Forget Valentine’s Day; love and romance can be celebrated any day, in season, and out of season. As someone rightly put it, you wouldn’t have to wonder if the person you love still feels the same way about you, because they will constantly remind you of that. Those soothing and affectionate words of reassurance, and the doses of tender loving care go a long to making your love relationship with your partner strong.

From another anonymous love guru, what is most important in your relationship isn’t the love in the beginning, but the amount of love both of you built in your bond with the passing of time.

Below are some romantic caring love messages for your honey and handsome to spice up your love life. Interesting? Read and then …Copy and share!

Romantic Caring Love Messages For Her

Romantic Caring Love Messages For Her

1: My angel from above, I never imagined that I would still be blessed with your love to this day. Heaven knows that I love you with every heartbeat my heart makes; I love you deeply.

2: It is easy to say, “I love you.” For me, it isn’t real until it is all about you. I love you, mine.

3: Have you ever wondered why I stare at you when your eyes accidentally meet mine? Let me tell you the reason: your beauty is irresistible. I can’t help but look at you shamelessly.

4: My love and my pride, always dwell in the knowledge that I will never, ever disappoint you. You have my word.

5: The way you love me makes me want to walk into the night fearlessly; your love gives me strength and courage.

6: Let me paint your world with the converging colours of my love. It is only you that I see; no one and nothing else matters as much as you.

7: You are a living goddess, the true representation of indescribable love. Bless my heart with your overflowing sweetness, baby.

8: You know what? Life is yielding and hopeful with you by my side. I won’t be able to pull through if you decide to let go of me. I love you as far as the meaning of love goes.

9: I have been in love but have never felt so much love as I do with you. You’re my last bus stop, honey. After you, there’s nothing else on the plate for me. Believe me.

10: I don’t think twice about you in my future. Your role as my wife, my lover, and my girlfriend has been secured in my heart a long time ago.

11: Where a man falls, it takes the imploring love of his woman to bring him back to his feet. Thanks for loving me right, sweet.

12: Babe, I choose you over everything there is, everything that I know, and over the uncertain future. I choose you over my life; there’s no question about that.

13: I call you my woman because you reflect me in every way possible. You’re my feminine representation, and the pillar of my manhood. You are my woman.

14: That I have a peaceful home is as a result of the workings of my peace-loving wife. What could I have done without you?

15: For your consistency, loyalty, and forever love, I pledge to be your man until I am no more.

16: You, baby, are the queen of my heart. Read that again.

17: It is my undying pleasure to keep you perpetually as the custodian of my heart and health. I am certain you will not let me down.

18: Halos, fairies, wands…What’s magic outside you? What’s divine beside you?

19: What’s really of a huge significance to me is the place you occupy in my world. You have taken over every nook and crevice of me, and I have no objections to that. Keep reigning, my queen.

20: Until you stepped into my life, I underestimated the power of love. Now, I am in no position to decide what I do with my life as your desires are my top priority.

21: Sleep is an extension of the rest I get from loving you. It is also a luxury I can’t afford to enjoy without you lounging in the crook of my arms.

22: I realised early enough that it takes a woman like you to set a man in the right course and for the attainment of his purpose. I am lucky to have met you earlier in my life’s journey, darling.

23: Say you want the world, and I will give you myself. You have given me the world, and it is you who deserve to own it in me.

24: Happiness can’t be bought; it is a free gift to the one who the heavens smile upon. I am super grateful to be happy with you. That’s all that I want out of this life.Happiness can’t be bought; it is a free gift to the one who the heavens smile upon. I am super grateful to be happy with you. That’s all that I want out of this life.

25: Once, twice, again and again, you are a positive influence in my life, dearest king woman. I love you.

26: There are millions of women on the face of the earth, but I am down for only you. It is of no use being in doubt because I have got my eyes on you and no other.

Romantic Caring Love Messages For Him

Romantic Caring Love Messages For Him

1: You are the man of my dreams, the enabler of my love, the emperor in charge of my empire, and the inducer of my fadeless beauty. I love you with all that is within me.

2: Many need validations and confirmations of what they feel. With you, I don’t have to undergo a rethinking process or a questioning session to believe that what I have for you is real. I can feel it to my marrows.

3: It’s you, or nothing, sweetheart. My heart is bound to you in an everlasting love covenant.

4: I will make you a proud man all the days of your life. You will have no cause to regret having me as your lover.

5: It is glaring to the world that you were specially made for me: the bone of my bone, and the flesh of my flesh.

6: When you told me that you would make me the happiest woman on earth, I didn’t understand what you meant by that. Truly, I am blown away by your affection and loving. My king, I promise you my undying love forever.

7: Never mind how brave I may look, I stand zero chances of surviving if you are no more mine. I won’t be able to live without you, my treasure.

8: My hot chocolate, I am going nowhere if you don’t go with me. I am nobody if you take your sweetness away from my life. I can’t ever be myself if you are not close beside me.

9: You made me the woman I am with your unconditional love and therapeutic affection. You showed me that the worth of love is in the action. I am indebted to you with an endless debt of love.

10: When a woman loves, she does with everything in her and more. Sweet darling, I am committed to driving you crazy with all the love I can muster from within me, along with my life. It is my vow, a sure guarantee.

11: Baby love, I miss you sorely; my heart and body yearn for your touch and soft kisses. I know you can hear my whispers deep in your heart. Don’t keep me waiting, I beg of you.

12: When the night falls, I get all excited for it won’t be a lonely night. Your loving makes me feel alright.

13: Transport me into the realm where just the two of us belong. Make me fall in love with you over and again with your sweet embraces. I belong to you, baby.

14: I wish to let you know that you are everything I want in a man. When I say everything, I mean that without making any exemption.

15: You have me completely. There’s no reserve for anyone else.

16: Just when I thought that I have loved you enough, behold an overwhelming urge to start afresh. You’ve charmed me, sweet boy.

17: It isn’t about your handsomeness, neither does the state of your bank account thrill me. There is something about your smile, your love, and your genuineness that gets me falling without control for you. I love you, Mr Universe.

18: I trust that you have understood by now, the degree of my commitment to you. Even if heaven falls upon the face of the earth, and I am asked to choose my man, you’ll find me stuck to you before then. I cherish you, babe.

19: Pardon my excesses; I can’t help loving you. To put it in simple terms, I am addicted to you in all ways. I am glad that I am your wife for I don’t know if any woman would have been able to stand my persistent presence. Lots of love, dearest.

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