There is one major problem with knowing whether a Sagittarius man likes you. This problem is that a Sagittarius man generally likes everyone. He is a pleasant and friendly guy who can strike up an enjoyable conversation with almost anyone. One of the hallmarks of this sign is that its natives tend to have many, many friends. If you ask them, each and every one of these people are their very best friend. Yet, most other signs would say that these were acquaintances rather than friends.

So, when it comes to a Sagittarius man, the real question is not whether he likes you but whether he likes you enough to have a relationship with you. This is a tricky question. As a general rule, Sagittarius men prefer to be single. He likes to do what he wants he wants when he wants to. He wants to be able to take off and go somewhere at a moment’s notice without having to answer to anyone. Because of this, it takes a very special person to get a Sagittarius man to give up enough of his freedom to be in a relationship with that person.

Are you that special person? Read on to learn how you will know if a Sagittarius man likes you enough to have a relationship with you.

1. He will tell you

A Sagittarius man is honest. Indeed, he is honest to a fault. You never have to guess where you stand with a Sagittarius man because he will tell you exactly what he thinks about you. He tends to have a boyish charm about him, which means that he can get away with saying things that would seem terribly rude coming from someone else.

It is generally best not to expect a romantic display of affection from a Sagittarius man. He will not couch his feelings in flowery outpourings of affection. Instead, he will tell you in a rather matter-of-fact way that he enjoys being with you and would like to spend more time with you.

He will be cautious about the relationship he wants with you, and at least at first, he will make it clear that he is not considering this a long-term commitment. He will also set very clear boundaries surrounding his continued need for freedom, and it will take a long, long time for him to agree to anything exclusive.

2. He will spend time with you regularly

It is in the very nature of Sagittarius to be busy. A Sagittarius man likes to be active. He is constantly searching for new experiences. While he likes being with people, he rarely goes out of his way to spend time with any one person. Mostly he just enjoys the company of whoever he finds himself with at the moment.

It is rare for a Sagittarius man to even think about looking for a special person. Generally, the person he is with is special to him while he is with them, and the next person he is with will be special to him as well. Despite this, he is capable of developing attachments to particular people.

Usually, this will take him by surprise. He will find that he prefers the company of one person over other people, and he may even seek out their company.

This may turn into a romantic interest, or it may just become a very close friendship. It is often too soon to tell in the early stages. Still, if he is willing to spend time with you regularly, or even better, if he seeks out your company, you are on your way to a potential relationship with him.

3. He will invite you to travel with him

Travel is a fundamental need of a Sagittarius man. There is nothing that he finds so confining as staying in one place for any length of time. Generally, he prefers to travel alone. This way he can take off at a moment’s notice without making any plans and going wherever his mood takes him. He prefers camping to hotels, and one of his favorite things to do is to take off in his car and drive an unknown road just to see where it leads.

If he is going to have any relationship with you at all, he will first need to see you as a traveling companion. This means that you will have to be able to keep up with him and not hold him back. Your first trip with him will be a test to see if you will be able to do that.

If you can keep up with him and enjoy the adventure, he will gain respect for you and will want to spend more time with you.

4. He will argue with you

Even though Sagittarius is one of the Fire Signs, he is generally pretty easy-going. Not much upsets or annoys him. He tends to view things that other signs would complain about as just a part of the adventure. If he is truly unhappy somewhere, he will just leave without making a fuss and go somewhere else where he is happy.

A Sagittarius man does have his opinions on many different subjects. He is usually at least an amateur philosopher, and he may very well be a professional one. Sagittarius men are often well-represented in academia. He is known to pontificate about his beliefs and his areas of expertise.

Generally, though, it is of no concern to him whether someone agrees with him or not. For this reason, he will state his opinion, and if you disagree, he will let it go.

Yet, if he feels a romantic interest in someone, her opinion will matter to him. So, rather than let it go, he will continue the argument, and these arguments could get heated.

***Friendzone Alert***

While a Sagittarius man will often start to become argumentative with you if he is in love with you, if he sees you as a friend, he will do just the opposite. He will start to become courteous and polite. He will no longer just blurt out whatever is on his mind, and he will consider your feelings.

If this happens early in the relationship, there is nothing to worry about. This may be a step along the way towards a deeper romance. On the other hand, if he has been argumentative with you and suddenly starts becoming polite again, you have probably been placed in the friendzone.

5. He may tell you that he is breaking up with you, but don’t panic

A Sagittarius man is notorious for being afraid of commitment. The most important thing to him is his freedom, and the more that he likes you, the more he will begin to worry about the loss of that freedom. It is not uncommon for a Sagittarius man to break up and reconcile with someone several times before making a true commitment to her.

This will be the most likely pattern for your relationship. Things will be going very well, and suddenly, out of the blue, he will tell you that he needs more space. He may even pick a fight about something quite minor and decide that he must leave you because of it. It is very likely he will blame it on you.

If this happens, it is vitally important to stay calm and not to panic. This is especially true the first time it happens. If you scream, shout, cry, or argue with him, you will have lost him forever. In particular, do NOT accuse him of cheating or express jealousy in any way.

Just tell him that you understand and let him go. Once you are not in his presence, feel free to express your emotions. If you need a shoulder to cry on, take care who you talk to. Make sure it will not be someone who will have later contact with him and tell him what you said or how you felt.

If you do this, there is a good chance that he will come back if he likes you enough. By allowing him to go without a fuss, he will know that you are not going to try to curb his freedom. This will make you a safe partner for him.

6. He will come back again and again

As discussed above, a Sagittarius man will likely break up with you multiple times before he makes a true commitment. It is just as important how you treat his return as it is how you behave when he leaves.

The best way to handle his return is to treat it calmly and matter-of-factly. He will likely return to you as if nothing had happened. He will call and want to see you. Your relationship will start all over again. If you talk about how upset you were or try to make him feel bad for leaving, you risk losing him, so you should not do this the first time he comes back.

On the other hand, unless you are a Sagittarius yourself, at some point, you will start to become tired of this pattern. The more times he comes back to you, the more secure your relationship is and the safer it is to make your true feelings known to him. At a certain point, you may want to make an ultimatum. The best way to do this is calmly and firmly, without tears or recrimination.

Tell him that he needs to either stay with you or leave for good and that you will not tolerate this pattern any longer. Chances are that he will leave at least at first. He will have to think about it. If at this point, he does come back, he will have made his decision and he will be yours.