Your husband’s birthday is one of the most remarkable days in your life, after your wedding anniversary and your own birthday. It trends as the day he wakes up with a big chuckle, and retires for the day with the chuckle still big on his face.

Apart from the excitement that follows him throughout that day, he gains gratitude from the amount of love and care shown to him by his wife. So, to avoid any issue associated with lack of love and care, why not start his day with any of these 29 romantic wishes?

Short Romantic Birthday Wishes For Your Husband

1: To my sexy, handsome, cute, priceless, and loyal man…A cheery and happy birthday. You worth more than my bank account. I celebrate you now and always.

2: Happy birthday, my love. I married the best man for me. He is very understanding, forgiving and romantic. He cares for me like his only project in life. I blush when I think of you.

3: Happy birthday, dear. Everyday, I thank God for the amazing man he gave me. You’re my pride, my muse. You’re everything and more to me, baby.

4: Wishing you a happy birthday, my dear husband. A thousand miles between us have nothing on us. Our love is strong, giving and true. Even if distances become insurmountable, our love must conquer through all.

5: Happy birthday, my precious gem. You are a year more loving, more handsome, more kind-hearted, more pleasant. You are like fine wine; you get better with years.

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Husband-

6: To the king of my kingdom, the emperor of my empire, the signatory to my heart’s account…I wish you a blissful birthday celebration. I love you immensely.

7: Life is worth living when it is lived with a man as humble and giving as you. You’ve not kept any good thing away from me. Today, I pray that God keeps you alive for many, many years to come. I love you.

8: Happy birthday. My heart beats, “thump, thump.” I can’t help it. I think of you almost all day. How will we celebrate today? I can’t wait to see your lovely face.

9: Happy birthday, my star. Words mean little compared to the feelings in my heart. How else can I tell you that you are my essence, the reason I look forward to many happy years on earth?

10: Happy birthday, honey. Thank you for all that you do for me. Thank you for all you have been to me and for all the sacrifices you have been making. If I should choose again, I will choose you ten times and more.

11: Happy birthday, sweetheart. Today is a beautiful opportunity to sing the praise of one of the angels in human form that walks the face of the earth. The way you love me makes my feet tingle happily.

12: Happy birthday to my object of affection. You have given me reasons to believe that there is a perfect marriage. Every woman should endeavour to marry a true man like you.

13: A wonderful birthday celebration to a wonderful man who is wonderful in all his ways. To my dearest husband, be filled with the wonders of a wonderful new year in your wonderful life. How wonderful!

14: Cheers to another year to your fantastic life. I am very grateful for the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years I get to spend with you, my heart. You are amazing. Live long. Prosper more. Love hard.

15: Hip! Hip! Hip! Hurray!!! My darling hubby is celebrating his birthday today. My world stands at attention in reverence of your special day. Celebrate without reserve.

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Husband-

Long Romantic Birthday Wishes For Your Husband

1: Happy birthday, my dearest husband, you are truly a gift from above, specially sent to me. Everything about you is perfect, true, unique and breath-taking. I am thankful the woman in me married the lovely man you are. A thousand men cannot be compared to you. On this day, I wish you many more years of excellence and love.

2: Happy birthday, my beloved husband. You’ve always been there for me through the good and bad times. There has never been a day I have woken up without your love embracing me. You have poured out your affection on me without holding any back. To say that I am the most blessed of women is an understatement. Today, I want to remind you that I am yours forever.

3: Happy birthday, my only husband. I am not afraid of the future because I have you to walk side by side with. I don’t care about problems because you are my readymade solution. I have found you, and I won’t let go. This is another day to reaffirm my commitment to you. Hope we will party all night long!

4: I wish you a very happy birthday. I have always marvelled at your super strength. You play the role of my husband, the father to our children, the chief provider of our home, and a hardworking man to those who know you. You. Are. Simply. The. Best. You deserve a Supa Dupa celebration. Don’t worry about the bill, baby. I’ve got you covered for today.

5: I want more of you, so I am going to wish you a very long life filled with good health as you celebrate your birthday today. Congratulations! I am super excited that the man of my dreams is a year older. He is the only one for me, the miracle that I prayed for. He has loved me like no other and yet, still loves me like it is a competition.

6: Happy birthday, darling. From the bottom of my heart, I pour out my heartfelt admiration to you. You worth every single drop. For being a loving husband and the friend that is ever loyal to me, I celebrate you. May all your good wishes come true. May you have many more birthdays to enjoy in good health and vigour. I will sure be by your side through them all.

7: On this special day of yours, I wish you joy, peace, increase, and laughter. You make my world go round. You are my inspiration, my source of contentment and joy. You find reasons to love me even in times when I’m not in my best. You push me to become the best of me even when I don’t count it as important. You believe in me more than I can bring myself to doing.

8: Happy birthday, darling. I want to grow with you, and nurse you in old age. I want to be there for you when you are frail and grey. I want to rest your head on my shoulder when you are too tired to take any more step. I want to be there with you till the end of time. In love, for love. At all times. For all seasons.

9: Happy birthday, my sweetest husband. Many dread getting old, but it is not so with you. You look forward to celebrating your birthdays as though they are feathers to your cap. Anyway, you merit it. It’s only good men like you that should taste the beauty of getting old. Have a blast but don’t get into trouble with the police!

10: Happy birthday, my darling. I want the whole world to know you are my everything. I don’t give a hoot what they will say. Whosoever that has you as her husband is the most fortunate woman amongst women. You’re my gift; I can’t bring myself to hide you. Today is one out of the many days of telling the world that you’re mine.

11: My little token of appreciation today starts with wishing you a happy birthday. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. With you, I can move mountains and still stand strong. You encourage me to aspire to acquire success. Everything I do makes perfect sense to you. You’re my world, the true love I can’t trade for anything.

12: On this day, it is with a heart of gratitude that I wish you a prosperous birthday celebration. May all your dreams come true. May you have reasons to be exceptionally happy today. Doing life with you is easy. You always make me cherish every single day we spend together as man and wife.

13: My perfect gentleman is a year older today. The incredible thing about it is that you do not fade with age. Instead, you are sweeter by the day, an ideal definition of a person ageing with grace. I am happy to be a part of your world. Happy birthday, darling soulmate.

14: My partner-in-crime, the one who mischievously does things and hangs the blame on me is celebrating his big day today. I am in awe of the kind of man you’ve grown to become. You started from somewhere little, look how far you’ve come! You deserve a candlelit dinner, followed by a complete massage of your body. I know you’ll want to skip the former for the latter. I’m with you.

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