While we might have a special form of resentment for our bossy bosses, there are still many among them that hold a special place in our hearts. Once retirement comes knocking on their doors, we are moved to send them our heartfelt wishes for attaining such an enviable, work-free height in their lives. Below are interesting retirement wishes you can deliver to your retiring boss.

Retirement Wishes For Boss

1: As you successfully retire on this day, I wish you heaven’s choicest blessings.

2: May you find reasons to remain relevant to yourself and your loved ones even as you retire from active service.

Retirement Wishes For Boss

3: I would have wanted for you to stay a bit longer, but I know your retirement is a rare privilege accorded to a living few. Happy retirement, sir.

4: Your leadership style proved to be a veritable tool to me, in that it encouraged me to always live out my potentials in my workplace, unhindered. You might be retired, but you cannot be forgotten.

5: Yours is a cheerful retirement. It was easy for you to be caught up with the busyness of your job. I hope you find it easier to get yourself immersed in the sweetness of a blissful retirement.

6: I had dreaded the fact that one day, you would end your work with us on the basis of retirement. Even as it has come this day, it does appear untrue. I will miss you. Happy retirement.

7: I want to thank you from my heart for making my job experience with you worth the while. I am yet to meet a boss as generous with praises as you. I wish you a happy post-retirement life.

8: If organizational skills can be copied just the way they come naturally, yours would be a prized monument. As you embark on your retirement in a couple of days, may you lead a healthy and meaningful life, the kind you brought to our company.

9: Words are insufficient to express my happiness over your successful retirement. I am glad that you are now free from the toils of daily office work and can now indulge fully in your favorite pastimes. Enjoy every bit of your newfound life.

10: To me, you retired young. Though I would have loved that you remain in the job, it is my utmost wish that you live the best of your life while you can. Sweet retirement!

Farewell Messages For Boss

Farewell Messages For Boss

11: Goodbye is one word that hurts too much to be nice. We have no choice but to bid you farewell as you retire from a formal working life.

12: Retirement is an inevitable phase in the life of every worker. As you ease out from active service, I wish you a safe entry into your world of rest and time freedom. Goodbye.

13: Just as you came into the work space with a great enthusiasm to succeed, you have come to the time when you will have to withdraw for another to be given the chance to make impact. I count your retirement a loss to us though.

14: There is so much to be learned from someone as talented and experienced as you are. I only wish that you will write books to document your knowledge on management approaches which you effortlessly used in getting people to work with everything in them. Farewell as you retire soon.

15: If it is possible, I would have turned back the hands of time so that you will spend some extra time with us in the office. I can’t bring myself to tell you goodbye as you retire, never to come back to your workers who you were a beloved boss to.

16: Everybody could attest to the quality of your leadership as a boss. You made difficult tasks seem easy to do with your unfailing words of encouragement. Goodbye as you bow out from active service. You made your mark.

17: When people retire, they tend to live as though they had missed a huge part of their lives and so, will strive to enjoy as much as is possible in order to make up for the lost time. For us you are leaving behind, we don’t know how we will be able to fill the huge vacuum you have left in our work lives with your retirement. Farewell.

18: Time actually flew without taking note that you will be greatly missed once you retire.

19: If wishes do come true as quickly as I desire, you would have more years ahead to stay as my boss. Goodbye as you retreat from a life of complex work and rules.

20: I must confess that I didn’t expect to miss you sorely when you retire. Here I am, holding back the tears that threaten to spill out with the news of your early retirement from work. Goodbye, boss.

21: You were a very unique leader who understood the needs of your subordinates. How I wish you didn’t have to retire this soon.

Retirement Thank You To Boss

Retirement Thank You To Boss

22: Ever before I became assigned to you as an intern, I admired your confident bodily carriage and boisterousness. As you retire, I want to thank you for being the first servant leader I ever met in a modern world.

23: You have been more of a mother than a boss to me. Inasmuch as I am sad to watch you leave on retirement, I won’t fail to thank you immensely for your kind words and consideration when I was facing difficult family challenges. I will miss you a lot.

24: Happy retirement, boss. If thank you have a monetary value, I would buy you the best of gifts money can buy. You were truly amazing as a leader.

25: The fact that you are retiring today doesn’t stop me from emptying my bag of thanks on the table of your heart for being one of the most inspirational bosses I have been privileged to work with. May God bless you infinitely.

26: The likes of you are a great gain to humanity. Thank you for serving our company with a heart of goodwill toward your supervises. Enjoy your life of retirement.

27: I deeply appreciate your unwavering support for the way you taught me patience and humaneness in a rather tasking job. As you step out and into your retirement, I can assure you that I won’t be able to forget your impact on my life.

28: I count it an honor to thank you for working side by side with you as my boss. Honestly, I wished you weren’t retiring at this time.

29: You made it to your retirement; congratulations! Thank you for upholding your integrity in the face of pressure; I will live to remember you.

30: Surely, a boss like you is rare to find. With a heart of gratitude, I want to thank you for believing in me when nobody could see anything good in me. My success story can’t be complete without you. Happy retirement.

31: Without mincing words, you were like an influential commander who had the interest of your soldiers at heart. Thanks for being a force to reckon with in our department. You’ll be greatly missed as you go on your retirement.

32: Dear boss, I wish to thank you for the lovely memories of our wow moments and deep scolding. You made my time with you an interesting one. Safe retirement.

Funny Retirement Wishes For Boss

33: With your retirement by the corner, I am quite sure that you will care less for what a troublesome fellow like me will tell you. Be it known to you this day that I wish you nothing but heartache from missing me. You’ll regret leaving me behind in this dungeon of a workplace!

34: You are lucky to be going on your retirement, boss. By the time I will get to that point, you would have licked the plate of enjoyment dry.

35: Time will fail me to express how deeply I hurt to find out that you are off on your retirement. Who would then curse the hell out of me over incomplete assignments? Who?

36: The blessing of a retirement is nothing but a bedside table cured of a functional alarm clock. Happy retirement, boss.

37: After years of dedicated service, it is wonderful that you are heading into your retirement without having to build lies and wild tales on why you would be absent from work. Indeed, the years have been kind to you!

38: Happy retirement, boss. I almost wanted to retire as well, but I am just new to the job. And I need to make money like you did.

39: You are as healthy as a young man who is starting life newly. How did you convince the company to let you retire?

40: It isn’t all the time that young people retire voluntarily. You are a brave fellow, and I wish to be like you in my 60s.


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