A Taurus woman is stable and practical. She values security and wants a calm and peaceful life. Change of any kind is difficult for her, and it can take a long time for her to warm up to someone new in her life. She can be very sensual, but she is not comfortable with displays of intense emotions. For this reason, it can be hard to notice the signs a Taurus woman likes you.

Yet, if you are paying attention, she does give clues to her feelings. If you are interested in a Taurus woman, look for these eight signs that show that she likes you.

1. She will talk to you

A Taurus woman is generally rather quiet. She is not necessarily shy. She just does not talk very much. Being rather set in her ways, she generally goes to the same places at the same time and talks to the same people. It is very rare for her to be interested in meeting anyone new.

Most of the time, when a Taurus woman is approached by someone unfamiliar, she will talk only as much as she absolutely must. She will not be overtly rude, but she will also not go out of her way to make them comfortable. As soon as she can, she will find a way out of the situation, never to be heard from again.

Yet, if a Taurus woman likes you, she will become much more talkative. She will be interested in what you have to say and will engage you in conversation.

2. She will go on a date with you

A Taurus woman needs her routines. In many cases, you can set your watch to her. She gets very uncomfortable when these routines are disrupted in any way. Going on a date, particularly with someone new, is such a disruption to her routine.

For this reason, she rejects most people who ask her out on a date. Even if she is interested in you, she will probably reject you at least once or twice before eventually agreeing.

So, if she does agree to go on a date with you, you can be sure that she really does like you. You can make it easier for her to say yes by offering to take her to a familiar place and keeping the timing as close to her regular routine as possible.

3. She will cook for you

Very early in the relationship, a Taurus woman will bring you presents of things that she has cooked or baked. Taurus natives are among the best cooks of the zodiac, and she will want to show off her talents to her. As the relationship progresses, she will likely invite you to her place for dinner.

Inviting you to her place for dinner not only allows her to present you with her superb cooking talents, but it will also let her be in her own territory. Taurus is a very domestic sign, and she would much rather be at home than anywhere else.

There is one important thing to remember, however. Just because you are invited to her place for dinner does not mean that this a prelude to anything else. A Taurus woman moves very slowly when it comes to relationships. It may be many dates before she will agree to physical intimacy. Respect the pace that she sets. If you try to push her to go faster, you are likely to lose her.

4. You will become a regular part of her life

It takes a long time for a Taurus woman to adjust to anything new in her life, including relationships. Yet, once she does adjust, she will want you to become a part of her regular routine.

There is likely to be a set night, time, and place when you will meet. More than likely, it will be at either her house or yours. Her idea of a perfect date is dinner and watching television together.

If you do go out, she will likely want to go to the same restaurant every time. It is possible, though, that she will have two or three that she frequents.

If this happens, it is a really good sign that a Taurus woman likes you. The more that you become an established part of her routine, the more likely it is that she will stay with you. Her distaste for change will become your friend rather than your enemy.

5. She will want to help you in practical ways

Taurus is an Earth Sign, which means that a Taurus woman is very practical. She shows her love and affection by doing helpful things for you. She will offer to do things that will be of service to you, such as cleaning your house or giving you financial advice.

While these things may not seem romantic on the surface, they are sure signs that a Taurus woman is beginning to like you a great deal. This sign has a reputation for being a bit lazy at times, so if she offers to expend extra effort for you, it is a clear sign of her affection for you.

6. She will be jealous of you

A Taurus woman is usually quite calm, and she does not generally show intense emotion. She is easy-going, and there is not much that will bother or upset her. She very rarely gets angry about anything. When she does get angry, however, she gets very angry.

One of the things that will is almost certain to get her angry is if you give her any cause to think that you might be cheating on her. Indeed, one of the sure signs that a Taurus woman likes you is if she starts to become possessive of you.

In a very real sense, a Taurus judges her life by what she has. It is a part of her nature. She is very attached to everything that is hers, both in terms of physical objects and in terms of her relationships. As your relationship deepens with her, she will, at least on some level, feel like you are hers.

For this reason, if you are prone to infidelity, a Taurus woman may not be the woman for you. She will forgive many things, but this is something that she will not forgive.

If you are faithful but have a tendency to flirt, this is something that you will need to negotiate with her. Be very clear to assure her of your fidelity. You may also have to negotiate with her if you have lots of other friends, especially if they are female.

The good news is that so long as she knows she can trust you, she will be fine with you spending time without her, especially if this also becomes a part of your routine together.

7. She will become more assertive

A Taurus woman can seem very passive. She does not like to make waves, and she generally does not take the initiative. Yet, when she falls in love, she can become surprisingly assertive.

A Taurus woman will have become set in her ways very early in life. She does things in certain ways, and she will not want to change these ways for a new person. So, as you become a part of her life, she will want to make sure that you are familiar with these ways.

Also, she takes her relationships very seriously. Because of this, she will want to be sure that everything goes smoothly. In order to do this, she will need to be assertive and take the initiative, and she is not afraid to do either.

8. She will want to get married

Regardless of what her politics may be, a Taurus woman is generally very conservative when it comes to relationships. She will not be happy with an unconventional arrangement. It may be that the two of you spend so much time at each other’s homes that you may as well be living together. Even so, she will not want to actually live with you unless you are formally and legally married.

Additionally, a Taurus woman will be very concerned with the property considerations of any marriage with you. One of the signs that a Taurus woman likes you enough to be thinking about marriage is if she begins to tell you her thoughts about where she would like to live. In particular, she will talk about real estate.

Some of these conversations may not seem romantic at all. She may very well talk about your finances, and if she is older and already has children, the conversations may turn to such things such as pre-nuptial agreements.

If this happens, try not to get upset or offended. These talks are actually very good signs. She cannot help but worry about practical and financial considerations. The good news is that if you do marry, you will have the benefit of her good sense in looking out for the economic health of your family. This is one of the ways that she will demonstrate how much she cares.