Words really do wonders in the life of a girl/woman. If you are in doubt of the above statement, we suggest you try using sweet words on that lady you have your eyes on, something like, “I never knew how beautiful you are until tonight.” Watch her eyes twinkle brightly, and how a smile will light up her face.

In fact, you won’t believe how melty her heart is until that moment. Therefore, if you wish to be equipped with fresher, sweeter, and more organized lines to get your crush/girlfriend/wife mushy, you are already at the right place as we have below, terrific sweet words for her, all for your use.

Sweet Words For Her

1: The few times I was privileged to hold your dainty hands, I was truly compelled to believe that heaven is real. Baby, you give me reasons to hope, to look forward to, and to keep the faith that someday, we will be united at last, never to be separated by distance anymore.

2: “I love you” is an understatement when it comes to the scintillating words I want to tell you every day. Indescribable though, I am deeply and overwhelmingly passionate about you.

3: However today may seem, I want you to wake up tomorrow with your heart set on the truth that I have the best of intentions for you. Dear, my dreams and hopes are tied to your happiness: that’s all that makes sense to me.

4: I realized how much you mean to me the day I set my eyes on you after a longterm absence. Funny how it took your departure and return to set my heart singing for you. Truth is, I don’t want to live a day without hearing the melody your love makes on my heart.

5: Eyes as dreamy as a doe’s, lips as soft as buttery chocolate, steps as elegant as a gazelle’s, voice as the sound from the gentle harmonies of cymbals and lyres… You are in every definition, the true beauty my heart sought after. Thank God that I found you.

6: After all is said and done, I am convinced that you belong to me. I know that because right now, I can feel your heart thumping aloud merrily for me. That’s how it should be, my love. I love you.

7: I get excited whenever I think about you. It is that feeling that drives me into going overboard with caring after you. Thank you for being the best thing that has ever happened to me.

8: You add beauty to my life in the most incredible way. I have a lot to say about the miracle of your love, but for the meantime, I love you.

Romantic Words For Her

9: Believe me when I say that I have my eyes on you and on no other, living or dead. Trust me with your heart for I will be long dead before anything I do makes you cry or weep bitterly.

10: Call me dangerous or crazy, but that’s nothing to compare with how directionless my life would be if I am not occupied with thoughts of you.

11: You are my sunniest sunshine, my heaviest color pattern, my sweetest sugar. You trigger me to come alive with no efforts, something no one has ever been successful at.

12: I choose you to love and to build with. I want to honor you with everything in me, and if that won’t be enough, I rather give up my life for you than watch you struggle to be with me.

13: You are my everything, my flower. Do you notice how hard and long I stare at you, how stuck I get when I catch a whiff of your fragrance? Do you even know that you are my everything, as the only flower in my entire garden?

14: Being rational is a thing of the past for me. Ideally, it is a risk that I am quite willing to take, plunging neck-deep loving you in spite of how you feel about me. You don’t have to do anything, honey; just allow me love you the best way I can.

Sweet Words To Tell A Girl To Make Her Fall In Love With You

15: There’s life attached to your existence; at least I have proven that to be true. Your coming in contact with me revived and revamped my life beyond doubts and speculations. Stay with me, angel. This is my humble request.

16: Come to think of it, who would even imagine that a heart as tough as mine, hardened to the core, will tremble like a cold leaf at the mere brushing of your fingers against my cheek stubbles? Who would admit that it is possible that I will be thirsting and longing for more of your loving caress on my body?

17: I remember vividly everything that transpired between us that day. But one event stands out and above others: I fell in love with you, for the first time in my life.

18: My choices, my responsibility. My purpose, my destiny. My goals, my efforts. My desires, my humanity. My actions, my life. My love, you alone.

19: No amount of tears will be able to save me if I dare give up this lifetime opportunity to make you mine. Not only will I be damned; even eternity will hiss at my stupidity.

20: Try as I could, the picture of your piercing eyes remain unwiped from the mirror of my mind. The more I strive to deny that I am in love with you, the further I am drawn into the depth of your soul through your eyes. Babe, I love you.

21: Her Excellency, you hold me at ransom with your winning smiles. You are simplicity personified yet exude the luxury aura known only among royals. Grant me the honor of being your man, your only beloved lover.

Short Sweet Words For Her

22: If there’s anything called freedom from love, I will rather be in chains than wander aimlessly deprived of your love.

23: What is there to gain if I don’t go out of my way to make you a happy and contented woman? Every benefit there is for me, is a function of your satisfaction. Outside that, I have done nothing yet.

24: Several times, I have questioned myself thoroughly on the genuineness of my love for you. It is a favorite pastime for me which is always met with one, unchangeable, solid answer: my love for you is as authentic as the skin on my rear.

25: I won’t ask you not to kid me, but not on the issue that pertains my love for you. That will break my heart.

26: My munchkin, I don’t have to start my life afresh to be able to get this novel feeling your love brings; it is life itself.

27: The more I think about it, the clearer it becomes that you are meant for me. The summary of my life’s search for true love is that it ended happily at your feet.

28: There are many fishes in the sea, that I know. But none tastes as succulently as the only fish my net caught before retiring from the game: that’s you.

29: Of all women my eyes have seen, you are the fairest of all. Not of the skin that dims with age, but of the heart that glows forever.

30: Let nothing change your mind about me because mine is already made up to chase after you until we become old and gray. You are my wife, and my girlfriend for life.

31: I want to thank your mom specially, for giving birth to a sensational beauty as you. Your kind is rare, the more reason I count myself blessed to have you.

Long Sweet Words For Her

32: With full permission from you, I want to be your sky’s lone star. I want to be the ground on which your majestic feet tread upon. My desire is to be the wealth in your life account, the treasure in your honeypot. Pretty, let me be the one to make you moan in pleasure, make you tremble in ecstasy, and scream for more of me. I want to be your all in all, and everything else.

33: Time is by my side and has agreed in every term with me to create the choicest gift for you as my lady. So, when you hear me start, line by line, to serenade you with words with the rising of the sun and its setting, such that you haven’t heard of before, don’t fear for my breath. It is what I pledge to do for you.

34: Forever and a day more, my heart will beat for you. It matters less that you are hearing it for the umpteenth time. Let it be emblazoned onto your heart as a reminder that my word is my bond. For through and through, I cherish you with my whole heart.

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