A Capricorn woman is often rather hard to read, and she does not tend to show her feelings. She is a natural leader and works very hard at her job, but she can be shy when it comes to social interactions and personal relationships. So, if you are interested in a Capricorn woman, it may be difficult to tell whether she likes you.

Even so, there are some very clear signs that will let you know that a Capricorn woman likes you. Read on to learn what they are.

1. She will talk to you

Most Capricorn women are extremely busy. They are driven to succeed at whatever they do for a living. This involves working very long hours. In addition, many Capricorn women do charity work on the side or have some other activity to take up what free time they have.

This means that she rarely has time to sit around and talk to anyone. So, if she takes the time to talk with you, this is a pretty good indication that a Capricorn woman likes you.

2. She will seek you out

A Capricorn woman goes after what she wants, and she does not wait for people to come to her. If a Capricorn woman likes you, she will seek out your company.

She will likely make excuses to see you or talk to you, and she will believe that these excuses are truly the reasons that she wants to talk to you. A Capricorn woman is practical, rather than emotional, and her excuses will center around requests for advice or for help with something.

If she does this once or twice, she may just be looking for help or advice, but if she does this regularly, it is probably a sign that she likes you.

3. She will go out with you

A Capricorn woman does not go out with just anyone, and she is quite capable of saying no. This means that if you ask her out, and she agrees, she must really like you.

On the other hand, do not be discouraged if she says no the first couple of times that you ask on the basis that she is too busy or has too much to do. A Capricorn woman tends to be rather blunt. If she is not interested in you, she will tell you outright. She does not need to make excuses.

If she says that she is too busy, that is very likely to be the case. Work is extremely important to her, and she will always make it a priority over other activities, including dating.

So, when you are asking her out, try your best to work around her schedule. This may mean scheduling a date far in advance, or it may mean finding time for a short lunch meeting.

4. She will want to know about your career

A Capricorn woman is very much rooted in the material world. She is capable of being a loving and devoted girlfriend or wife, but it is a rare Capricorn woman who will marry only for love. It will be very important for her to know your prospects for the future.

Because of this, she will ask you about your career, your finances, your goals and ambitions, etc. In some ways, your first date with her may seem like a job interview.

While this might not seem very romantic, it is very much a sign that a Capricorn woman likes you. She does not have time for casual dating, and she is trying to see if a relationship with you will be worthwhile in the long run.

5. She will spend time with you

For a Capricorn woman, time is precious. She will rarely spend time with anyone if it is not work-related. Yet, like everyone, she does need time to relax and enjoy herself. Still, Capricorn natives tend towards being introverts, so she will usually spend her free time alone resting and recuperating.

This means that if she makes the time to be with you, you can be sure that she enjoys your company. She does not do that for just anyone. You can also be sure that she is taking your relationship seriously.

When a Capricorn woman decides to be in a relationship with someone, she takes it on as another one of her duties and responsibilities. Yes, she will prioritize her work, but she will be quite diligent in making time to be with you as well.

6. She will relax with you

A Capricorn woman works very hard in everything that she does. She is serious and practical. At the beginning of your relationship with her, her demeanor will be business-like, and she will stay in control. There will be a tension to her as she is working out how you will fit into her life.

Over time, however, that tension will begin to easy. She will soften and start to relax when she is with you. She will let her hair down figuratively, and perhaps literally, with you.

Your relationship will begin to feel comfortable and there will be an ease to her that was not present before. She will be happy to just be with you without the need to engage in any particular activity. She may also want to just be quiet with you.

Her clothing choices will change as well. In the early stages of your relationship, she dressed almost as she did for work. As she is becoming more comfortable with you, however, she will allow herself to dress more casually.

7. She will show you her sensual side

Even though a Capricorn woman works hard, she is not all work. One of the more surprising traits of a Capricorn woman is her sensuality. She enjoys physical pleasures, including those in the bedroom.

A Capricorn woman will take things slow in this area, though. She will want to be sure of you and that there is long-term potential for your relationship before she engages in physical intimacy with you. Yet, once she does, you will be surprised just how sensual she can be.

8. She will discuss your future together

As a Capricorn woman begins to like you more and more, she will start wanting to make plans for the future. It will be important for her to know how you fit into her long-term vision. It will also be important for her to know that you will support her in her career and aspirations.

Even though a Capricorn woman is conservative in many ways, she is not necessarily all that domestic. She is sensible and practical enough that she can manage many domestic chores, but her real passion is for her career.

The ideal situation for her would be with a partner who would be willing to be “Mr. Mom,” so long as her salary would support that. If that is not possible, it will be important for her to have a partner who will at least share in the domestic chores in the household, so that she can devote the time and energy necessary to advance her career.

She will also want to know how you feel about children, as well as your views on the practical aspects of parenting such as education and discipline.

9. She will talk about money

A Capricorn woman will want to talk about money with you much earlier than most other signs will. While she can and does fall in love, she will never be ruled by her feelings alone when it comes to romance. She will want to be sure that a relationship with you will be mutually beneficial in all aspects, including the financial ones.

A Capricorn woman is not a gold-digger, however. She is not looking to advance by marriage. She would much rather advance by her own efforts. On the other hand, she will not want to impoverish herself through marriage. She will not want you to impoverish yourself either.

In her eyes, the ideal situation is that you each bring a fair and equitable amount of money to the relationship. It will also be important for her to know that you are sensible about money and that you are not prone to spend it wastefully or foolishly.

10. She will worry about you

A Capricorn woman can seem so practical and business-like, it can be surprising how deep her capacity to love is. When a Capricorn woman likes you enough for a long-term relationship, her warm and caring side will rise to the surface.

One of the ways that you will see this is that she will start to worry about you. She will be concerned about your health, your emotional state, your career aspirations, and everything about you. She will demonstrate this concern in practical ways. Sometimes this concern may extend so far as to start nagging you.

If this happens, try not to get annoyed. She is just showing you how much she likes you.