Waking up each morning to the beauty of the sun is one of the highlights of a new day. To make the day memorable, send a simple but sweet good morning text message to your significant other. You do not only give the impression to him or her that you care a lot about them (even though your calendar alarm reminded you to do that); you’ll also enjoy a deeper relationship that is not in want of romance.

Below are 40 Good morning sweet text messages that will spin your partner’s head…romantically:

1: It is morning already. Do I have to wake you up to continue loving me from where you stopped last night?

2: Open your eyes and behold my teary eyes. How could you be this good looking? God has got a question to answer!

3: With you, jumping out of the bed in the morning doesn’t sound amazing. I wish to stay in bed and cuddled to the memory of your kiss and embrace.

4: The whole world awaits the waking up of the ruler of my heart, the custodian of the key to my senses, the passion that sets my mind on fire. Wake up before the count of ten!

5: Sweetheart, the day is bright and fair already. Wake up to make it burst into rainbows of beautiful colours. You’ve got the power. I believe in you.

6: Good morning, dearest. Hope the night was kind to you. If it wasn’t, quickly let me know, and I’ll beat the blackness out of its black eyes!

7: My most favourite person in the universe, good morning!

8: I dreamt about you last night. I do every night. Thoughts of you are always on my mind. I cannot help myself. I don’t want to be helped, either. I just wanted to say, “Good morning.” Bye!

9: This is a quick reminder that you hold a special place in my heart. No other person can replace you unless I am crazy. I am not. And won’t be. Good morning, baby.

10: The birds are happy and grateful for a clear sky lightened by the sun. Even if it rains, they will be singing happily because the light of your presence on earth gives them hope that it will shine again. Hope this makes some meaning to you. Good morning.

11: Nothing is complete without you. You’re the melody in my song, the gait in my steps. Without you, the song I sing will be dry and my steps, sluggish. Don’t ever leave me, baby. Good morning.

12: Today is another chance for you to be the best version of you. Never allow regrets to kill your vibe. Rise above setbacks, and stay positive. Good morning.

13: I hope this message meets you before your eyes open to the new day because I want to be the first person to disturb your sleep with the sound of my incoming message.

14: Smile; it is free of charge. Laugh; it makes me happy. Live; what are you on earth for? Love; me first, others last. Then for you, love yourself like you won’t get the chance to do so tomorrow. Good morning.

15: You are an amazing person. You deserve my loyalty and affection. Your kind is what the world needs to feel loved. Your presence in my life has made a great difference in me. Thank you for letting me into your world, darling. Good morning.

16: Receive my kisses and warm hugs with your eyes closed. They can only be felt from within. I live in you, hope you remember. Good morning.

17: I love you forever and a day more. I am grateful that I let you into my life. I’m one of the luckiest beings on earth to enjoy the blessings of a terrific person like you. I am happy, very happy to say that I love you immensely. Good morning.

18: People don’t usually get what they asked for. In my case, I asked for a good person, and received the best person. I asked for a friend, and I was given a soulmate. I asked for the ability to love and what did I receive? Pure love. Everything I have ever asked for, didn’t come as I expected. I received more than enough. You are my more than enough.

19: Enjoy a day filled with peace, joy, and happiness. May its sweetness make it worth the while, and may your heart stay youthful and merry. Good morning.

20: I wish that you have memorable moments today, not on a sad note but beautiful in all sides. Good morning, darling.

Good Morning Text Messages For Him Or Her

1: One thing I am pretty sure of is that you’ve got a super spirit. You’re a strong person who can laugh at the face of challenges. May the world be at your beck and call this day. Walk like you are in charge. If you aren’t, then who is? Good morning.

2: I always look forward to stepping into a new day because of you. It is an opportunity to sit, stand and walk with you. It is a privilege to watch you smile, talk and laugh with me. You complete me.

3: When I say that I miss you, I’m not trying to get you excited. I mean every word of it. I miss you just as the grass thirst for water in drought. You mean the world to me, sweetheart. Have a blessed morning.

4: Twenty-four hours in a day aren’t enough to spend with you. That is why I am glad I’ve got a whole lifetime to love, cherish and adore you. I am so, so blessed!

5: Did you dream of me? If you didn’t, kindly go back to sleep and think about me deeply. I am waiting at that side. Good morning.

6: This message was sent from the deepest part of me, that part which only you can see. It is bare and vulnerable to your love, and I cannot resist your influence over me. Good morning, sweet.

7: Today, I choose to be happy and to do you good. You’re the most important person to me. When you are happy, then, my day is fulfilled. Good morning, precious one.

8: When you count those who will give their all to make you happy, count me twice. I love you very much. Good morning.

9: I love my life with you. You bring out the best in me. You are my support, my anchor. I wouldn’t have asked for more. You’re my blessing, my open doors. Good morning.

10: The winds blew strongly in the night. The heavens threatened to send down heavy rains. My heart wasn’t afraid or cold. I had you by my side in my thoughts, that’s why. Good morning.

11: You’re my first thoughts when J wake up, and the thoughts of you throughout this day will make it a fulfilling one. Enjoy a blessed morning.

12: No day is complete without wishing you a good morning. Hope you don’t mind the frequency of my good morning messages to you.

13: When things become difficult for me to handle, I take my mind to the brightness of your smiles. Then, I become renewed to tackle challenges. You’re a blessing to my soul. Good morning, dearest.

14: You’re my miracle, an evidence that God is. You came into my world and turned it upside down. What is now above is heaven. I am on top of my world. Good morning, my beloved.

15: I may not be there with you, but this message is always with you to tell you that I can never leave your side, come rain, come shine. I mean every word that I say to you. Good morning, baby.

16: You’re as precious to me as life itself. You’re the reason I could wake up and face a new day. You’re my hope when the day is cloudy and the darkness, darky. You’re simply the one for me.

17: Lift your eyes toward the direction of the sun. You are dazed by its brightness, don’t you? That is how bright my heart is shining ever since I turned my eyes toward you. Good morning.

18: You light up my world in immeasurable ways. You’re a rare gem whose price is inestimable and quality, incomparable. Be proud of yourself. Let it show. Good morning.

19: One of the best feelings in this world comes when you kiss me tenderly. Tears come to my eyes unconsciously, and I find myself desirous of more of your loving. You’ve got my heart for life. Good morning, my love.

20: You showed me the way to be truly loved. You taught me the true meaning of loyalty. You live as though you have nothing but goodness to give. There’s nothing that you will say or do that will ever make me desert you. With you, life is filled with meaning. Good morning.