News of disaster and evil occurrences assault our hearing almost on a daily basis. No part of this world is left out of the destruction which threatens the existence and peace of mankind. Even if we are safe today, we can’t guarantee that tomorrow will be safe too. That’s the reason why many of us live in the fear of the unpredictable, since wickedness has become the order of the day.

But in all, we are sure of one thing: God’s protection is our solace. As Corrie Ten Boom charged, we should never be afraid to trust our unknown future to a known God. So, when anxiety arises or fear strikes for your life and endeavors, as well as your loved ones’, turn to the powerful prayers for protection and safety below, backed by bible verses for comfort and strength.

God will surely answer you.

Powerful Prayers For Protection

My dear Lord, I adore you this day for you are my Mighty Man in Valor. You are the One who rules from heaven and is righteous in all your ways. I come with a humble heart to ask you for your protection from the wicked who are prepared to unleash their weapons against me. It is disheartening that there is no justice left on earth; absolute justice can only be obtained from you. Therefore, Father, arise for my sake. As closely as You watch everything that takes place on earth, may Your mercy always be near to Your child. I have no place to run to except to You. Keep me, Father, and may only Your Name be highly glorified, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.~ (Psalms 11:1-7)

O Lord my God, I lift my eyes to behold the light of Your glory, and I can’t deny that You are awesome in Your splendor. For every word I utter from my heavy heart, I am convinced that You are set to answer me accordingly. Because your don’t delight in evil, You will destroy the schemes of proud sinners against my life and family. No form of deception and lie against us shall stand for we are shielded by Your endless love and mercy. Instead of destruction, exalt us. Instead of shame, may we be conquerors. Our enemies shall be caught in their own traps, and they will fall under the weight of their wickedness.~ (Psalm 5:1-12).

My precious Father, I thank You for the gift of this beautiful day. It is my desire to be a positive-thinking person every day I step into a new day. I know that out of my heart flows the issues of life. The truth is, without Your help, I won’t be able to guard it with diligence. So, Lord, I invite you into my heart, to keep and protect from destructive thoughts that could come from things I see and hear today. I request that the Holy Spirit guide my thinking to what is true, good and right. May I be compelled to think about things that are pure and lovely, and to dwell on the wonderful qualities in others. As I step out today, may my lifestyle serve as a form of protection to the people around me because my heart is right with You.~ (Proverbs 4:23; Romans 12:2)

Prayers For Protection And Safety Of Family

Powerful Prayers For Protection And Safety

In You do I trust, Eternal King of Glory. I am not afraid because You are with me and every member of my family. We claim You as our God, therefore, we will not be put to shame. Father, your unfailing promises to us are of journey mercies, protection, and security. For that, we take our eyes away from every idol, president, governor, or security personnel, and fix them on You. No harm shall befall anyone who trusts in You; the boasts of those who despise us will turn to cries of fear. This is where our confidence lies, and we are sure that You’ve heard us, in Jesus’ glorious Name. Amen. ~ (Psalms 43:5-7, 14)

Faithful Jehovah, I worship You in the beauty of Your holiness. I am not ignorant of the devices of the enemy and his cohorts; it seems as though their armies are gaining ground by the day. But I hide myself and my children in You, living every day of our lives in boldness because Your Holy Spirit in us isn’t the spirit of fear. We choose to exemplify courage and love for in doing so, people will see that Your power is at work in our lives. ~ (2 Corinthians 2:11; 2 Timothy 1:7)

Lord, You’ve always been our ever present help in times of trouble. As my wife is prepared to embark on a journey, I humbly ask for Your protection on her. Remind her at all times, that You are with her in every circumstance – as the arrow flies by day, as terror ravages the night, as plague spreads forth destruction at midday. No matter the kind of ugly news that appear on the TV and the internet, or the ones she would hear of or witness, shield her from fear, Lord. Lead her safely to and from her destination. At last, I will return all the glory to You. ~ (Psalms 91:5-6)

Prayers For Protection Against Evil

I run speedily to You, my Savior for Your protection against the evil which threatens to rob me of my peace, health and life, in that order. Lord, if You don’t come to my deliverance, I’m afraid that my enemies will glory in my destruction when this evil carries me off like a lion to tear me into consumable pieces. Father, I come to You with clean hands: if I have ever done anything wrong or instigated violence or betrayed anyone to deserve this terrible affliction, may You withhold Your mercies from my life, and let my enemies scorn me. But if I am being afflicted for no cause, arise on my behalf, Lord, and strongly oppose this evil in my life. Give me justice, and prove my innocence to my enemies. ~ (Psalms 7:1-9)

Father, I call on Your help from the darkest pit of despair. Hear me, Lord, and answer me for I have become entangled in evil. I confess that I deliberately walked into this terrible situation; it was with my full knowledge that I involved myself in it. If You decide to reward me according to my sins, I would be forever doomed. Forgive me, dear Father! Deliver me from the terror of this evil – I patiently wait, expecting and trusting that You will help me because of Your loving compassion upon me. ~ (Psalms 130:1-6)

Jehovah, You are my defence, my protection, and my refuge. Your righteousness is faultless; as long as I put my trust in You, You’ll lead and guide me away from all manners of evil. Even the traps set against my life shall be useless to my enemies for I am resting in Your care. You’ll have mercy upon me, and would never let my enemies to capture me. ~ (Psalms 31:1-5)

Prayers Of Protection For Your Relationship

Powerful Prayers For Protection And Safety

My loving Father, You are the founder of relationships, and by Your loving example, have taught us to love from our hearts. I commit my relationship with my parents into Your hands. Make it a happy one, teaching us tolerance, compassion, and kindness for one another. Whenever my parents are angry with me, stir my heart to give a soft answer to their concerns, keeping my tongue away from profanities. Help me to forgive them easily. In all, guide us to love one another as You’ve loved us. ~ (John 3:16; Ephesians 4:32; Proverbs 15:1)

Heavenly Father, it is with joy that I bring my relationship with my dear friends to Your throne of grace. I desire that You protect us from the spirit of betrayal, hatred, bitterness and rancor for one another. Instead, let Your love saturate our hearts continually, giving no room for filth and evil. Prosper our kind thoughts and uphold us in Your grace. (Psalms 133:1)

Prayers For Protection And Safety At Work

Lord, I reverence Your blessed presence in my life. For that, I say thank you. I bring my workplace to You, asking that Your presence permeate into every department. Protect us from disaster and any eventuality that is life-threatening. Without Your protection, we ate but ready preys to danger that lurks around the corner. Keep us as we work, guide us as we leave to our various homes. Amen. ~ (Psalms 91)

I draw my strength and protection from You, sweet Lord. It is in Your will that I enjoy Your protection even in my workplace. I am confident that no weapon of lies, gang-ups, and discrimination put up against me shall prosper. You will give me the boldness and wisdom to condemn every tongue that rises up against me to defame me. So shall it be, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. ~ (Isaiah 54:17)

With these powerful prayers, we can guarantee you that your heart are kept strong and protected from fear and unease. Above all, God who is still in the business of hearing and answering prayers will ensure that none of your requests goes unattended to!


Kenny is the founder and editor-in-chief of TheTalka. He launched the site in 2019.

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