John Lennon of the famous Beatles said, “Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.” For wives who celebrate birthdays, a birthday is a beautifully memorable day that cannot pass without their expectations becoming met. The much-awaited expectations lie in the arms of their husbands, whose show of love must be as real as the brightness of the sun even if it’s for that day.

A wife’s birthday ought not be joked with, considering her year-round commitment to her marriage with you, her undying love for you, and the affection she nurtures your children with. To take it further, she is your friend, and the reason you are not cursing your marriage in tears.

To show her that she means a lot to you in ways that she may or may not know, celebrate her birthday with gifts and lovely messages such as the ones below (especially if you are aspiring to be the romantic husband she craves for). The messages are in two forms: short and long. Bear in mind that the length of the wishes isn’t as important as the meaning they hold.

Short Birthday Wishes For Your Wife

1: Love is beautiful. Love is kind. Love is nurturing. Love is true. Love is you, my wife. Happy birthday, mine.

2: The real definition of love starts with W and ends with E: We and Wife. We are one, my wife. Enjoy a happy birthday filled with love.

3: Heaven counted me worthy to be at rest in a trouble-filled world. With you, I have perfect peace. I rather spend my life with you than with anyone else. Happy birthday, my darling.

4: Do you really know how much you mean to me? Ask the eagle who wouldn’t be without the mountain peak. That’s just a fragment of how important you are to me, baby. Happy birthday.

5: I have been a fool, a very big fool, not to have married you earlier than I did. Look at how sweet my life has been since you became my wife. I wished I knew better. Happy birthday, my life-changer.

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Your Wife

6: People take cheap drugs to get high for a moment. You are my forever high-ness. I love you, baby. Happy birthday.

7: You’re the sun, the light that reveals the best side of me. You are the moon, the energy that quickens my weak feet to excellence. I just want to let you know that you are my irreplaceable. Happy birthday, my wife.

8: Have an amazing birthday filled with joy, favour, peace, and my love. I’m ready to take you to the top of the world today!

9: I’m going to say it again and again: I love you so much. I cannot love you any less, sweetheart. Your birthday is another chance for me to let you know that.

10: The rain that falls upon the earth washes it clean from dirt. The reassurance from your kisses distances me from my ugly past. I am blessed to have you. Happy birthday, my only wife.

11: Getting married to my friend is great. Having my best friend as my wife is the most indescribable achievements ever. Happy birthday, best friend.

12: The bond we share grows deeper with each passing day. Through our ups and downs, we have become inseparable. I love what we have together. Wishing you a heart-felt happy birthday, baby.

13: You believed in me when nobody thought I would be anything honourable. You still stand by me through the thick and thin. Happy birthday, honey.

14: Words make poor representation of the way I feel about you. If you look into my eyes, you’ll see the depth of my admiration for you. You have my absolute devotion, my wife. Happy birthday.

15: I have never loved any person the way I love you. I cannot imagine myself in the arms of any other woman but you. I love you without doubts. Happy birthday.

16: There’s no little to the sacrifice you make to keep our home running even in my absence. I take notice of all that you do to make our house liveable. Happy birthday, my crown.

17: You’re my fantasy, my ecstasy. You’re my inspiration, my life partner. You’re at the centre of my world. I know you know that. Happy birthday, my First Lady.

18: Darling, loving you is easy because you are always your real self and easy-going. You taught me patience and service. You’ve helped me become the man you desire. Happy birthday.

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Your Wife

Long Birthday Wishes For Your Wife

1: In all ways possible, I have chosen to make you happy. It is my duty and responsibility to make you find reasons to smile whenever you are with me. I live to please you, to cherish you, and to love you without reserve. If I do not succeed as your source of pleasure and happiness, I gained nothing from marrying a queen as you. Happy birthday, my wife.

2: I always look back to the day you said “Yes” to me. That day marked the beginning of the man I have become today. You elegantly stepped into my life and commanded the inflow of goodness to all that concern me. No single day passes by without me reflecting on how I would have been if you weren’t my wife. I’m thankful that I chose you to spend the rest of my life with. Happy birthday, honey.

3: Staying in bed is by far, the best thing to do because of you. The warmth of your cuddles, the pleasure in your kisses, the life in your smiles, and the twinkling of your eyes render me a bed man. I pray to share my bed space with you all my life. Happy birthday, darling. I hope this makes you blush.

4: There are countless sands lying on the seashore. There are numerous stars scattered on the face of the sky. There are uncountable trees standing on the grounds of the tropics. There is only one woman living in the entirety of my heart. She is my only wife. Happy birthday, priceless.

5: Only you know the meaning of every facial expression I make. Your eyes see beyond my fake smiles to catch my real needs. Your ears hear me call for help when I say I can handle issues myself. Your hands don’t only caress but also assure me that everything will be alright. You’re my God-sent, the miracle specially designated for me. Today, I wish you more than life itself. Happy birthday, my one and only woman.

6: I celebrate you always. Today is one of those days I celebrate you. You complete me as my better half. You rock my world with your presence. Everyday unveils the realness of your gift to me. Can I stay without you? God forbid. I can’t imagine a day without seeing your lovely face. There’s nothing life holds but the joy that I have you to have and to hold. It is another year of more loving. Happy birthday, best.

7: If I were asked to choose just one thing as a treasure on this planet, I would choose you, milady. Over and over. You worth more than gold and diamond put together. With you, I can gain the whole world. It is a mystery only God reveals through a good wife. Enjoy your birthday without fail. Count on me to give you the best of the best today!

8: Surely, from dusk to dawn, as long as the earth exists, in all seasons, regardless of reasons, all day long, all year round, always and forever, no matter what, in spite of me, I will love you as long as I have life in me. Happy birthday, beautiful woman.

9: You’re never far away, baby. You’re special to me, so special that I can abandon anything to be by your side whenever you call. On this great day that you’re celebrating an additional year to your life, I will be right by your side to show you how special you are to me. Get ready because both of us are going to have a blast, I promise. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

10: I have waited for this day to come, to show you that I am capable of showing the true colour of my love for you. Before you get too excited, it is nothing you’ve ever witnessed since we got married. So, chill, and watch how your special day rolls through. To start with, happy birthday, my missus.

11: Sweet is the sound of your voice. Beautiful is the composure of your form, homely is the embrace of your arms. Amusing is the humour in your chastisement. Radical is your degree of spontaneity. Blessed is the man that married you (that’s me!). Happy birthday, my jewel.

12: You’re my lover and my friend, the place I call home. You give me many reasons to stay contented with you. You don’t say them, but your mere presence and commitment show them all. I cherish you, babe. Happy birthday.

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