Your husband is the man who God has set as the head of your family. He is your friend, lover, and the father of your children. Therefore, his welfare should be your concern. It isn’t possible to look after him when he’s far and away, but you can commit him to God in prayers to do so and more.

A prayer you offer for your husband can do wonders, that’s why we have provided sample prayers you can present for your husband concerning diverse areas of his life.

Prayers For My Husband’s Success

1: Heavenly Father, I thank you for the life of my husband, and for the ability you’ve given him to be successful in all his ways. Today, may You cause his paths to be straight and not crooked. Lift him above his needs, in Jesus’ Name.

2: I decree that my husband’s life is filled with an abundance of favor. It shall be well with him in the morning and in the evening. The mercies of the Lord shall be his in all he does. Amen.

3: I declare that everything my husband touches today is blessed. He is the head, and not the tail. Only goodness and mercy shall follow him all the days of his life. He is victorious in all his ways, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

4: My husband’s hands are not dry but oily. He will do much more today than he did yesterday. All around him, things shall fall in place for his good. He is the first and not the last. There’s nothing that will be impossible to him.

5: Whatever my husband lays his hands upon shall receive multiplication and an abundance of greatness. He will be the leader, one who lights the way for others to follow. He will not be down but up; the glory of the Lord is risen upon him.

Prayers For My Husband’s Success

6: I pray today, that my lovely husband will sit before kings and not mean men. He will obtain favor from men, and his endeavors shall have successful outcomes. No challenge shall keep him down for he is a high flyer.

7: My husband’s business will flourish; there will be no staleness in all his hands do. I speak speed into his life; he will overtake his enemies and will climb greater heights, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

8: Today and always, my husband is superior in his calling. He is the best in his field, and there will be no time he will fail. He is the ambassador of the Most High, excelling in the jobs he is assigned.

9: Whatever is dry, my husband’s presence shall make it viable. Whatever is slow, my husband’s creativity shall give it speed. Whatever is dead, God will use my husband to make it rise again, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

10: Wherever my husband steps into today shall experience plenteousness. He is the carrier of God’s divine blessings, and nothing shall stop him from manifesting greatness in his workplace.

11: I command anything difficult to be made easy for my husband. May every mountain melt before him, and may every valley be exalted in his case. He will never fail because the glory of the Lord shall attract success to him.

12: None of my husband’s efforts shall be a waste today. He will put in little, and get a great result. He will not make any mistake that will bring him regrets.

13: There will be no power capable of preventing my hubby from thriving in his place of honor. He has the blessings of Jehovah working in his life, therefore he will be exceptional in all his ways, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Prayers For My Husband’s Protection

14: Today, and as my husband goes out, he will be surrounded by the angels of the living God. They will give him protection, and he will not strike any of his feet against the stone.

Prayers For My Husband’s Protection

15: There’s no fear in me over my husband’s protection because I know that God is in control of his life. He is kept from harm’s way, and will never be hurt by enemies.

16: The arrow that flies by day shall miss my husband. He will never be a casualty in any way, wherever he may be.

17: The terror by night shall not befall my husband. Even when evil people gather against him, they will scatter by the power in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

18: A thousand shall fall on the side of my husband, and ten thousand on his right hand, but none of them shall come near him because his safety is of the Lord. Amen.

19: Dear husband, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. You shall escape from every form of gang up against your life. Testimonies of the Lord’s protection shall be your portion in the name of Jesus Christ.

20: My confidence is in the fact that God who we serve shall protect my husband from all evil. Even as he drives on the highway, no accident shall befall him. His going out and coming in are preserved, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

21: The angels of the Lord always surround my husband to keep him protected from divinations and enchantments. His sanity is preserved, and no strange illness shall befall him, in Jesus’ Name.

22: Today, my husband is in the hedge of protection from the Lord. No serpent will bite him. His body is kept safe from any form of poisoning. I declare that he will never fall into the hands of evil men.

23: Just as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so is my husband surrounded by the Lord. He will be kept safe wherever he is. For his sake, many lives will be saved when terror strikes. Whenever he calls upon the Lord, he will be rescued.

24: Dear Lord, protect my husband from harm. He is the apple of Your eyes, therefore may You contend with those who contend with him. Amen.

25: When there’s a storm ahead of my husband, may the Lord keep him behind. When there’s danger coming to where he is, may the Holy Spirit prompt him to escape.

Prayers For My Husband’s Strength

Prayers For My Husband’s Strength

26: Father in heaven, may You empower Your son with the power to do exploits today. I pray that You give him the strength of will to do what is right and pleasing in your sight, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

27: Ancient of Days, I commit my husband into Your able hands. I pray that in the place of fear, may courage rule in his heart. Lead him as you would your sheep of pasture. Give him the firmness of mind to resist evil and do good, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

28: I pray that in the place of fear, my husband will be strengthened in his heart. Where there is anger and trouble, may the joy of the Lord be his strength. Father, preserve him in the strength of Your love, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

29: Lord, increase my husband’s strength. Where he is weak, renew his strength, and may You be his portion forever, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

30: Lord, as my husband trusts in you, may he never be put to shame. Remind him always, that You’re with him to keep him from collapsing under pressure. Anoint him to do more in You.

31: Father, when enemies rise up against my husband, may You be his defence. Arise in Your power, and give him the strength of the mind to battle challenges.

32: Jehovah, You are the giver of strength. Where my husband feels weak, inspire him to look upon Your grace and be strengthened. May his flesh never overcome his spirit in times of temptation.

Prayers For My Husband At Work

33: I pray today, that the labor of my husband’s hands shall not be in vain. He will be enriched not just by his labor, but by the favor of the Lord.

34: My King of glory, cause my husband to earn recognition in his place of work. I declare that his glory will not be veiled by wicked bosses and evil men. When it is his time to shine, may no power say otherwise.

35: Dear Father, as my husband goes out today to earn a living, may You prosper him. May You rebuke the devourer for his sake. Give him the grace to save and to invest aright, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

36: Father, provide for my husband destiny helpers who will motivate him to mount upon his high places. I rebuke laziness and procrastination from his life, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

37: Lord, help my husband to see and grab opportunities that will elevate him. Open his mind to learn success principles that will make his work flourish.

38: Dear Lord, make ways for my husband. Increase his income, and give him promotions. Honor the fruit of his labor, and may he not forget you when his hands make wealth.

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