Without sounding haughty, it takes a little romantic effort to win the heart of a woman. Fine; let’s be a bit boastful here. Even if you don’t get her heart won over with the speed of light, be rest assured that once a romantic pick up line is involved, a woman comfortable with her femininity will give you a pop of the attention you seek for. So, loosen up, guys; sail through the hurdles and get her to cuddle with any of the following romantic pick up lines. All you need to hit the right note is your best voice.

Romantic Pick Up Lines For Her

1: I have never been smitten so hard on my lungs as your beauty did now.

2: I can’t believe I am standing face to face with the woman of my dreams.

3: Impossibility is not walking up to you to say, “Hello!”

4: You are as dazzling as the morning sun during winter.

5: You make my life easier with your disarming smiles.

6: I saw you from afar and suddenly I am drawn near to your side.

7: With you, I have no doubt that love at first sight is as real as the palm of my hand.

8: If truly angels walk the face of this earth in the fullness of their splendor, then I am terrifically lucky to be standing before one of them.

9: Give me a chance, and I will prove to you that you are worth the dance.

10: If words were money, I wouldn’t spare you the luxury of riches and fame.

11: I asked God for a sign, and you showed up with the answer.

12: Your beauty is irresistible. I couldn’t help but respect the womb that carried you.

13: Truth is, you are nothing close to the kind of woman my mind can ignore.

14: Honey, kindly grant me the honor to walk with you, hand in hand.

15: I least expected myself to be at a loss for words while staring into your eyes.

16: If I have my way, I would get down on my knees now and ask you to be mine.

17: My mom needs to set her eyes on you. She will never regret it.

18: If you were a flower, every royal garden would hunger after you.

19: My eyes have seen who my heart has refused to let go of.

20: You deserve diamonds as jewellery because your looks worth more than gold.

21: Perfect will be making you mine forever.

22: If beauty were an asset, you are living in stupendous wealth.

Cute Romantic Pick Up Lines For Her

23: If you were water, you would be straight out from the spring.

24: Your face rings a bell; aha! You are my dream woman.

25: It is clear to me that you are the reason men like me fall hopelessly in love.

26: If anybody asks for the direction to my heart, you are welcome to answer them.

27: If you were a pair of shoe, you would be the most comfortable and fanciest one.

28: If the roads had foretold our meeting, I would have driven down with every member of my family to meet you.

29: I want to thank you for making my heart somersault for the first time in many years.

30: Would you mind going on a picnic with me? Our food will be found on each other’s lips.

31: Lend me your heart; I promise to return it as soon as you become mine.

32: Don’t worry about how I will feel if you turned me down. I promise you it has been taken care of: I will wail like a baby behind you.

33: It is rare to find a woman that every fiber of my being wants to know more of.

34: The sun can swear that it hasn’t known intense brilliance from any source but you.

35: Like a loose tap, my feelings for you threaten to overtake my sense of reasoning.

36: If I am given just a day more to live, I will spend every moment of it gazing into your beautiful eyes.

37: My apologies to kids for calling them immature. I don’t mind flinging away my maturity for your precious attention.

38: You are as mystical as the unicorn and I am excited to mount on you.

39: If you were a policewoman, I wouldn’t fail to be the most famous gangster known to you.

40: Girl, if you were a bottle of wine, you would be untouchable as the most expensive.

41: Within a few minutes of standing before you, my adult heart has taken several vicious leaps for joy.

42: I can give you sunshine if you promise to be my garden.

43: I have been looking for you all my life; where have you been?

44: I think that whoever takes you for granted decided to be a regal idiot.

Sweet Romantic Pick Up Lines For Her

45: The finest perfume in the market pales before your natural sweet smelling body.

46: Meeting you today has become a new birthday for me.

47: Your eyes are like an ocean. I could get drowned there without a trace of my body found.

48: I want to be everything to you. I come with both a bonus and a discount.

49: It will be an honor to show you to my friends as my future wife.

50: I don’t wish to meet another lady with the same request I have on my lips for you. Can you lend me your attention?

51: You don’t have to say yes. A simple nod is more than enough for me.

52: I came to take my breath back because you stole it from me moments ago.

53: With your warmth, I have little need for the sun on cold days.

54: I want to believe that time stands still for two hearts that beat as one.

55: I will never know how fortunate I am to meet you until I bring you home.

56: I have reasons to believe you are the one meant for me. Your smiles tell me so.

57: If I have to jump down from a skyscraper, I must first run mad for you.

58: There is definitely no way I can keep myself from meeting you. Can I have your number?

59: Your lips beg for mine. Wouldn’t you oblige them?

60: It is a great privilege to meet you. Have you ever signed your autograph with a kiss?

61: I dare to say that you are brighter than the sun and more elegant than the moon.

62: How have you been able to walk the streets without any chaos trailing you?

63: I count myself blessed to have woken up this morning. If I didn’t, meeting you would have been a powerless dream.

64: My heart is bleeding for you; I had no idea cupid still strikes hearts in this 21st century.

65: You belong to me. I know your heart is telling you same.

66: Say yes to me, and so make it easier for us to begin our journey of love.

67: We will make beautiful kids. Don’t you think so?

68: It takes someone like you to make the world a wonderful place to live in.

69: I trusted my instincts to walk up to you. So far, I wasn’t wrong to do just that.

70: On a remarkable day like this, the sun and moon conspired to make us happen.

71: Without beating about the bush, I want to take you out for lunch.

72: If there is a second chance with you, I wouldn’t ruin my first chance.

Funny Romantic Pick Up Lines For Her

73: Will you mind if I request for your number? Destiny mandates that I give you a call.

74: How can I make you understand that without a hug from you, my feet won’t take me home tonight?

75: If you were a tree, men would suddenly become magical birds.

76: Is it not burdensome to take your bath everyday? You are already beautiful.

77: Spare me a heart attack by going on a date with me.

78: You knocked the breath out of my nostrils and still manage to look completely innocent? Come on!

79: I want to let you know this day that I forgot what I wanted to tell you, and it was a great speech I prepared.

80: Do you know that a perfect girl like you comes once every 1,000 years? I didn’t tell you that.

81: How come I am suddenly thinking of making love with you? What have you done to me?

82: I can’t forget how fast my feet carried me to your side. They have proven to be the fastest romantic feet ever.

83: If you were a notable scientist, men will flock your laboratory dressed as experimental guinea pigs.

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