A Cancer woman has deep emotions, but she is often quiet and sometimes a little shy. She does not easily open up to people. Because of this, it can be hard to know how she feels about you. If you pay attention, though, there are ways to tell if she likes you. Read on to learn the signs a Cancer woman is interested in you.

1. She will be approachable

A Cancer woman tends to have a hard shell around her. She is very sensitive, and so she instinctively knows that she must protect herself. The way she protects herself is to close herself off and make herself completely unapproachable.

If a Cancer woman is not interested in you, she will not talk to you at all. If you approach her, she will answer in as few words as possible making it clear that she wants to end the conversation as soon as she can.

It is important to realize, however, that even if a Cancer woman is interested in you, she will be rather shy. The difference is that she will be approachable. She will be softer, and she will not seem to be pushing you away.

2. She will show concern for you

A Cancer woman is by her very nature caring and nurturing. If she has even the slightest interest in you, she will begin to look after you. She will notice your feelings and will show concern for your welfare.

Although a Cancer woman has a kind heart, she is not always nice. Sometimes, the way that a Cancer woman shows her concern is by nagging or being a bit gruff. This harshness is a part of her protective covering. She tends to worry a great deal about those that she cares about, and this worry can come out as anger or frustration.

Yet, the very fact that she sometimes gets upset with things that worry her about you is a very good sign that she is interested in you. She would not do so if she was not.

3. She may become possessive

A Cancer woman has a capacity to bond very deeply and to form strong emotional ties. While these powerful bonds can be the source of tremendous intimacy, they can also leave her vulnerable to being severely hurt if they are severed. Because of this, she can start to become very protective of her relationship with you.

While there are many positive expressions of this, it can also come out as possessiveness or jealousy. Some people see jealousy as a sign of loving and caring, and with a Cancer woman, it is. On the other hand, some people feel confined and threatened by these types of feelings.

If you are one of these people, it is important to recognize that feelings of jealousy are indeed a sign that a Cancer woman is interested in you. It is also important to give a Cancer woman plenty of reassurance. She wants you to be happy, and she does not want you to feel confined. She only wants to know that you care about her as much as she does about you.

4. She will cook for you

A Cancer woman is almost always a fabulous cook. Cancer is the most domestic sign of the zodiac, and one of the most iconic traits of this sign is a desire to nurture others through food. So, if a Cancer woman is interested in you, one of the first things that she will do is to cook for you.

She will probably not start by inviting you to her house. A Cancer woman is rather private, so she will wait until she is more confident of your relationship. Instead, she will likely bring you cookies or something else that she cooked or baked as a present.

She will also notice and remember what foods you like and dislike. She will judge this not by what you say, but by what you do and do not leave on your plate. For a Cancer woman, the surest sign that you enjoyed your meal is if you clean your plate and ask for seconds.

5. She will want to meet your family

Family is extremely important to a Cancer woman. Because of this, if a Cancer woman is interested in you, she will want to know as much about your family as possible. In her eyes, people are a product of where they came from, and so, she will not make any decisions about your relationship until she has met your family.

Naturally, you will have the best chance of keeping her interest if you have a good relationship with your family. On the other hand, all is not lost if you don’t.

If you have a troubled relationship with your family, it is best to explain the situation to her. Do your best to avoid blame. Express your feelings about the difficulties. A Cancer woman is very understanding, and she will be a sympathetic ear for you.

6. She will introduce you to her family

As the relationship progresses, a Cancer woman will almost certainly introduce you to her family. Unless her family is extremely troubled, she will be close to them. She will be hoping that her family likes you and that you are able to get along with them.

If your relationship with a Cancer woman becomes serious, her family will almost certainly be involved. She will go to them for advice about you. Her family traditions will also be extremely important to her, and she will generally want to be a part of them.

So, if you like a Cancer woman, be prepared to accept that her family will be a part of your relationship as well.

7. She will take the lead

A Cancer woman sometimes has the reputation of being rather soft and passive. This reputation is false. Nothing could be further from the truth. A Cancer woman is domestic and emotional, but she is far from passive.

Cancer can be one of the strongest and bravest signs of the zodiac, especially when she has something to protect. If a Cancer woman is interested in you, your relationship will be important to her, and she will want to protect it. One of the ways that she will protect it is by taking charge.

A Cancer woman probably won’t take charge directly. Yet, she will let you know in no uncertain terms what she wants and when she is ready for the relationship to move into deeper levels.

8. She will make plans for your future together

As your relationship with a Cancer woman gets more serious, she will start to think about your future together. Even though she has deep emotions, a Cancer woman can be quite practical when it comes to settling down with someone. She will think about the financial implications of your relationship as well as the romantic ones.

In most cases, a Cancer woman will want children. The main exception to this is if she is older and already has children from a prior relationship.

As her interest in you grows, she will want to talk about her thoughts for the future and want to know yours. A Cancer woman tends to be rather conservative when it comes to relationships, so she will probably want a traditional marriage to the extent possible.

9. She will be very responsible

When a Cancer woman is truly interested in you, her sense of responsibility will come to the forefront. She will be on time whenever you are meeting, and she will never forget a birthday or anniversary.

When you have a date, she will make sure that everything is planned, even if you were the one to make the initial decision about where to go and what to do. Although a Cancer woman tends to be rather traditional, if her financial situation is better than yours, she will offer, and perhaps even insist, upon paying.

She will start to worry about your responsibilities as well as her own. If you have children from a prior relationship or pets, she will help take care of them too.

10. She will do practical things to help you

Even though a Cancer woman has deep emotions, she does not always show her feelings directly. She may not say “I love you,” often, or call you by tender pet names. She will, however, show her love for you by doing little practical things for you.

She may do the dishes or help clean up when you invite her over. If you need something done, like laundry or dry cleaning, she will usually be willing to help.

On the other hand, it is important not to take her for granted. She might get irritable and grumpy if you ask her for such things often. It is better to wait for her to offer or volunteer.

She is doing these things as a sign of affection and a way of expressing her love. As such, it is important to treat this as a gift rather than something that is expected.