How many times have you thought about composing a retirement message? Rarely! Let’s be honest. In a world buzzing with birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, most people forget that one day, they might have to come up with retirement wishes and messages for their friends and loved ones.

If you are already in this phase, then we have you covered with some of the most detailed and well-composed wishes. If you have no one retiring in mind, then be sure to skim through, just to be prepared.

Whether you have a colleague, friend or family member who has finished their race in the workforce, the following messages could be reassuring and heart-warming!

Happy Retirement Messages

1: We hope you will enjoy every minute of this next phase. May your retirement life be the best part of your life, yet.

2: Throughout the years, you have been nothing but an embodiment of hard work and resilience. Thank you for always being there for me and for inspiring us all. You will truly be missed. Congratulations and Goodbye!

3: I pray that your retirement period will be everything you hoped for, and more. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Thank you for all your input in this industry

4: Most of us equal retirement to freedom. May you have all the time and energy to pursue all the things you desire and find complete fulfillment. We love you and we will deeply miss you.

5: For the lessons learned, the good times, bad situations and memories collected Thank you. As you set out to this new chapter in life, I wish you the best of luck.

6: Congratulations on your retirement. You have finished the race diligently and run this race with dedication. Your impact will always be remembered.

7: Years of handling paperwork, maneuvering crazy traffic and handling difficult clients have finally come to an end. Words are not enough to express my gratitude for the work you have done.

8: If I could make a wish right now, it would be for you to find all the happiness and relaxation in the world. Happy retirement!

9: Your efforts over the years have affected me positively both directly and indirectly. Though you will be away, retirement does not mean you will stop hanging out with us. We are all looking forward to new experiences with you.

10: Best wishes as you now move on to the resting period in life. For many decades, you have toiled, but now is the time to eat what you have worked for.

Retirement Wishes

11: I envy your upcoming ventures in golf and traveling expeditions. I hope you are ready to take your mind off things and formulate new hobbies. Have the merriest retirement period.

12: Believe it or not, you will miss work and all your colleagues. On the brighter side, you will never have to ask for a day off or take a leave. Best of luck in this new phase.

13: May you have the most spectacular retirement! As this new chapter unfolds, continue being the boss of your life and have fun. Cheers to the best boss ever.

14: Seeing such an effective friend and colleague retire makes my heart melt because your absence will be felt. However, we are happy that you are taking time to be with your family. All the best!

15: Your accomplishments and impact will be felt. Have the most rewarding retirement life.

16: Welcome to the chapter that has all the freedom and free time. May you live out the rest of your days in joy and fulfillment. Congratulations on getting this far!

Heartfelt Retirement Wishes

17: All I can think is how you have been the best co-worker in our department. Your soft-spoken nature, wise insights, and positive attitude have played a big role in who I am today. May this retirement period give you all the peace and happiness.

18: My congratulations are in order. Coming this far has been a journey and I know you have had to sacrifice a lot. It is well-deserved.

19: Take as much time as possible to think of the numerous lives you have touched and transformed throughout your working days. That way, you will appreciate all you have done. Thank you and congratulations.

20: As friends and family, we are beyond excited to see you achieve this huge milestone. At least we will now see you around more often. Enjoy this season.

21: I couldn’t think of any other person who has been all-rounded over the years. As you leave this responsibility with me, I will be sure to live up to the standards you have set. Happy retirement period.

22: Despite you being away on retirement, we will be sure to visit you once in a while because you have been instrumental in our growth and development. You will forever be cherished.

23: Although this may sound like a goodbye, your good works, words of advice and spirit of competition will forever live in us. Best wishes on your retirement.

24: For the past 40 plus years, you have worked with so many organizations, interacted with numerous professionals, inspired some and influenced countless more. May this new period be a time of resting and coming to peace with everything.

25: Best wishes on your retirement. You have worked your way up the ladder of success and your rewards have started showing. I am proud of you.

26: New beginnings, new friends, and better experiences are what I pray for as you enter your retirement period. May you let go of all the baggage accumulated in the work industry and learn how to live a slow happy life.

27: As a family, seeing you work for the longest time ever has been an inspiration to us all, especially the kids. Thank you for always being open and teaching us many tips and tricks.

28: the best thing about this period is that every day will be like a weekend for you. Few people have finished off with such dedication and we deeply appreciate your efforts. All the best!

29: Retirement period means relaxing, traveling, shopping, eating and taking care of yourself. Rest assured, this place will not be the same with you not being around, but we will implement all you taught us. Thank you.

30: Here’s to starting a new life of wealth and happiness. You have done your absolute best and we hope that you will impact more people even in your retirement season. Regards!

Funny Retirement Wishes

Funny Retirement Wishes

31: To be honest, retirement is the one thing that will help you realize how you have wasted time trying to look mature. In the end, you will go back to being a baby. Just kidding! Congratulations on this huge achievement.

32: Isn’t it funny or amazing how people will always include a watch or a wall clock to emphasize how your time is up? Anyway, may you have the best retirement period! Be sure to eat and grow livelier.

33: From now on, you should officially mark all your days like weekends. No more Monday morning grumpiness or evening traffic. You are so lucky! You deserve it all. Best wishes on this new phase.

34: Retirement is not usually all fun and games. You will always look like a grumpy old retiree, so good luck handling that. Enjoy every bit of it before you change your mind about completely leaving the workforce.

35: Have a happy retirement! Beware of getting used to the boring lazy routine. You might find yourself aging faster than expected. Stay vibrant and stay intentional in everything.

36: As the toughest but most brilliant boss, I am happy that you are graduating to another stage in life where you will have your wife as your boss. You need all the luck in the world to manage that one.

37: I wish you a productive retirement life. You will have the hardest time trying to adjust to a new life especially with the projects called ‘doing nothing’. I’m looking forward to seeing your daily schedule.

38: Whilst other people wish you a happy and busy retirement life, I wish you one without any health issues. May you eat all you can and grow fat without any heart attacks.

39: Regardless of the numerous achievements and hard-earned degrees, you still have one more that’s waiting for you after retirement. It is known as ‘Doctorate in Doing Nothing’. Best of luck.

40: I envy your retirement period because you will have two best friends: Your bed and couch. Rest as much as you want and grow your side businesses. You deserve it.

41: As you retire, let me point out how funny it is for you to have worked all these years to gain money which you will use to sustain your health afterward. Happy retirement though!

42: Congratulations on your timely retirement. This, however, does not mean it’s the end of working. You still have grandkids to take care of and some gardening to do. All the best in that boring life. We love you!

43: Fortunately, retirement is not optional. This way, I won’t have to work with such a nagging and annoying colleague. Regardless, you will be greatly missed.

44: Welcome to the never-ending party called retirement where you can’t hook up or stay up all night drinking, even if you wanted. Remember us having fun when you get bored!

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