A Leo man is a showman, and he can be rather flirtatious. He enjoys being the center of attention, and he knows how to turn on the charm. So, if you like a Leo man, it can be hard to know if he likes you as well or if he is just putting on a show. Yet, if you know what to look for, it is easy to tell what he is thinking and feeling about you. Read on to learn nine signs that a Leo man is interested in you.

1. He will seek you out

Even though a Leo man loves attention, it is rare for a Leo man to seek people out. Instead, he wants people to come to him. Just as his symbol, the lion, is the King of Beasts, a Leo man has an air of royalty to him. He does not approach others. He grants them the privilege of an audience with him.

Generally, when a Leo man is in public, he appears to be holding court, with a crowd around him, while he charms and entertains them.

Yet, if a Leo man is interested in you, he will seek you out. He may even leave his courtiers to talk to you alone. So, if you are not a part of his audience, and he approaches you to talk to you, this is a clear sign that he is interested in you.

2. He will tell you

A Leo man is not one to hide his feelings. Indeed, he tends to express his feelings in a big, dramatic way. So, if a Leo man is interested in you, he will tell you so directly.

If he is not interested in you, he may still pay attention to you and praise you, especially if you are giving him attention in return. He will not, however, tell you that he has feelings for you if he does not. Even though he is quite a showman, a Leo man is generally honest when it comes to matters of the heart.

If a Leo man has not told you outright that he is interested in you, but you think that he might be, you can always ask. If you do, he will tell you exactly how he feels about you.

3. He will tell everyone else

Not only will a Leo man tell you if he is interested, he will tell everyone else as well. He will make a great show of being in love. He will sing your praises to his friends and family. If you are shy or an introvert, try not to show your discomfort too much. A Leo man needs an audience, and if you are to be a part of his life, you will need to accept that.

On the other hand, you will not need to say much. He is perfectly happy to do the talking and be the star. Just smile graciously and understand that this is one of the signs that a Leo man is interested in you.

4. He will take you on an adventure

When a Leo man does anything, he likes to do it in a big and bold way. This means that when he takes you on a date, it will not be something as ordinary as dinner and a movie. Instead, he will want to go somewhere with you. Usually, this will involve physical activity and/or travel.

A Leo man enjoys displaying his courage and vigor, especially to someone he is attracted to. Yet, he does not really want someone who will just admire him. He will want someone who will share in his adventure, and who is just as courageous as he is.

5. He will talk about serious subjects with you

With how much he likes to put on a show, you may think that a Leo man is all style and no substance. That is not the case at all. Underneath the playful mask, there is a man who is solid and loyal. There is also a man who thinks about deep topics.

He does not share his deeper thoughts with just anyone. Most people just see his flair for the dramatic, and his sense of fun.

Yet, when he becomes interested in someone, he wants to share his thoughts with her, and he will begin to discuss matters such as philosophy, religion, and spiritual matters.

He will also want to know what you think about such things. Do not feel like you have to agree with him if you don’t. He prefers someone who can think for herself, and who will not agree with him just to please him.

While these types of conversations may not feel romantic to you, they are one of the signs that a Leo man is interested in you.

6. He will take off his mask

While a Leo man does enjoy attention and has a flamboyant style when he is in public, he does like to take off his mask in private. This means that as you spend more and more time together, he may start to seem less attentive and demonstrative.

This does not mean that he has lost interest in you. On the contrary, it could very well mean that he is feeling comfortable enough with you that he can come off-stage and take off his mask.

He may become quieter when you are together, or he may want to spend time with you without necessarily interacting. You may also start getting the feeling that he is being more aloof.

This could be confusing, and you might start to feel worried. If you are wondering where you stand with him, you can ask him. If you ask him, you need to accept his answer at face value. A Leo man has a strong sense of honor, and he will be insulted if you do not believe him.

7. He will want his freedom

When a Leo man starts to fall in love, he may start to become restless. He will start to worry about losing his freedom, and he may go through a phase in which he wants more space and freedom. It is not uncommon for a Leo man to call things off a few times before he finally settles down with someone.

This really is just a phase, however, and in many cases, it is a sign that his feelings for you are deepening. A Leo man takes relationships very seriously, and he wants to be sure. On a less rational level, physical attraction brings out these restless feelings in him.

If this happens, it is important to take it in stride. If you make things too unpleasant for him, you could lose him. Step back and give him the space that he needs. If he is truly interested in you, he will come back. Once he does, he will be ready to commit to you and your relationship.

8. He will continue to see you

As discussed above, there is likely to be a stage in your relationship with a Leo man in which he starts to pull away. One of the ways that you will know that this is a sign of his deepening interest is if he continues to be in contact with you and to want to see you.

If a Leo man has truly lost interest in you, he will stop seeing you. He will not call you or ask you out. He will break up with you and mean it.

If he is just going through a phase, he will call or text you frequently, especially if you do not call or text him. He will continue to want to go out with you, and despite him telling you he wants more space, your relationship may not actually change.

This is a very good sign. On a fundamental level, a Leo man does want security in his relationships. The longer he sees you, the more he will get used to you in his life. Once he is used to you in his life, he will want you a part of it for good.

9. He will show his unconventional side

Regardless of his politics, a Leo man tends to be rather conservative in his outlook on life. His social status is important to him, and he generally does not like to challenge social norms and conventions, at least not publicly.

Yet, a Leo man does have a rebellious side, which only comes out when he is in relationships. If a Leo man is seriously interested in you, he will start to show his unconventional nature.

He may say or suggest things that will shock you. He likely has some unusual ideas regarding marriage and family life which he will share with you.

If this happens, do not get upset by his thoughts or ideas, even if you do not share them. Step back and accept this as a sign that he is seriously interested in you. You can always negotiate for what you want as time goes by.