A boring conversation is the nemesis for a lack of interesting questions to ask. It takes a person who wants to know more about another to get creative when it comes to extracting information through questions and answers.

If you are looking for questions to ask a guy, whether friend or lover, we have a compilation below, of sample questions to help you out. Copy and share!

Questions to Ask a Guy

1: When you get sad, what makes you happy?

2: How do you like your egg: poached or scrambled?

3: What will you give for a lifetime of happiness?

4: Which sport do you detest playing?

5: Do you like dogs?

6: Have you ever been stranded?

7: Have you helped a stranger before?

8: What do you want to have in 5 years’ time?

9: How well do you play table tennis?

10: What is your proudest moment in life?

11: How often do you eat junk foods?

12: What is the one thing you are very passionate about?

13: How old is your car?

14: Do you find life weird?

15: Are you a vegan?

16: What is your opinion on life in planet Mars?

17: What interests you most about women?

18: Have you ever struggled for recognition?

19: What’s your best food?

20: What time do you go to bed?

21: What’s the earliest time you’ve woken up from bed after a night rest?

22: Can you be termed a social drinker?

23: Do you prefer being indoors to staying outdoors?

24: Has anyone ever made fun of you?

25: Did you play under the rain as a child?

26: Do you still believe in the existence of Santa Claus?

27: How well do you drive?

28: Do you like peanut butter?

29: Has your wildest imagination landed you in trouble or saved you from one?

30: Which dish can you prepare effortlessly?

31: Are you a TV addict?

32: Are you aware of your HIV status?

33: How often do you drink water?

34: Which fruit is your best, any day, anytime?

35: How adventurous are you?

36: Have you ever been in a position where you were tongue-tied and confused?

37: Are you a soda addict?

38: How well do you know your parents?

39: Would you like to be like your older brother?

40: Will you like your daughter to date a man like you?

41: Which hobby of yours did you outgrow?

42: What’s your body weight?

43: Do you go for a yearly health check in the hospital?

44: How friendly are you with your neighbors?

45: Are you good with numbers?

46: Do you like chocolates?

47: Do you detest diary products?

48: What is your driving force toward making exploits in life?

49: Did you have a childhood pet?

50: How many days does it take you to read a novel of 100,000 words?

51: Between fantasy and romance, which genre of novel do you like most?

52: Which occasion have you had a pleasurable honor to attend?

53: Which cause will you support with your financial resources no matter the cost?

54: Do you believe in the afterlife?

55: Will you call yourself successful by the standard of the world?

56: How many golden opportunities have you missed in the course of your career pursuit?

57: Do you get along with your in-laws?

58: Have you ever stolen anything from anybody?

59: Have you been involved in a sexual scandal?

60: Have you ever collected a bribe?

61: Do you know your place of birth?

62: How conversant are you with sign language?

63: Has your perspective on love changed?

64: Do you trust your instincts?

65: Will you say that you are politically sound?

66: Can you remember a peculiar thing that happened to you as a toddler?

67: How can you define marriage?

68: Have you ever trusted the wrong person?

69: What was your first experience in the aeroplane like?

70: Have you had a face to face encounter with a burglar?

71: Have you ever stood for a lady you care about?

72: How many kids will you like to have?

73: Will you want to take a wife amongst your people, or a foreigner?

74: Has your hope ever been dashed when you least expected it?

75: What is the most humane thing you’ve ever done for anyone?

76: Who was your first crush?

77: Can you live with strangers for a week without arguing with them?

78: What’s your favorite childhood story?

79: Can you fight for your right even when many are up and against you?

80: Do you choose a thing by popular opinion or as you feel is right?

81: Can you bake a cake?

82: Have you ever walked out on a girl?

83: What’s your most rotten secret?

Dirty Questions To Ask A Guy

Dirty Questions To Ask A Guy

84: Have you ever had a quickie?

85: What was your first sex like?

86: Can you prepare a meal naked?

87: Have you ever made love in your balcony?

88: What has been the most difficult sexual position you’ve pulled?

89: How soft are your bums?

90: Have you ever seen a girl naked?

91: Which part of your body when touched, tickles you the most?

92: Did you get the chance to kiss your first crush?

93: Can you describe your first kiss?

94: Ever fantasized on having sex with your girl when your parents are home?

95: Do you moan when turned on?

96: How many rounds can you go?

97: Have you ever nibbled on nipples?

98: Do you like perky breasts or the large-sized ones?

99: Will you like to make love to me?

100: Where will you want me to kiss you?

101: Do you read adult novels?

102: What can you do to get a girl wet?

103: How often do you have sex?

104: Which would you like to see me on, lingerie or bikini?

105: Do you enjoy oral sex?

106: Have you been involved in a tryst?

107: If given the opportunity, can you make me cum?

108: Have you had anal sex?

109: Have you sex-texted before?

110: Can you have a sex chat with me?

111: Do you enjoy being fondled?

112: At what age did you learn about sex?

113: Do you want to kiss me?

114: How will I know if you want me?

115: Do you dream about making love to me?

116: What’s your most sensual sexual position?

117: How does an orgasm feel?

118: Can you live without having sex?

119: Do you like your lady to be on top while you’re under her?

120: Do you get turned on by dirty talks?

121: What’s your biggest sexual adventure?

122: What has been the most satisfying sexual encounter you’ve had?

123: Do you enjoy hearing me moan?

124: Can we do it on the kitchen table?

125: Can you make me orgasm with your fingers?

126: Will you want to be boob-sexed?

127: Will you want me to walk around naked in your house?

128: Can you kiss amorously?

129: Which sexual position will you want to try out with me?

Funny Questions To Ask A Guy

Funny Questions To Ask A Girl

130: How old do you look?

131: Can you work for a year without a pay?

132: Have you been infected with a disease you feared most?

133: Can you tell me your most hilariously embarrassing moment?

134: When did you find out that Santa Claus isn’t real?

135: How awful does your mouth smell when you wake up in the morning?

136: Have you ever dreamed that you are going to change the world?

137: What’s the most funny joke you’ve ever cracked?

138: What is your sense of humor like?

139: Have you ever escaped being caught when you went to steal from the kitchen?

140: Which animal sound can you make?

141: How much does a cat scare you?

142: Has a dog ever given you a chase?

143: How often do you tell lies?

144: What keeps your confidence intact when in a conversation with a gorgeous woman?

145: Who ratted on you the most when you were a child?

146: Have you ever peed on yourself as an adult?

147: Can you pronounce “tortilla” correctly?

148: How much is a million dollars to you?

149: Can you walk down your street naked for $100,000?

150: Have you been duped in broad daylight?

151: What’s the most hilarious name you’ve ever heard?

152: Have you ever farted in the public place?

153: Can you spot the difference between a real gold and a gold-plated metal?

154: What can make you wish for death in the twinkling of an eye?

155: What has been the most stupid thing that you’ve ever done for money?

156: What’s the most weird rule you’ve ever followed?

157: Have you ever been scared by a shadow?

158: Can you marry your school bully’s sister?