The sickness of the body and spirit seems to be taking over the health of many in rapid succession. Sometimes, there is little to do for our friends and even for ourselves in the face of prevailing bad health. But the good news is that when every other solution fails, there’s great comfort and consolation in the place of prayer.

Prayer has proven to be a formidable force on earth. It is essential in every area of a person’s life, not just as a way to communicate with God, but as a boost to one’s faith that all things are possible. Agree with us that the following powerful prayers of healing with their accompanying bible verses will speak effectively to, and roll away every disease and affliction in you or your loved one.

Powerful Prayers For Healing

1: My Father in Heaven, I humbly come before you, bearing my burden of sickness and disease. It is my confidence that you will bring me back to complete health and give me another chance to live in the fullness of life. I hold onto, and believe your word that my restoration is sure. Amen. (Isaiah 38:16)

Dear Lord, I thank you for your unfailing mercies toward my family members and my friends. Be honored for the life of my mother who is hospitalized at the moment. It is your good pleasure to give us back our health and heal our wounds. I also believe that the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Right now, I speak words of healing into my mother’s health. I will continue to trust in and pour my heart to you, believing strongly that in no distant time, she will be back on her feet singing your praise for healing her. Thank you because it is so, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. (Jeremiah 30:17; James 5:16)

2: Jehovah, we are grateful to You for Your faithfulness. We lift up your name above every situation known to man, including bad health. For the health of our dear friend who is battling with depression, we thank you, knowing fully well that You are in control. Your Word says that you will bring health and healing to our friend, and will grant him the ability to enjoy overflowing peace and security. Since you have You can never lie, may he receive the answer to his needs according to Your Word. Amen. (Jeremiah 33:6)

3: Everlasting King of Glory, I bow to Your Majesty because Your reign is timeless and ageless. Be glorified for being the Lord who heals my afflictions. Thank You because even though I feel a hot and searing pain through my joints, I have been positioned to be healed. I believe it with everything in me, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. (Exodus 15:26)

4: Father, I speak with authority in Your Name. You are not a man that You should lie, nor are You the son of man to repent of Your word. It is impossible that You will disappoint my teacher who has been on her sickbed for a couple of years. Just as doctors have failed her as the human beings they are, I am convinced that You will show up strongly for her. Heal her, Lord. Let there be a change in her state for the best, only to the glory of Your Mighty Name. Amen. (Numbers 23:19; Psalm 41:3)

5: Faithful God, I bless You for who You are. You are faithful to those who are called by Your Holy Name. You are true to exalt Yourself through Your word that You will remove sickness from our midst. I declare that no sickness shall hold me nor any of my loved one down for they have no power because You’ve banished them from our lives. We will live our lives in satisfaction without the fear of diseases and death, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. (Exodus 23:25)

Powerful Prayers For Healing With Bible Verses

Short Prayers For Healing And Recovery

6: Precious Healer, I am assured that I will again, rejoice in You as You will do Your good work of healing in me. All that I lost in strength and joy my heart is ready to receive in a hundred folds. I will be glad, yes, and will make merry with my soul for because my healing is sure in You. (Joel 2:25)

7: Excellent God, thank You for having Your eyes all over us despite our shortcomings. You are dependable in all Your ways, and in Your promise, You will guide us into our place of rest and healing. We vow to You today, that as You heal us, our lips shall sing the praises You will put in our mouths. Amen. (Isaiah 57:18)

8: Ancient of Days, I adore You for You are God. It is for my sins that Jesus Christ went through untold sufferings, and by His stripes, I received my healing. Thank You for my healing is a done deal. Amen. (Isaiah 53:5)

9: My Most High God, I bless You for are incomparable Healer of the wounded and broken-hearted. I ask that You heal and bring succor to my sick classmate and her family. Do it for us speedily, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. (Psalm 147:2)

10: Almighty Healer of different diseases and ailments, we request You to be merciful and kind to our dear grandfather who is having arthritic pains on his legs. Amen (Matthew 10:8)

11: Dear Jesus, I lift Your name up because You will see my sister through her recovery from pneumonia. Her recovery is possible because You deliver is from all afflictions we may find ourselves in. Amen. (Psalm 34:19)

12: Almighty God, the Scriptures tell us that it is a good thing that our body, soil and spirit should prosper. Therefore, we humbly ask for the speedy healing and recovery of our brothers and sisters admitted in hospitals whose bodies, souls, and spirits have been broken by sickness. Amen. (3 John1:2)

13: Compassionate Father, You’ve never turned deaf ears to earnest cries of prayer from Your children. You always come down in Your power and might to deliver and heal us from troubles and afflictions. May You answer once more as I call on You on behalf of my distressed neighbor. Amen. (Psalm 107:19-20)

Powerful Prayers For Healing

Prayers For Healing For A Friend

14: Thank You, Lord, because You don’t stay angry but You are full of endless mercies. In total humility to Your Excellency, I ask that You heal my friend who went down the wrong path of life and in misery. She has repented of her ways, and we plead that You hear and answer us. Lord, heal her to the glory of Your Name. Amen.(2 Corinthians 7:14)

15: Jesus, my Beautiful Healer. You have the power to heal and make whole. May You visit my dear friend who is battling with an ailment in the hospital. Give him healing and bring amazing restoration to his body. Amen. (Luke 5:17)

16: Lord, You are the Giver of strength to the weak and have never failed to uphold those who are looking onto You for power. Show up in my friend’s health. Restore strength to his legs and by Your power, may he start making good use of them soonest. Amen. (Isaiah 40:29)

17: My Father in Heaven, I reverence Your Holy Name. In Your abundance of kindness, show my friend mercy and heal Him of his sufferings. You haven’t changed and are capable of doing awesome miracles in his life. Thank You for it’s done in Jesus’ Name. Amen. (Psalm 6:2)

Healing Prayers For A Loved One

18: You’ve always been a good God who specializes in taking away sicknesses and awful diseases from Your people. For the life of my beloved friend, I thank You, believing that ever before I knelt down to call on You for her healing that You’ve healed her of this disease that defied medical intervention. It is only a matter of time, and she will bounce back to her new and better self. Amen. (Deuteronomy 7:15)

19: My Loving Jesus, You deserve the honour and glory for who You are to my husband. I commit his health into Your able hands, with faith that You have healed him. Thank You for being our peace. Amen. (Mark 5:34)

20: As I speak over my child’s health and stretch out my hand in the direction of his school, I boldly declare that she is healed in Jesus’ wondrous Name. Amen. (Acts 4:30)

21: It is not news anymore, Lord, that my father is suffering from a terrible skin disease. You alone heal the sick and make clean anyone whose skin has been eaten up by diseases. Step into his condition and do mighty things only You know how to do best. Amen. (Matthew 10:8)

22: You are the Lord of sudden miracle. You’ve proved Yourself over time that You are capable of healing us instantly. As I call on You on behalf of my fiancee, may You give her speedy healing. At this point in time, do wonders only You can do, and make her whole. (Luke 13:13)

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