you abundantly.

26: I can still smell the aroma of the lovely dish you served me in your house. I don’t know how you did it, but you are an amazing cook. Thank you for your warm reception to me.

27: There’s no doubt that you are truly a generous woman. You don’t give to show off but to keep from burning with passion for the less privileged. I am sure heaven will reward you in an astounding manner.

28: It is impossible to ignore your heart of kindness. You have made a case of exemption for yourself by caring for the needs of others that you aren’t by any means, obliged to. Thank you for humbling me in an encouraging way.

29: Time shall fail me to speak of your generosity to me on several occasions. What matters most is the effect it leaves on me; it is unforgettable. Thank you for all you have done for me all these times.

30: Only God who searches the heart knows how deeply grateful I feel toward you. I may not be familiar with you in person, but I have found a reliable friend in you through your hospitality to my sister in college. May He bless you stupendously.

31: It was plain for all to see that you owed me nothing. In spite of that, you went out of your way to train my in school without asking for anything in return. The God I serve will pay you back with wealth, a million times!

32: Thank you for taking me in on that cold, rainy night when I lost my way. I can’t forget the cup of hot coffee you gave me to warm my lips. May you never be in an awkward position of helplessness without a helper.

33: This is my opportunity to thank you for taking a sick leave just to be with me when I was going through a period of grief. It means a lot to me, and I know I can’t pay you back. God will do so, definitely.

34: Thank you for your heart of generosity to me whenever I am out of food supplies. May you never be in lack of good things all the days of your life.

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