The gift of a loyal, caring and hardworking man is more precious than a thousand rubies. Oftentimes, you could assume that the attention given to you by your significant other is your right, hence the quickness in taking him for granted. He may be obliged to you because he loves you.

However, when you send heart-warming messages that express your undying love and appreciation for him and all he does, such gesture always goes a long way to remind him that as much as he should do things for you, you have chosen to count it all a great privilege to have him in your life.

Your husband is one of the most important persons that deserve the sweetness of your love. You could pen him some beautiful, head-turning messages from inspiration through this compilation:

1: Dearest love, I am sure I’m the most blessed amongst women to have you as my support system. Without you, I would have been helpless and lonely. You are a blessing to my soul.

2: You are my fire, my water, and my earth. You complete me in ways that are unimaginable. I don’t need to ask for any other because you are my perfect balance.

3: Everyday, I wake up knowing that you are thoughts away. I smile when I remember that you are always there for me even when I don’t need you. You love me like life. I don’t know how I deserved your love.

4: Sweet, I don’t mind respecting, adoring and caring for you. You are my man, the champion of my home. Your influence on me, I cherish. You have my undying devotion.

5: The day I said “I do” to you, marked the beginning of an investment that has yielded huge returns that amaze me. I wish I had married you earlier, darling.

6: The tenderness of your touch still gives me butterflies. How can I not be love-struck, again and again?

7: You make me your priority. You choose me above you. You are always after my face. My unspoken words tell you my needs. I love you, baby.

8: When I am told to count my blessings, I get worn out. Why should I count, when I have my blessings all wrapped in one and given to me as a husband?

9: Marriage isn’t an achievement. Not until a woman marries a man like you. I have achieved a lot marrying you, mine.

10: The things you do, the way you walk, the sound of your voice, the way you smile…Gosh! You’re breath-taking, baby. I’m glad I married my own Mr. Universe.

11: The day you proposed to me was one of the most memorable days of my life. No, I’m not referring to the venue or the style, but the offer to marry you. You meant it, and still mean it to have me as your wife.

12: Life is littered with ups and downs. I hardly take notice of the downs because I have you as my cheerleader.

13: You fill up my senses with the aroma of your affection. You drown me in the flood of your loyalty. You make me feel more than a natural woman: I walk on the clouds with angel’s feet because you are my God sent sky.

14: I am proud of you, and I scream it aloud. I let the whole world know that I married the most understanding, loving, and passionate man. You are the answer to my heart’s riddle.

15: The way you love me makes me cry. It is pure and magical. Nothing on earth compare to it. It is as true as God’s love. Nothing on earth can take it away. I cry because I do not count myself worthy of you. You are simply the best.

16: Marriage, they say, is not a bed of roses. With you, marriage has been a bed of roses, a box of chocolates and a chamber of luxury. I wouldn’t have asked for any better partnership.

17: You satisfy me, and make me ask for more. You complete me; I’m in no competition with you. You are my all in all, the chief executive officer of my womanhood.

18: Clothes, jewelleries, and even glamour can fade. Our love, in contrast, shines brighter with each passing day. What could have made us thick, makes us tick. What a love!

19: I have pretty much made some bad decisions in my life. Thank God, you’re not one of them!

 Messages For Husband

20: You don’t just stop at saying that you love me; you do the loving, and that is the reason I am lost in you. You are a man of integrity, baby.

21: My head was as hard as a stubborn nut. I didn’t believe I could be soft hearted. I was independent, fierce and made. Your love ruined it all, in a good way. Submitting to you comes easy because you love me right.

22: Let them all be against me. Let them say all they can. Let them frown and scowl. I don’t mind choosing you time and again, over royalty. You are the reason life makes meaning to me.

23: I know when words are spoken from the heart: my heart leaps for joy, and I feel peace. You have consistently made my heart leap for joy, and given me peace with your true words.

24: When you kiss me, everything feels, and becomes right. You’re my ecstasy, the sweetness that quenches all my heart’s thirst.

25: Our kids are responsible today because they have a father like you. You are their strength, a perfect model, and the friend that they need in their lives. I thank God I chose you for this responsibility.

26: When I thought I would get tired of having you share the same bed with me, I am here thinking of how I will survive without you. Don’t ever leave me, sweetest.

Long Sweet Love Messages For My Husband

1: My unspoken words are loud to your hearing. You read me like a familiar, old novel. What goes unnoticed to others, to you, means everything. Sometimes, I wonder how you have come to know me this much. At other times, I go down on my knees, and bless God for giving me my soulmate in my lifetime.

2: I can’t remember being denied of anything good that you can afford. You are always willing to make me a happy woman. You showed me love, and taught me how to love you. Everything I own, down to the children I call mine, is a product of your love. I love you.

3: You love me with all my flaws. There are so many perfect women out there, but you chose me over them. It isn’t as if you are not their ideal man. Rather, you want to be the only ideal man for me, in the presence of my ugly inadequacies.

4: I profess my love for you today and forever. Even when I don’t say it often, my heart loves you as though it knows nothing else but loving you. Thank you for everything you are to me, dearest.

5: My love, it feels as though we met yesterday. We are many years older in love, but the electric buzz between us is as fresh as the day we made love for the first time as newlyweds.

Sweet Love Messages For Husband

6: You’re my umbrella under the rain, my belt for my loose skirt. You’re my power bank when I get drained of battery life, the salt that makes my soup rich in taste. There’s hardly anything I desire that you don’t fulfil. You’re my dignified handyman, the treasure that I possess. You make my world go round. No one else can take your place, hubby.

7: I am a grown up woman but your cuddles make me feel like a baby in the arms of its affectionate father. The way you rock my tired and broken body brings instant relief that a masseuse can’t give. You’re simply the best body therapist I know.

8: You forgive me so easily, that I wonder if you ever get hurt by my wrongs. I know better, anyway. You cherish our peace and togetherness more than squabbles and face-offs. You’re my answered prayer, as a matter of fact.

9: I miss you more than I can imagine. It’s hard to live a day without waking up to your smiling face. Come home quickly, and into my waiting arms. Your wife is ready to be overtaken by your loving.

10: I hurry home just to meet one person. I disentangle myself from worries just to be present for one person. I fly through disagreements just to have peace with one person. You, my husband is just that one person.