If you like a man who is bold and aggressive, then an Aries man might be for you. He is strong and speaks his mind, and he is always ready for a fight. On the other hand, it is not easy for him to speak words of love, and he is not very romantic or emotional. Because of this, he can be very hard to read. Yet, there are some telltale clues. Read on to learn eight surprising signs that an Aries man likes you.

He taunts you

As a child, there might have been a boy that went out of his way to taunt and tease you, and a grown-up may have told you, “He is only doing that because he likes you.” Fortunately, many boys grow out of that type of behavior, but Aries men often do not.

Aries is by nature a fighter, but this does not go well with being able to express one’s feelings or express romantic interest.

Not only does an Aries man have difficulty expressing his romantic feelings, he often has difficulty recognizing them. When he experiences attraction, it is often in the form of someone being on his mind often, distracting and annoying him.

So, when an Aries man likes you, he is likely to taunt and tease you, just like the little boy on the playground. If he does, the worst thing that you can do is to get upset or cry. It also does not help to get visibly angry about it. Either of these things will just encourage him.

Instead, taunt and tease him back. Give as good as you get. This will increase his attraction to you, and eventually, it will get to the point where he will recognize and accept his feelings for you.

He propositions you in a rude manner

Aries men are known for their strength and courage. They are not known for their tact or their good manners. When an Aries man realizes that he is attracted to you, he will probably be quite direct about it. Unfortunately, he will not necessarily do so in a way that is smooth or romantic.

In most cases, he will just say straight out what he wants from you, no matter how lewd it may be.

It is very important to be just as direct with him regarding what you want. If you are not interested in him, tell him forcefully and in no uncertain terms. Otherwise, he is likely to continue to pursue you.

If you are interested in him, then, by all means, accept his advances despite their crude delivery. On the positive side, you will always know where you stand with him.

He shows off in front of you

When an Aries man is attracted to someone, he cannot help but show off in their presence! He may demonstrate his bravery and physical prowess by performing dangerous stunts. He may brag about his achievements at work and on the sports field. He may even go so far as to brag about his romantic conquests or sexual prowess.

Aries is a stereotypical masculine sign, and Aries men often seem hyper-masculine. Because of this, his efforts to impress you may not feel romantic or even attractive. Indeed, they may even seem a bit obnoxious.

The good news is that he does not want you to be easily impressed. An Aries man wants to work for your affection.

Tell him what you think directly and clearly. Feel free to challenge him. This will make him want you even more.

He is generous with you

Generosity is not a trait that is associated with Aries. He believes in competition and “the survival of the fittest.” Yet, when he falls for someone, he can be remarkably generous. In general, an Aries man shows his generosity by doing things for you. He will build or fix things. He may want to take you on an expensive vacation.

He may try to give you gifts of jewelry or flowers, but he often misses the mark. He might mistake big and gaudy for beautiful or make strange choices.

While in most cases, honesty is the best policy with an Aries man, that is not necessarily true when it comes to the gifts that he gives you. Rejecting or criticizing a gift that he gives you will deflate him. A deflated Aries man is a very sad sight to see.

For this reason, it is best to pretend that you like his gifts even if you don’t and to praise him for his efforts. You will be rewarded with his continued attention and devotion.

He notices your feelings

An Aries man is not a sensitive or emotional type. His archetype is the soldier, and he does what needs to be done no matter what he feels about it. He expects others to do the same. Yet, when he starts to really fall in love, he wants the object of his affection to be happy and content. If you are not, he will want to do whatever it takes to fix it.

This does not mean that he will suddenly become sympathetic or know how to comfort you. For an Aries man, the solution to most problems involves fighting someone, or at the very least, telling them off.

It is important to remember that an Aries man will never be your girlfriend. If you are a sensitive or emotional type, you will need to find someone else to meet those needs. The fact that he noticed your feelings is enough to show that he deeply cares about you.

He may become self-conscious or indecisive

An Aries man is usually confident, and he has no trouble making decisions. These are his strengths, and they make him a good leader. Yet, emotions often leave him baffled, particularly tender ones like love. So, if an Aries man starts to get shy or tongue-tied around you, it is one of the sure signs that he likes you…and he likes you a lot.

This will not happen at first. His first response to his tender emotions will be to fight them, which is why he will be rude and combative with you at first. Yet, when he finally admits his feelings to himself, he will not know what to do with them.

He may start to avoid you, or he could start to become rather awkward. He may tell you what he feels and then back away from what he said. He will seek reassurance and approval from you in a way that he never does with anyone else.

If this happens, be aware that he is doing something uncomfortable and new to him. Be kind.

He will really talk with you

As talked about in this article, an Aries man is not good at showing his emotions, particularly his tender and vulnerable ones. He is also not one to spend a lot of time thinking about philosophical issues. Even so, like all humans, he has feelings and ideas.

It may seem like an Aries man has no difficulty expressing his opinions. He is often loud and boisterous in saying what he thinks. Yet, a lot of times, this is just for show. An Aries man loves a good argument, and he will often provoke people just to get a rise out of them.

Yet, one of the signs that an Aries man likes you is if he tells you calmly and openly what he really thinks and feels. This shows that you are becoming a companion to him.

Even if he adores you, he won’t spend hours talking with you. Instead, he will quietly and shyly tell you what is on his mind and his heart. If he does, it is best not to overboard with expressions of sympathy. It is enough to listen and say some brief words acknowledging that you understand.

His manners will improve

One of the hallmark virtues of an Aries man is courage, and one of the hallmark faults of this sign is rudeness. Aries is direct and to the point and rarely wastes time on social niceties. Yet, when he really starts to like someone, he changes.

One of the signs that an Aries man really likes you is that his manners will improve a great deal when he is around you. He will start to say “please” and “thank you.” He will ask you things rather than tell you, and he will not be as loud or overbearing.

It is common for people to be attracted to those who balance them, and if he likes you, it is probably in large part because of your grace and charm. As your relationship with an Aries man deepens, he will start to unconsciously take on these traits of yours, at least somewhat.

He will also see that having good manners will please you, and so he will do his best to be on good behavior.

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