Need good Escape Room Ideas? Want to make a DIY Escape Room? You’re in the right place. Creating your escape room is amazing, but where do you start? What should you consider? This blog offers the best escape room chicago ideas.

DIY escape room instructions?

How to create games with enough surprise and challenge. This blog will walk you through all the procedures so you remember everything and inspire you to design the most stunning escape room game at your chosen venue.

Ideas for escape rooms on this blog

Our escape room game ideas and experiences are on this blog. Want to see how we developed our kid-friendly Escape Room? Then, order the 9-13-year-old Escape Room. Order and play it at home. Fully equipped home Escape Room with screenplay, explanations, and materials. This game gets amazing evaluations, so it will motivate you and be fun to play. Have fun!

Create a DIY Escape Room where?

First, choose a decent Escape Room location. An Escape Room game can be played anywhere with one or more rooms where multiple individuals can solve puzzles. If you play at home, realize that the players will search your rooms and open all kinds of items. Either remove whatever you wish to keep secret or make it plain that the players can find everything they need without opening cupboards, drawers, etc.

1. Combination Locks

Use numeric locks if you have them. Code locks can be utilized using codes. That code must be found by completing problems and entering into the combination lock. A cipher lock can lock a box, desk drawer, or anything else. That box could include a letter about the next task or allowing players to go to the next room.

2. Jigsaw puzzles

You often find jigsaw puzzle parts in a room. Jigsaw puzzles reveal something that can help you move forward. Jigsaw puzzles can have questions or maps to help you discover the next object. You can also simplify it by cutting an A4 sheet into pieces. Put the text or image they must solve on that A4 paper. It’s a simple Escape Room idea that’s fun to solve.

3. Website communication 

If you have a website, you can easily construct a page where gamers must enter a code to proceed. WordPress lets you set page visibility to ‘Password Protected.’ How lovely it is when players find a letter with the website link in the combination lock box. They must first break another code to continue.

4. WhatsApp autoresponder 

WhatsApp’s impact is startling. Hints can help players stuck in rooms. You can be in the room and hint. WhatsApp can make it more entertaining. All Android phones may install Auto Responder for free. Then, you instruct players to attach a word to the number you provide them before the escape room game to get a hint. Automatically replying will give advice.

5. A book with vital hints

Hide something in an old book for an easy Escape Room. Cutting a square from an old book is easy. You can insert a hint or key here.

6. Voicemail 

You can set up a voice mail for a prepaid phone you rarely use. One riddle yields a phone number they must call. We’ve seen this cause enthusiasm and laughter. Because calling an unknown number excites most people.

7. Cryptex

One of the best Escape Room concepts is this. You can surprise your group with a real cryptic. Several YouTube videos demonstrate how to make them. You’ll drive your group up the wall with the cryptex. Many versions are available if you want to spend less time on it.

8. Skill games

Everyone remembers old games. This demands craftsmanship and hard labor. However, the result is amazing. You can use magnets and a glass plate. The players can’t reach the other side of the glass plate with their hands, but by placing the interest on the other magnet (with a small key attached) and following a maze under the glass plate, they can move the key to an endpoint where they can take it. For more information have a look at birthday party places.


After the escape room game, there are more considerations. Making a game-wide script is helpful. You list everything from A to Z in each area, including what to glue, hang, etc. You write down the problems’ solutions, codes, and logical sequence. Your script is here. After each game, it’s easy to put everything back so the following group can play. You must explain the game rules to players before the game. Use an A4 sheet to remember to inform them. It’s annoying if you neglect to instruct them not to look inside the cabinets, and all the cabinets are pulled upside down, leaving you with a massive mess to clean up after the game.


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