Alfred Painter said, “Saying thank you is more than good manners. It is good spirituality.” We cannot agree more with him. Truly, there are no many acts as dignifying as receiving words of thanks from a person you gave a gift, and little compares to the satisfaction associated with giving thanks. The act of appreciating gifts given stems from a heart that remembers to be grateful.

No matter how little or simple the gift might be, it gains incredible weight before the giver when the receiver pours out thanks, first for the thoughtfulness. It is against this background that we bring to you, incredible and lovely thank you messages which you can send the next time you receive a thoughtful gift. We have created this enormous list of messages of thank you that you can use to show your appreciation to someone who has given you a gift.

Best Thank You For The Gift Messages

1: I am indeed grateful for your kind gift to me. Thank you very much!

2: You don’t know how happy I am to receive such a lovely gift from you. I am deeply grateful to you. Thanks.

3: Your gift has lighted up my world up in very incredible ways. Thank you!

4: My happiness is immeasurable what, with the pleasant gift from you. God bless you.

5: I wish I had better words to say to you. I am simply blown away by your gift. Thank you, dear.

6: Can you guess what I am doing right now? Dancing! Yes, I am dancing because of your lovely gift. Thank you.

7: At such an unexpected time, you graced my life with a thoughtful present. I am so taken by your kind gesture, and I want to say thank you.

8: You sure know how to give good gifts. I receive this latest one with a heart filled with gratitude and hands filled with excitement. Thanks so much.

9: I am taken by your loveliness. You have demonstrated how much you care about my welfare through your gift. Accept my thanks. I am truly grateful.

10: Dear, I am overwhelmed by your kind gesture toward me. The gift you sent has reached me and is in a great condition. Thank you.

11: They are such lovely things! Oh, I am very, very grateful for these gifts. Happiness is just flowing through me like living springs of water. Thank you very much for each and every one of them.

12: Words really fail me to convey my gratefulness to you. There is nothing I think I can do to adequately say that I am totally happy that you remembered me through this gift. I am short of words. Just know that I am immensely grateful, and I thank you wholeheartedly.

Thank You For The Gift Messages

13: I have always known that you are generous, but the way you surprised me with this gift shows that I don’t know half about your level of generosity. I am completely blown away. Thank you, dear.

14: If you can see me heart right now, you will run for your dear life. My heart has increased beyond measure, and ready to burst into grateful pieces. The swelling is so much that it can suffocate the life out of you. Ah! I am grateful to you for this gift. Thank you!

15: This gift you have given to me, has left an everlasting mark on my heart. There are so many words to say but let me start with saying thank you. I am really grateful.

16: Your genuine kindness has blown me away. How you figured out that I needed this gift is something that still amazes me. Thank you.

17: You are a very thoughtful person. The way you look inwards to find what you will do to help me is a rare gift. I am deeply grateful to you. Thanks.

18: Please, receive my words of thanks to you. You may not, out of modesty, want to hear that I thanked you. However, it is an act I can’t help. The gift you have given to me is truly magnificent. Thanks.

19: I am still speechless at your benevolence. I appreciate your goodness to me. I won’t forget this day. Ever. Thank you.

20: Thank you very much, darling. Who am I that you do all you can to give me great gifts? Thank you, again and again.

21: I am in the highest heaven, someone help me! These gifts are amazing, incredibly breath-taking! I am so grateful. Thank you!

22: You are one in a million, the true definition of a pure heart. You are really kind, and I want to say a hearty “Thank you” to you for the lovely gifts you gave me.

23: May men do to you and more, for wiping away my tears of helplessness with these gifts. Who would have thought that the sun will shine on me again? Thank you.

24: You have got the right button to my heart. Indeed, you are a giver. An incredible giver. Thanks for these gifts. I really appreciate.

25: Your gifts have turned my life around in a complete 360 degrees move. Thank you, amazing one.

26: Nobody is as giving as you are. No heart is as kind as yours. God singled you out with the daunting task of putting smiles on the faces of the needy. Thank you for these wonderful gifts. May God richly bless you.

27: When someone mentions a cheerful giver, I remember you. You are hard to forget. Thank you for your benevolence toward me and mine.

28: This beautifully awesome present is one that will hold great memories of you. I owe you that. Thank you.

29: Thank you for not letting my call for help fall on deaf ears. Thank you for remembering me even though you were not obliged to. Thank you for lifting my heart with these great gifts. Thank you for everything.

30: You have no idea how you lighted up my day with the beauty of your wonderful package of gifts. I am thrilled and excited. Thank you.

31: You might think that your gift is little and insignificant but to me, it is huge and very conspicuous to my eyes and heart. I am truly grateful.

32: You are blessed in the happiness department. You sure know how to make a person as joyful as a puppy with your gifts. Thank you very much.

33: Someone as sweet as you are is a joy to behold. Then, you make beholding you more joyful with the gifts you come bearing. Thank you for all of them!

34: I am forced to ask if you actually count the cost of all the gifts you give me; not just the monetary cost but the thoughts, the buying, and the extra costs of bringing them to me. I am just overwhelmed. Thank you very much.

Thank You For The Gift Messages

35: You are beautiful and your heart isn’t left out. You make this world a wonderful place to be in with your immense contribution and thoughtful gifts. Thank you, over and again.

36: I can count a few persons with a heart of gold such as yours. Your heart is embedded in 20 million karat gold. Thanks for this sweet gift you gave me.

37: I am not in any way surprised by your act of kindness this time around. You have proven to me in uncountable ways, that you are a born giver. I say a very big thank you for this gift. Thanks, again.

38: How can I explain the bubbling joy in my heart? How can I describe the excitement in my belly? How do I begin to thank you for the wonder your gift has brought to me? How can I say thank you, and it will be enough?

39: When you told me the gift was nothing, I almost fell for your trap. Can you imagine calling something as big as that gift, nothing? Please, stop that! I am filled deeply with gratitude. Thank you!

40: I least expected that you would honour me with the lots of gifts you brought to mark my special day. You are a very thoughtful person. Thank you.

41: May God’s light of favour keep shining on you. Because you chose to show me outstanding kindness through this gift, may you never lack gifts from men. Thank you so much.

42: I am very delighted to receive your gifts. To me, you are more than a giver. You are sent from heaven, a divine answer to all my prayers. Thank you.

43: I am forever indebted to you for going out of your way, and from the little you have, to buy me a great gift. May God bless you beyond measures.

Thank You For The Gift Messages

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