Many real estate agents need help to convert new leads into listing appointments and clients. It is easy for potential clients to get lost in the shuffle of an agency’s busy schedule and fall out of the sales funnel.

However, focusing on expired leads can yield higher conversion rates than traditional lead generation campaigns. This content piece will share strategies to revive dead leads and turn them into loyal clients.

Reviving expired real estate leads can be a valuable strategy to tap into potential clients who may not have been ready to decide when they first expressed interest.

Create a Personalized Email Campaign

The most straightforward method for reviving dead leads is through email marketing. Sending out personalized emails that cater to the prospect’s needs and preferences can help them to feel re-engaged with the brand. These emails can be in the form of newsletters, announcements, or even special offers.

When re-engaging potential real estate clients, avoiding being pushy and overbearing is essential. After all, they may have reached out to you before but decided not to work with your team for one reason or another. Trying too hard to win them back or reaching out to them for a service they have no interest in can make the situation worse.

Staying on top of changes in a prospect’s business can also be helpful. Using tools can allow you to stay up-to-date with the company news. This can be anything from new executive hires to a recent product launch. 

Keeping in touch with your leads is essential for any real estate agency. A consistent follow-up process can help keep your prospects engaged and improve conversion rates. By reviving old leads, you can increase your real estate business’s sales without generating new leads.

Schedule a Call

When contacting listing leads, you must keep communication personal and authentic. Having an excellent text script saved in your real estate marketing toolbox will help you be prepared to engage with expired leads real estate in a way that makes them feel like a valued customer and not a nuisance.

Using a text message campaign to re-engage expired listing leads is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways for real estate agents to convert them into clients. This type of contact is more responsive than a phone call or email and can be done quickly and easily, allowing you to follow up with your leads in the most timely and effective manner possible.

Send a Text Message Campaign

Connecting with them personally and genuinely is essential to revive a real estate lead. Rather than a cold call or email from out of the blue, re-engage them with a text message that is short and easy to understand. This text could be as simple as, “Hi [Lead First Name], are you free this evening for a quick phone call or meeting? I would love to hear what’s new and how my services can help your property search.”

This text demonstrates a sincere interest in their needs and is more likely to generate a response. In addition, it will save your team time and effort from reaching out to leads who are already a step closer to becoming a client.

Using a click-to-text button on your website is another effective way to contact your real estate leads. Most home buyers check their texts frequently and can quickly respond to a text with the information you need to continue your sales conversation. A text that contains a question is 50% more likely to generate a response than an email with no questions. Additionally, you can use autoresponders triggered by keywords to automate the initial steps of your conversation flow, gathering vital information from your leads without any additional human intervention.

Schedule a Webinar

Whether trying to generate more leads for your real estate business or educate your clients, webinars are a great tool. Webinars allow you to conduct online seminars with multiple attendees that can be joined through a link or a webinar app. Once registered as an attendee, they can raise their hand to ask questions in Q&A and even participate in polls. Generally, most webinars are recorded and available for viewing after the event.

When re-engaging expired listing leads, you must provide value to show that you are different from the agent they previously worked with. This is why it is essential to understand their frustrations and address those issues in the conversation. Also, remember to offer a free home audit highlighting how you can help them sell their property at the highest possible price.

Expired listing leads are one of the most competitive lead sources in real estate, but that is because they are treasured. If you are willing to put in the work and stay top of mind with these potential clients, you can reap the rewards.


In conclusion, reviving expired real estate leads is an essential strategy for real estate agents looking to maximize their potential client base. By implementing the strategies outlined in this article, such as personalization, consistent communication, and providing valuable information, agents can re-engage potential clients and increase their chances of converting them into active buyers or sellers. 

It is important to remember that every lead is valuable and should be nurtured with care and attention. With dedication and persistence, real estate agents can turn expired leads into loyal clients who will not only generate future business but also recommend their services to others. So don’t let those expired leads go to waste – start implementing these strategies today and watch your client base grow!


Kenny is the founder and editor-in-chief of TheTalka. He launched the site in 2019.

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