A Capricorn man is a businessman through and through, whatever he does for a living. His first concern is practical matters. Romance and other matters will always be less important. That is just part of his nature. On the other hand, he is steady and sure, and he is a good and faithful partner.

A Capricorn man has the ability to be romantic, but often he shows his love quietly. He is rarely flashy or showy, and it can be easy to miss when he likes you. Below are ten often-overlooked signs a Capricorn man is interested in you.

1. He will make time to be with you

A Capricorn man is a hard worker. No matter what he does for a living, he works long hours and he rarely takes vacations or time off. When he is not working at his job, he is doing work-related tasks or other practical chores.

He does not generally have much of a social life independent of work, and when he does go out, it is usually for the purpose of social networking. As such, if he does make time to be with you, it is because he is interested in you.

The biggest gauge of just how much a Capricorn man likes you is how much time he will spend with you. For him, every moment is precious. Time is money, after all, so you can see every hour he is with you as an investment in your relationship. If he will spend a full weekend with you, or even take a vacation with you, you know that your relationship is getting serious.

2. He will ask you practical questions about your life

When a Capricorn man is interested in you, he will start to ask you about your life, your career, your social background, and your prospects. Indeed, a dinner out with him may seem more like a job interview than a date. This may seem rather unromantic, but it really is a sign a Capricorn man is interested in you.

A Capricorn man can and does fall in love, and he is a loyal and devoted partner. On the other hand, he rarely marries or even goes out with someone for love alone. He is also not one to date someone unless there is at least some chance that it will end in marriage.

A Capricorn man will want to assess what your life together would be like on a practical basis. This is not just self-serving on his part. He will want to know that he will be making your life better as well as his own. Capricorn is the most practical and down-to-earth sign in the zodiac. He does not see how being poor and in love would serve anyone.

3. He will show his sense of humor

A Capricorn man seems to be all business, but he actually has a surprisingly good sense of humor. He is a keen observer and he notices things that many people miss. His humor is quite dry, and it might take a moment or two to realize he has told a joke.

He does not show this sense of humor to just anyone. Even though he can be quite outgoing in a work situation, a Capricorn man can be very shy, especially in ordinary social situations.

Yet, when he is interested in someone, he will relax and just be himself, which will include telling you jokes and funny stories.

4. He will be physically affectionate with you

A Capricorn man may seem like he is all work, and usually, he is. He does have a sensual side, however, that he only shows to those that he truly loves. It may take a long time for him to kiss or hold hands with you, but when he does, you know that he is starting to fall passionately in love.

While a Capricorn man is extremely sensual in the bedroom, he will go very slowly in that arena. A Capricorn man does not have time for casual flings, and so, he usually will not be physically intimate until he believes that the relationship is quite serious.

5. He will take you out to expensive restaurants

A Capricorn man enjoys other sensual pleasures as well, such as good food. Yet, he is known for being rather miserly. This means that he rarely spends money that he does not have to. On the other hand, if he likes you, he will want to impress you and will take you to expensive restaurants.

A Capricorn man is conservative, so he will probably pay. On the other hand, you may want to be a bit cautious about what you order. He will probably tell you that you can order anything on the menu, but he will be quite conscious of how much the dinner will cost. Wait to see what he is going to order, and the order something in a similar price range.

Be sure to dress for the occasion. A Capricorn man is quite class conscious, so he will want to dress in a suit, and he will expect you to be in a conservative, but classy outfit.

6. He will become interested in your finances

A Capricorn shows his affection by helping you in practical ways. While he may fix things around the house, he is more likely to do things along the lines of giving you financial advice or helping you decide on stocks and bonds.

A Capricorn man is quite savvy with money, and if he starts becoming interested in yours, he is beginning to think of you as a long-term partner. This might not seem like the most romantic conversation, but for him, it is a way of expressing his love for you.

7. He will allow himself to get comfortable with you

A Capricorn man is usually found in a suit and tie, or at the very least, casual business attire. He is almost never seen in jeans, shorts, or sweatpants in public. His manner is quite stiff with very good posture. His hair is conservatively short, and his beard is usually shaven or neatly trimmed.

Yet, he does relax and get comfortable when he is alone, and he will also allow himself to be comfortable with those that he loves. So, if you are allowed to see him in jeans and a T-shirt or in sweats, it is a very good sign that a Capricorn man is interested in you.

8. He will talk about his emotions

A Capricorn man is generally rather business-like and matter of fact. He tends to treat emotions and feelings as a nuisance rather than as something important. He does have them, but he does not talk about them with many people.

Yet, when he considers someone a long-term partner, he can be quite tender and open about his feelings. Although he can be shy about saying “I love you,” early on in the relationship, he can be very free with these words later on.

It is even possible that a Capricorn man will cry in front of you. By the way, in terms of knowing that he really cares about you, this is the Holy Grail. When this happens, if he has not already proposed, you can expect him to pop the question at any time.

9. He will become grumpy and irritable at times

Not only will a Capricorn man show positive emotions when he is with someone he cares about, but he will show negative ones as well. With most people, a Capricorn man is cool and level-headed most of the time. He calmly expresses what he wants, and he expects to be listened to.

Yet, when he is will someone he cares about, he will let go of his cool façade and express what he is feeling. Sometimes, he will be grumpy or irritable. While this is not one of the more pleasant signs a Capricorn man is really interested in you, it is a reliable one.

10. He will make plans for the future with you

A Capricorn man is a strategist at heart. He does not tend to be spontaneous. It is not uncommon for him to have his life planned out for five to ten years in advance. He likes to know what he is doing well ahead of time.

If you are going to be a part of his life, he is going to have to start including you in his plans and taking you into account. He will start asking you questions like where do you want to live, do you want children, and what do you see yourself doing five to ten years from now.

Now, this might seem like an obvious sign that a Capricorn man is interested in you, but he will often do so in his usual business-like manner. You might think he is just having an ordinary conversation with you. You might be surprised, though, when shortly thereafter, he offers you a ring.