As painful as it is, the death of someone we know is a rude reminder that we all are pilgrims on this earth realm. Life on earth is transient, only existing for a short while before exiting the human body. When it comes to that inevitable point in time where death knocks and besieges, we are left with broken hearts and touching words for the victim.

Below are rest in peace messages you can put down in the memory of the deceased.

Rest In Peace Messages

1: Who will ever believe that I saw and conversed with you a couple of hours ago? How could you do this to me, leaving me with sad memories of you till the end of time? I only have a few words for you: rest in peace.

2: We have only but a short time to spend on earth. That’s the hard reality and I really wished it wasn’t true for you. Rest in peace.

3: The moment I heard about your death, it dawned on me that my lonely days have been fully ushered in. I miss you so much that it hurts.

4: The pain deep inside my heart is quite cruel, an evidence of how wicked death is, to have snatched you away from me. Is it possible that you come back, even if it’s for some hours? I am in deep pains.

5: Just when I needed you close by, to help me navigate through this unruly life, you took off on an infinite journey, never to come back. Rest in peace.

Rest In Peace Messages

6: There is a special lesson your death has taught me, and that is simply to live every day as though there’s no tomorrow for me. You gave your all to humanity, never minding how much is ripped off you. It is time for you to rest; rest in peace.

7: So soon! Why were you in a hurry to leave me, your dear family members, and well-wishers? How did you expect us to cope with your loss? Do I wish you to rest in peace, or to return if possible?

8: All my life, I had thought that death is a distant event only found in fictional books. Your demise has mocked me with the truth of the matter, that death is as real as daylight. May your soul rest in peace.

9: If I could turn back the hand of time, I would have found myself with you again, holding you fondly and laughing heartily. I would have told you more often that I love and cherish you. Rest in peace, darling.

10: Your departure from this world means that there is no other who I can call my dearest friend. It also entails that there is a vacuum you’ve left in me which nobody or nothing else can fill. I miss you. Rest in peace.

11: A few persons on earth have the capacity to passionately affect lives in what could be termed reforming radicalism. You are one such person. I wished I had known you earlier. Rest in peace.

12: I don’t desire to take my mind back to the time I met you because it breaks my heart to do that. If only I knew you would leave me this soon, I wouldn’t have ever opened my heart to you. Rest in peace.

13: Good a thing, I had the chance to know you through and through; a loving heart you were. I am stupendously proud of the life you led. Rest in peace, dear friend.

14: Wherever death is right now, shame on it! It is a shameless thing for death to snatch away a budding life as yours. There’s no amount of tears I will shed that can bring you back, I know. That’s why I would want you to rest in peace.

15: A lot of thoughts crisscross my mind. One stands out from them all – why would you die at this point in time? You may not be able to answer me openly, but I hope I get the answer someday. Rest in peace.

Short Rest In Peace Messages

short Rest In Peace Messages

16: The road that leads to death is steep, an oblivious path too complex for the human mind to comprehend. Rest in peace.

17: Of all things I wished for you, death wasn’t even implied nor stated in them. How then did you give up to death, and now? Rest in peace.

18: There are momentary memories, those that pass with time. Then, there are memories that stay glued with us till time passes. Such are of yours and mine. Rest in peace.

19: You were the only person I wholeheartedly believed to be upright. You hated injustice with everything in you. You could have stayed around longer because your relevance is still viable. Rest in peace.

20: We live to die. That is factual, legal, and doctrinal. I hope to meet you again where there’s no fear of death. Rest in peace.

21: The heart of man is as a powerhouse where emotions are let out and information stored. I weep bitterly because your exit has dismantled the essence of my heart. Life won’t be the same without you.

22: Like a sapling, yours was a fragile life, tender and wilfully vulnerable to the scorching force of empathy. Your demise proves us wrong; you lived a champion. Rest in peace.

23: In the sweet by and by, my fingers shall brush your beautiful face, never to tremble or pull away. Rest in peace.

24: I treasured, and will always treasure the gift of your company. You were a friend whose ears and kind lips brought succour to my burdened heart. Rest in peace.

25: Down to the time when it was certain that you had drawn your final breath, I yet wished that you would blow your cover and have us shaking in pained laughter. May your soul rest in peace.

26: Other than the promise of a better place than this wicked world, there was nothing within my powers I wouldn’t do to keep you from bowing out from this planet. Rest in peace.

27: You came, lived and loved your kind and strangers. You stood when others were afraid to stand, and soared when the wind was revered as sacred. Rest in peace.

28: We will meet again; that I am resolutely sure of. Rest in peace.

29: I salute the life of the mighty, the hero of many. I want to congratulate you on a valuable life well lived. Rest in peace!

30: Everything that reflects life and living isn’t worth holding onto with tenacity because it is futile to do so. May your gentle soul rest in peace.

Long Rest In Peace Messages

long Rest In Peace Messages

31: Words come to me in stutters; it is unbelievable that you are dead. We shared a friendship which defied every ugly circumstance; the respect that we had for each other was as mutual as it was gracious. With all these beautiful things going for us, you still chose to leave. Rest in peace; it is hard to let go of you.

32: To every one of your friend, you were an epitome of selflessness. There was never a day you sat with anyone and didn’t look for something good to offer them. You lived life to the fullest; not for wanton pleasure, but to leave bits of yourself in many. It is an uncommon privilege to be counted among the beneficiaries of your many blessings. Rest in peace.

33: Without making any effort to hold back the outpour of tears from my tear glands, I wish to state emphatically that your death is a colossal loss to me and my entire family. You shook the very foundation of my household with your friendship and loyalty; which of your acts of kindness will we forget? I don’t intend to wake you up from your much needed rest, but I only wish you had thought better than to choose paradise over our hearts that longed for the paradise you gave. Rest in peace.

34: Part of the unconfessed truth about you is that it was certain you knew that you were living a rented life. Testimonies abound on how you didn’t afflict yourself with the worries and cares of this world, and you had your reasons. Wonderfully enough, your borrowed life was fruitful till the end. Rest in peace, mortal man!

35: A life of excellence is depicted by the true fun with which it is lived, not necessarily the rigid principles followed to the letter. I admired everything about your life, and the happiness that you never sucked in but freely gave. My prayer is that I live half the way you excellently lived yours. Rest in peace.

36: For someone like you, instead of sand, laureates should be thrown onto your casket. Rather than cry helplessly, I join the host of heaven to welcome you into your place of rest. What else is of life without honor? You lived a worthy life. Rest in peace, dearest.


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