Finding perfect love in an imperfect world is one of the rarest things which humans can ever come across. We live in an imperfect world where perfect people are supposed to exist but can’t be found due to the selfishness and greed in the human heart.

One way of stimulating true love is to use words that inspire and draw from the depths of one soul to the other.

This meeting of souls can be the tie that will bind the lover and the beloved as well. Quotes as short as they are can provide a quick start for this.

You can find love quotes which will help you to start, maintain and fire up true love within you and your beloved.

1: They say love is blind but with you I have the gift of sight. The ties that bind us are not meant for this world alone but lead to our immortality.

2: You and I are peas in a pod. The only ones who understand have never been and shall never be.

3: The Universe caused us to meet and to become who we are; one entity driven not only by emotion but also by the dream of what things can be.

4: Without you it isn’t that I can’t breathe. You’re my existence and the only definition of reality.

5: There can’t be any greater thing than what lives within. The fire, deeper than desire is what can make us two to be true.

6: There is only one universal cure to all ills. That cure is you.

7: The weak knees and butterflies are only but lies. The grit and scars are the real story of our journey.

8: You may not see the future but I can say only one thing: You are my future.

9: The firing of my soul stems from the strike of lightning from your heart to mine.

10: The meaning of life is neither found in books nor in the various pleasures of the World. It is found in you.

11: It isn’t that I will bring the moon to you. I shall alter the order of the Universe to give you everything.

12: Whatever life has in store can only be faced in one way and manner; that is with you.

13: I may not be able to be invincible, but my visibility is driven your own invincibility. Your belief in me is what can make me invincible.

14: Making the most of life is nothing. Making the most of our moments is everything. I love you.

15: Even if fate whispers in my ear that a storm is coming, I’d whisper back to fate that our love is the storm.

16: That depth of your soul in your eyes, the hint of a smile and the way you lie when you sleep. These are the things that give me joy.

17: Keeping faith doesn’t happen by a twist of fate. Keeping faith is fate. And fate is who you are to me.

18: My success is not in my money or wealth. My success is in if I was able to make you mine. No holds barred.

19: The longest roads ever traveled are the shortest moments that I spend without you by my side.

20: I can’t say for sure what’s going to happen next, but I am sure of this: I am here to make sure that there’s no fear of what’s out there.

21: The cherry trees, their flowers and their leaves, the bundles of wheat, and their ears and their sheaves can’t count the moments that we have left.

22: Even if I say that you should love me quickly there is no truth in my words. One moment of your love is eternity enough for me.

23: My greatest fear in life is not of dying. Death isn’t immortality. Loving you is.

24: The demand of my soul can’t make me whole. Your desire for me in your smile and your touch is all that can be.

25: Others may not understand us, but we understand ourselves, totally perfectly and deeply.

26: We won’t make excuses for who we are. The only excuse we can ever make to humanity is if we didn’t love ourselves truly.

27: No one can make me not love you. Everyone can make me lose every other thing because I love you.

28: Ship to shore nothing more, gear shift to four I am not sure, but one to three as clear as sea, I can see that you’re the one for me.

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Long Romantic Love Messages For Him & Her

29: It’s not having lost everything that will make me to call myself a failure, its that if I lose you then I have lost everything and then I become a failure.

30: There is nothing is as sweet to my ear as your breath on my hair. There is nothing that is as calm to me as the depth of your eyes. You have got me totally hypnotized.

31: To set sail for the rest of our lives isn’t that thing that shall make us fail. Our deepest failure lies in the number of tries that can make us to derail. Our love is endless.

32: The joy in my heart is the spark that keeps us ablaze. And if you look beneath the embers of that spark that creates, you shall see that the rate of burning can’t surpass the rate of my putting out the other fires in others who may have you in mind.

33: If there was one person who could cross through fire for you exists in this World, it certainly isn’t me. I’d put out the fire and then spend the rest of my existence making sure that fires never come your way ever again.

34: Making sure every moment counts isn’t the key to lasting happiness. It is making sure that the few moments that can be captured with you make perfect sense.

35: How far the eye can see isn’t enough. How well the ear can hear or the voice can sing won’t do for me. All that matters is how well I love you.

36: The light on a hill that sets the till isn’t what keeps the sea still. Its what’s in my heart that can’t tear us apart that makes the waters to stand.

37: My love for you is the only thing that can make my blind eyes to see and my deaf ears to hear what others are saying. I only have eyes to see others in your light and ears to hear them with your voice.

38: Fools can’t fall in love. It is meant only for the wise. True wisdom lies in getting the right person to fall in love with. You will know the right person because I am standing right in front of you.

39: People say that they shape their destinies, but destiny can’t be defined without the right ship mate. My shipmate you are and I can only go so far without the one who can dictate the rate of movements of the hand of destiny.

40: What I bear with you is not what can be known by all. This is because even heroes though they rise one day shall fall. But we have chosen to hear our own call and that is what shall make us go through it all.

41: With you I have everything. Without you I am nothing. The greatest sages in the World can’t describe what we have. Its value can’t be determined by the best of minds.

42: We may say that we aren’t meant for each other so it may seem, but to see beyond the dream and know that what we have bursts at the seams is worth trying it at the ream.

43: I can’t find the truest expression of what I want to say to you at the moment. However, I can say this: its neither in the words that I speak nor in the way you reply me. Its how you look at me when I am down, calling the hero within.

44: The ruling of the skies can only be determined by the love affair of the ground beneath it. We can’t be ourselves if we don’t know this. You’re my sky and my earth.

45: Life is meant to be lived on two levels. The first is on the corporeal plane where you and I can interact with others. The second is on the ethereal plane where we can interact with ourselves.

46: No one can tell how the greatest tree in the forest fell. In that same way, no man can tell how our love shall go either in this world or in the next.

47: I am not driven to die for you and neither are you driven to die for me either. We share only one life and one soul and if you go, I go.

48: I won’t look at you many years from now and say you’re still the one, I’d look at you later in life and say you’ve been the only one.

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49: We were never meant for each other. We are each other. I see you in me and you see me in you.

50: We cannot change the forces that brought us together; but we can give them a good reason never to bother us again, now that we are together.

51: There is no way that anyone can say that we ever were in play. Nothing ever is. The only thing that they can say is that we are the single ray; the one chance for them to see the light and give them sight.

52: There’s nothing that I can ever achieve, nothing which I can retrieve from this World without one condition being met: that is you must believe and I shall give no reprieve and shall sieve through the chances that life may give to find you; who is the one that is hotter than the sun.

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