Since the end of the Second World War, the rate at which people travel from one place to another has continually increased and it doesn’t appear to slow down anytime soon. The three major means of transportation (road, water and air) are always busy, considering the fact that people are coming and going.

The risks involved in journeying through land on speedy vehicles, or high in the air on a fragile piece of metal called airplane, or on the huge water body with tumultuous winds and waves on the standby, are enough to attract a bit of anxiety in the traveller and his/her loved ones.

Almost everyone who travels want to return home safely, and it is the desire of every family or friend to welcome their cherished one home. Safe journey wishes are a hopeful assurance that even though we can’t help the risks on the way, we are sure that our loved ones will make it home safely. Here are some safe journey wishes that will lift their spirit, as well as yours.

Perfect Safe Journey Wishes And Messages

1: I know that it is only the living and healthy that can travel from one place to the other. So, I pray that as you go out alive and healthy, you will return home the same way, and even better.

2: It is a grand privilege to be able to go out and come in safely. May you enjoy such a privilege as you embark on your journey today.

3: You will not go missing on the way. You won’t be involved in any accident or mishap. You will be counted as one of those who made the journey alive. Journey mercies as you travel, dear.

4: As you take off to your destination, have no fear for your safe landing. The God of the land is still the same God that rules over the air. Be strong, and call me when you arrive.

5: I will eagerly await your return. Be sure to hurry home because I don’t want to be kept waiting longer than necessary. Safe journey to and fro.

Safe Journey Wishes

6: Every part of the vehicle you will board today is sound. You won’t come to any harm; I feel it down in my spirit. Safe journey.

7: May you enjoy superb safety as you start your journey today. May the road be safe for you, and may your health be secured throughout the journey.

8: I wish above all things, that you will go out in peace, and come home with smiles for a day well spent. Safest journey.

9: Believe that you will not encounter any trouble on the way, and it will be as you agreed in your heart. I wish you a very safe journey.

10: It is my heartfelt desire that you will come home unhurt and safe from your travels. Safe journey, dear.

11: Always know that you are in my heart of hearts. Every day, I make a silent prayer that you will be kept safe and be back home in peace.

12: My love, I miss having you at home. I pray for nothing else but for your speedy return home.

13: Whenever you become afraid in the course of your journey, just remember that you have got an intercessor making earnest prayers for you. Your journey shall be a safe and fruitful one.

14: It is my good desire that you have a safe journey. The road may be rough, the vehicle may get faulty, and the experience may be unpleasant, but in all, you will arrive your destination, safe and sound.

15: Whoever that starts off a journey has a plan to achieve. I pray that the plan for which you set out on this journey be fulfilled. You won’t regret this movement. Safe trip.

16: Don’t just be indoors when you get to your destination. Go out, meet people, see interesting places, have good fun, abs remember to send us pictures. Enjoy a safe journey.

17: We are expecting your presence anytime soon. Everyone is eager to meet you because it has been several years since we all came together as a family. As you come, may you have the smoothest journey ever. We are all excited!

18: Self-discovery is possible if the journey ends successfully. If not, it’s just a complete waste of time. As you travel abroad on a journey to find yourself in the process of visiting important sites, stay out of harm’s way, and return home safely when you are due to return.

19: Be happy even when if travel experience doesn’t go as planned. What holds as very vital is your safety. Come home intact, dear.

20: The uncertainty that accompanies a travel quickens us to commit our movement into the hand of the Almighty God. As you undertake this important journey, may He keep you soundly tucked in the hollow of his Hand.

21: While others may complain that they got less than what they expected from their journey, you will have reasons to celebrate a journey that was worth your time and resources. Journey mercies, my love.

22: This journey of yours shall be a successful one. Though it is your first time to leave your country for another, it won’t be a disaster. You will not encounter any ugly event. Stay safe, and journey mercies.

23: It is my sincere hope that you stay in safe hands in your place of visit. I pray that you will find favour before strangers, and will never be stranded. Return home in peace, my darling son.

24: Dear friend, remain the honourable man you have always been, as you travel to a strange land. Don’t get involved in any shady deal, and above all, be respectful to your hosts. Journey mercies.

Safe Journey Wishes

25: History is made today, as our beautiful daughter embarks on a journey all by herself, for the first time by air. Wow! I wish you nothing less than a memorable trip. You can scream a bit when the aeroplane shakes, but relax as you follow the instructions from the hostess. I look forward to hearing all you will have to say about the journey. Safest movement.

26: I know you are scared of the outcome of this unexpected travel. Don’t worry; it will be successful in all ramifications. Keep your hope intact, and be home before dinner. I love you.

27: It is a merry holiday for all of us, and we are sure to see you soonest. May the roads be kind to you. Safe journey.

28: A thousand miles to cover by air. Very long hours to endure on the seat. Suspense too deep to contain. Above all, a huge sigh of relief when you land safely. It will surely end well.

29: Certainly, angels are on guard over you. You shall enjoy every bit of your travel and be sure that we are praying for your safe return.

30: My prayer for you on this day is that you will make a great impact on the people you will meet today. You will not undertake an uneventful journey, but the effect of your presence shall be felt by anyone that comes close to you. Have fun, be yourself, and at the due time, come home safely.

31: It is your first time on the waters. You will see the vastness of the waters, and your love for your Creator will have every cause to increase. Your vessel will sail smoothly, and no trouble shall meet you. I look forward to receiving your phone call that you have arrived your destination safely.

32: I hope you won’t be bitten by the travelling bug that you end up becoming a globetrotter. I kid not! Just make this one travel, come home safely, and plan the next one in years to come. I don’t want to miss you again anytime soon.

Safe Journey Wishes

33: One of the fun things to look forward to in a travel is meeting interesting people in the course of your journey, and in your destination also. Enjoy, even the tiniest bit of your time out there, and come home in one piece.

34: Finally, the long-awaited day has come. You’ve been booked on a first time journey outside home, to college. My heart is kind of heavy because I will miss you very much. May you enjoy a smooth ride to school. Do come back home safely at the end of the semester. I can’t wait to see you again.

35: My baby girl is now a grown-up lady who is ready to embark on her first missionary journey. The call of God upon your life shall be fully manifest. You will have a safe trip to your destination, and when you are due to come home, it will be a smooth journey.

36: Many fall victims of automobile accident and robbery as they travel from one place to another. Such awful incidents shall not come near you. Safety is yours. Go, and return in peace.