A thankful heart is a wealthy heart. Truth be told, everything we have and everything that we are, were given to us freely by God. We cannot boast of anything we didn’t receive, starting from the air that we breathe.

The thank you God messages below should motivate you to appreciate God in all situations and most importantly, for the gift of life, health, family, and friends.

Thank You God Messages For Everything

1: My Heavenly Father, I want to thank you so much for all that you have done for me. Your love has never failed me in any way, in spite of all my shortcomings. Be lifted up in my life, forever.

2: Lord, if it hadn’t been for your loving kindness toward me, I would have been dead and gone. I thank you, for the preservation of my life.

3: My Provider, I want to appreciate you for taking care of all my needs even when I had no hope of getting them done.

4: Thank you, Father, for looking out of me, and for caring more about me than I would. I am grateful for your constant reminder that you’ll neither leave nor abandon me.

5: If I had wings, I would have flown to the gate of heaven in order to render my thanks to the greatest God. Though I may not be able to behold your face, at your feet, Lord, will I lay in a fit of explosive gratitude.

Thank You God Messages For Everything

6: You’ve done me well, Lord, and I will be a foolish person to deny it. For that and lots more, I want to say, “Thank you, Father.”

7: You’ve made impossibilities to become as doable as I desired. You’ve made life easy for me ever since I invited you to take charge. From the depth of my heart, thank you, Lord.

8: You’re the God of all flesh, and the One who favors me without consulting any human being. Dear Lord, receive the abundance of my thanks to you for all you are to me.

9: Great is my God, who gives my soul rest. You’re worthy, Ancient of Days, for your sustenance and graciousness toward me. Thank you for never allowing me to be put to shame.

10: If the entirety of my body were to be covered with mouths, I would still not be able to thank you enough, Lord, for proving yourself worthy in that situation that came to consume me.

11: When I was lost, your love found me. When I had no righteousness in me, your grace clothed me. When I had no hope, your strength quickened me. I want to thank you, Father, for not giving up on me.

12: My heart overflows with words of thanksgiving to you, my God, for dealing wondrously with me. Thank you for never letting me down in the presence of my enemies.

13: Thank you, Jesus Christ, for dying to bring salvation to me. Thank you for your love so pure, so true.

Thank You Messages To God For All His Blessings

Thank You Messages To God For All His Blessings

1: I am exceptionally grateful to you, Mighty God, for delivering my family from every scheme of the enemy. I honor you because you prove yourself worthy to be called our Indefatigable Warrior.

2: Indeed, God is good to all whose confidence is in Him. I’m thankful to you, Father, for your ever dwelling presence in my home. I thank you for the peace which passes every human understanding that you gave to me in trying times.

3: My mouth is full of praise to you, Lord, for the way you provide help to me when it appears that all hope is lost. I want to give you thanks for how you chose to redeem me when I was deep in trouble.

4: When there is darkness and all around me goes bleak, my confidence in you grows strong. When there is nothing to eat, and my pocket has gone dry, my trust in you never falters. You’ve shown that you’re God, and I’m super grateful to you.

5: Till I breathe my last, I will keep thanking you, Father, for showing me kindness when I least deserved it.

6: Father, be exalted for doing awesome miracles for my brother who was deathly sick. Thank you for your deliverance, and for the song you put in my mouth!

7: A million and one reasons abound to offer thanks to the Mighty God, who dwells in the pleasure of making his children happy.

8: For your guidance and protection, I say thank you, Father. You have done it, over and again, and I am in lack for words to deeply appreciate you for all that you are to me.

9: With a grateful heart, I want to thank you, Lord for your blessings upon my life. From the miry clay, you lifted and set my feet on the solid rock to honor and do me well. Thank you, again and again.

10: Dear Father, I want to thank you for blessing my parents with the finances for my tuition. Thank you for opening doors of breakthrough for them at the appointed time.

11: I lift you up, Lord, in gratitude for the promotion you gave my sister at her workplace. Thank you for rewarding her in an excellent way, and for setting a table before her in the presence of her enemies.

12: Lord, I want to thank you for doing great things for my cousin who waited for a child for five years. Thank you for blessing her with a baby at the time you did. You wiped away her tears in a miraculous form.

13: For the blessings of good health and vitality, I thank you, Lord. You’ve never allowed me to fall sick from the food I eat and the water I drink. Thank you also, for protecting me from diseases that are airborne.

14: King of glory, I am indebted in thanks to you for the way you have been showering me with favor and riches since I gained employment. You’ve distinguished and exalted me beyond my imagination; I am grateful, Lord.

15: Sweet Lord, I want to thank you for your immeasurable blessings of open doors, which you granted to my brother. Truly, you are the rewarder of any who trust you without doubts.

16: Thank you, God, My Helper, for lifting me up, and for making ways for me where there was never a way. Thank you for confounding the tongues of my enemies, and for giving me a name amongst notable people.

17: If I had a million tongues, they would not be enough to thank you, my gracious Abba Father, for releasing your blessings of increase on my children. Each and everyone of them are doing perfectly well in their areas of endeavor, because you did it.

Inspirational Thank You God Messages

Inspirational Thank You God Messages

1: I glorify you, Lord, for establishing my feet in my line of trade. Thank you for making the little efforts I make seem big.

2: When I called on you, Lord, concerning my academics and my desire to come out with flying colors, you answered me in a fashion I least expected. Thank you for not just making me pass well, but you allowed me have a hassle free schooling.

3: Lord, I thank you for the wisdom and understanding you granted me to teach the children that were assigned to me. Thank you for making it possible for them to be obedient to me, throughout the school year.

4: Darling Jesus Christ, I want to return all praises and thanks to you, for granting me journey mercies. The road has claimed so many lives, but in my case, you never allowed my name to be recorded in the book of misfortune.

5: You’re a faithful God, and that is all I know. I want to thank you for delivering my mother from a boat mishap. Thank you for giving my family testimonies and not sorrows, and for making our hearts glad.

6: Jehovah, I choose to serve you for the rest of my days. Thank you for renewing my youth; I look younger than my age. Thank you for giving me the fruits of the womb; I am not a barren woman. I am humbled by your love for me, dearest Father.

7: I am blown away by your compassion on my life, Lord. Even before I make a request for my need, you have made provisions for the answer. I am thankful and in constant awe of you.

8: It is a privilege to have a wonderful God. My whole being gives you thanks for the gift of life. Many are on life support, but here I am, as free as a bird, enjoying the amazing blessing of breathing without any external help.

9: Father, my family and I want to thank you for the successful wedding ceremony of our son. Thank you for the clement weather, and for the peaceful conduct of the event.

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