In marriage, when all has been said and done, the true test of your commitment to your wife is your persistence in the place of prayer on her behalf. In no uncertain terms, situations that could threaten her love for you, her health, or her well-being warrant that you as her husband, are alert to help her overcome with powerful words of prayers.

Even when she’s hale and hearty, you’ll find a deeper level of intimacy with her as you continually lift her up in prayers. Don’t know how to go about it? Not to fret; we have you covered with the following samples of powerful prayers for your wife. They have been written to inspire you to take up this holy calling as you are led in the spirit.

Powerful Prayers For Wife

1. Dear Lord,

I honor and glorify your name for your gift of a loving wife to me. Today, I request that you guide her through all the activities that she will engage in. May your peace that passes every human understanding reign in her heart always. Amen.

2. Father,

Thank you for the life of my precious wife. You know her more than I do myself. Therefore, I ask that you answer all her unsaid heart desires beyond her imaginations. Surprise her beautifully and even through me, that all the adoration shall be returned unto you. Amen.

3. Merciful God,

You are worthy to receive all my thanks and praises to you for the life of my best half. For your undivided attention on her well-being, I thank you. May your good works in her life never come to an end. Rather, may they increase and enlarge in such a way that people will testify that you are a good God.

4. My Heavenly Father,

I come to you at this moment with a heart soaked in humility, bringing my wife to your feet of grace. In your compassion for me, may you touch her heart to forgive me for wronging her. Lord, I ask that you open her eyes to see that I am sorry, and won’t repeat such a mistake against her again. Amen.

5. Lord,

It is by your mercies that we are not consumed; great is your faithfulness! I am not ungrateful not to return to thank you for delivering my wife from a terrible affliction that almost claimed her life. Thank you, now, today, and always.

6. Jehovah,

I lift you high above every situation and circumstance in my marriage. Considering my wife and I’s desire to have our own babies, Lord, answer us speedily. Wipe away our tears, and make my wife a mother. We will never cease to sing your praises to the world when you do this for us. Amen.

7. My Help in the ages past,

You remain the same, from generation to generation. Thank you for you are ever true and faithful in the life of my darling wife. On this day, it is my prayer that you grant her success in the job interview she will be sitting for today. Take control, and cause her to find favor before her interviewers. Amen.

8. Precious Lord,

Grant my wife the enablement to trust you implicitly in her times of need. Show her that the way to be joyful at all times is by relying on you without nursing any doubts. Thank you because I know you have started speaking to her heart. Amen.

9. Dear Father,

You are loving and kind to your children; I can’t extol you enough about your dealings with me and my wife in our new marriage. Be exalted for I know that in the fullness of time, you shall increase us in wealth. Bless the labor of my wife’s hands, and make her fruitful in all her ways. Amen.

10. Most High God,

You are indeed, God all by yourself. I beseech you with a broken heart today because of my wife. I treat her lovingly, but she doesn’t seem to have any reason to honor me in her words and actions to me. Teach her to love me the way I deserve. Answer me quickly, Lord. Amen.

11. Father in Heaven,

I love you with all my heart and I know you are a prayer-answering father. Protect my wife from harm’s way as she moves out today for her daily bread. Secure and preserve her with every step that she is likely to take today. Amen.

Powerful Prayers For Wife

Prayers For My Wife For Strength

12: The Giver of Strength, Jehovah is your name. I have no other person or god to call upon except you. Today, I ask that you visit my wife who is drained of her physical strength. Let your supernatural power consume every part of her body to restore and renew. Amen.

13: Lord, I acknowledge your supremacy over our lives. You reign over everything that concerns us; that is why I confidently present my wife’s failing strength before you. Infuse into her the power that can quicken the mortal body to come alive again. Do it and to the glory of your holy name. Amen.

14: My Restorer, in you I live and become. For blessing my lowly life with the grand gift of a wife, I bless you. I take authority in your name today, to curse every source of my wife’s poor strength. At this moment, let there be a restoration of energy for her to be on her feet and bustling with strength. Amen.

15: My Source of strength, you are incomparable in all your ways. Before I knelt down with my prayer request, you already knew why. Your daughter, who also is my wife is in an ugly health state that has deprived her of her physical and mental strengths. I request that you strengthen her miraculously. Let the whole world know that you are still the God of a second chance. Amen.

16: Elohim, I worship you because you are God and you never change. As you were in the past, so are you today, and will be in my wife’s life. Restore her strength which has been gone for days now. Turn her situation around, and prove yourself an unchangeable God. Amen.

Healing Prayers For My Wife

17: You are the Lord that heals us of all our diseases and infirmities. My wife’s health condition is known to you, and I am convinced that you can heal her. Roll away the disease in her body; make her whole in Jesus’ name. Amen.

18: Dearest Jesus, you are the answer to every challenge that comes to our ways. Send your word to my wife who is on her sick bed helpless, and heal her like only you can do. Thank you because I know it is done in your name.

19: You are Jesus Christ, the one by whose stripes we were healed. Thank you for your ever true promises of healing to my wife. As she looks unto you for the healing of her heart disease, may you never cut her expectations off. Answer her, Lord, to the glory of your mighty name. Amen.

20: Loving Jesus, you declared that healing is the bread of the children. By virtue of being a co-heir to the kingdom, my wife is qualified to be fed the healing bread from above. Give her to her satisfaction, dear Lord, and our mouths shall continually sing your praises

Prayers For Wife

Prayers For Wife In Pain

21: Marvellous God, it is your will that your children enjoy a healthy life, free from recurrent afflictions. Therefore, I pray at this moment for my wife who is suffering from untold pains. I declare that she has been made whole by the power in your promise of a pain-free life. Amen.

22: His Eternal Excellency, you do outstanding things for your pleasure. I ask that you take away the pain on my wife’s chest caused by an inexplicable syndrome. We don’t care about the cause; all we are concerned about is that you can heal her within the shortest period of time. Amen.

23: You are Jehovah Rapha, our Healer. We wholeheartedly call upon you to step into my dear wife’s case. You are not pleased that she’s in deep suffering so, Lord, lift the pain away from her body. Take absolute control, and may only you be seen at work in her life. Amen.

24: Lord, I thank you for you are trustworthy. I present before you, my wife who has been in many days of labor. Please, intervene. I don’t know how you will do it, but I believe without any doubt in me that you can deliver her from this pain. Amen.

25: Father, you are the savior of our souls. Also, you understand us better than we do ourselves. I request, Lord, that you meet my wife at the point of her need to save her from depression that has but her through lots of bodily pains. Heal her. Lord, heal her mightily. Amen.

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