The workplace is as important as how your boss makes it to be. Also, it is as enjoyable or horrible as your boss’ work attitude. Inasmuch as there are several reasons to bear grudges against bosses who lord themselves over their subordinates, there are more than enough reasons for subordinates to show deep gratitude to their bosses who have made a decision to be humane to all and sundry.

This kind of bosses are hard to come by as their hard hearted counterparts are flooded in nearly all organizations. Below are sample thank you messages that embody appreciation, directed to your employer or supervisor.

Thank You Messages For Boss

1: If I didn’t experience your leadership style myself, I would have counted you like the rest. You are both firm and considerate in your dealings with those you lead. I am grateful to have you as my boss.

2: The first day I reported under you was the beginning of a sense of direction toward my job’s purpose. You critiqued my findings without putting me down, and made suggestions that will help me do better next time. Thank you for showing me the light.

3: Your efforts in me paved way for my excellence. You took it upon yourself to tutor me, guiding me to differentiate my left from my right. Without you, I wouldn’t have come this far in my career. Thank you, boss.

4: While people complain bitterly about their employers’ inconsiderate attitude toward their welfare, I have nothing but good news about my own boss. It is an understatement to call you kind because you are much more than a kind soul. Thank you; may God bless you.

5: In spite of our differences and individuality in temperament, you have shown me that you are a rare species of supervisor. I want to thank you, sir, for accommodating me regardless of my circumstantial naivety.

Thank You Messages For Boss

6: You bring life to the concept of human relationship. Of all the team leaders I have worked with, you stand out as the only one who genuinely cares about our welfare without wanting to fulfil all righteousness. Thank you for being different.

7: I want to take out this time to thank you specially for being my dream boss. I may not be able to control nature to keep having you as my superior, but I earnestly hope that I will always have your type all my working days.

8: If you were a tree, you would be the Iroko, the king of the tropical rain forest who other trees find their shelter in. I am truly amazed by your skilfulness in managing people. Thank you for all you do to make work fun to do.

9: Whenever you are absent from work, the vacuum you create is difficult to be filled by any other. I don’t want to say that I envy your capability because I really do. Thank you for being the right challenge I need to make my world better.

10: In a world filled with obnoxious and aggressive leaders, you bring a form of freshness to leadership. You are gentle, straightforward and convincing without exerting much pressure on workers’ willpowers. I am thankful to be numbered amongst your subordinates.

11: Each time I try to come to terms with the measure of blessing I have for working under you, I am left mesmerised the more. It is truly a great privilege to call you my mentor because you model strength and positivity of the mind.

12: Thank you boss, for being a part of my daily living. I always look forward to waking up each day and making my way to the office because of you. I wish to work with you for a very long time.

13: You are an embodiment of compassion and selflessness. You revere your workers as though they are the most important factor to the success of your organization. I can never doubt the outcome of your leadership style because you worked for it. Thank you.

14: It is under you that I realized that workers actually have dignity in practical terms. I have never seen nor heard you insult or belittle anyone no matter their offences. Thanks for living a life of honor and integrity.

15: I am proud of you, madam, and wish to say thank you for being a wonderful boss to me. You have helped me gain a foothold of my job responsibilities; I am excelling because you taught me aright.

16: If I am asked to count men and women of influence over me, I would mention you without thinking twice. You have proven to me that one doesn’t need to be persuasive to make an impact. I am grateful for having you as my employer.

17: You have respect for every worker, regardless of his status. You do all you can to meet our needs to keep us motivated to do work. I am grateful to you, and happy to be associated with your company.

18: There is no boring moment in your leadership talks with us. Your sense of humor is out of this world, yet, you make fine points that affect our work attitude. I have to thank you for my refined character.

19: Nobody told me you are a good person to work with; your disposition speaks for you. I want to thank you for not being the usual kind of boss that makes the heart ache.

20: It is not a wonder that you earned a promotion within months of working as my supervisor. Nobody encounters you and remains in the dark. Thank you for your worthy contributions to the success of this company.

Thank You Message For Boss For Increment

Thank You Message For Boss For Increment

21: With heartfelt gratitude, I wish to thank you for adding to my salary without waiting for me to bring it to your notice. It goes a long way to show that you are a thoughtful employer.

22: I was beyond surprised when I received the mail bearing the news of my monthly salary increment starting from this month. I want to thank you, sir, for your consistency in appreciating your workers’ efforts.

23: Little did I know that you recommended me for a wage increment. I don’t know how to thank you appropriately for never withholding goodness from me when I deserve it. Remain blessed!

24: I am happy to receive a bonus for my effort in the last job you supervised. You are kind, and I pray that God will increase your getting.

25: Thank you for keeping to your promise to increase my salary after working some months with your company. I am truly grateful.

26: I had made a mental note to write you for a 10% salary increase. Unknown to me, you had finalized on plans to increase my salary by 15% with effect from this month. Thank you for everything you do to make me enjoy working with you.

27: True to your words, I received a message denoting that I had been marked for a salary increment. Thank you for giving me reasons to stay committed to the prosperity of your business.

28: Accept my heartfelt thanks to you for ensuring that I got the extra on my salary which I deserved after the completion of the project. I am grateful.

29: To whom much is given, much is expected. I want to show my gratefulness to you for increasing my wage before the time I am due for an increase. I promise you my unwavering loyalty to the success of your business.

30: Thank you for acting out kindness in the face of distress. It is known that now isn’t the best season to increase salary yet, you kept your word and did it for me. I am still in shock.

Thank You Boss Farewell Messages

Thank You Boss Farewell Messages

31: Left for me, I would want to continue working with your company because you are a great leader to take orders from. I have to leave for family reasons. May God increase you, and repay you for the seed of humaneness you planted in me.

32: It is saddening that you are leaving us on a transfer to another branch. I wish that I will be transferred equally to still retain you as my supervisor. Thanks for your dedication and service to the improvement of all that worked with you.

33: The news of your voluntary retirement shook me as much as it did to others who have had the opportunity to work with you. It is my utmost desire that I meet your kind all my career days. Thanks for your positive impact on us.

34: I have always known you to be goal-driven, endearing, and principled. It is with mixed feelings that I bid you farewell to your new workplace. Thank you for bringing light to an otherwise non-performing department.

35: As I leave for another company, I want to thank you for giving me a chance to prove my abilities in yours because you believed in me. You are a good boss.


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