Friendship is a deep bond only committed hearts understand. When we genuinely care about our friends, their welfare becomes a priority to us. We may not always tell or show them physically, but our words of prayers on their behalf are often what they need to go through life and difficult times. The sweetest thing about prayers is the simplicity with which it could be offered.

Yet, it performs incredible miracles. Why not take your friend to God today, using the following sincere words of prayers? You won’t go wrong with any of them.

Prayers For Your Friend’s Success

1: Dear Lord, I commit my friend into your able right hand of righteousness, asking that you make him successful in all his ways. Increase his earnings, and sanctify the labor of his hands.

2: Heavenly Father, I know You are a faithful God who hears and answers the petitions of Your children. I pray that you visit my friend gloriously. No man encounters You and is afflicted by poverty. May Your blessings embarrass and uplift him. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

3: Lord, I entreat you this day on behalf of my friend who desires open doors in her career and ministry. I pray that You enlarge her coast, and cause an overflow of Your blessings in all her getting.

Prayers For Your Friend’s Success

4: Precious Lord, I am convinced through Your word, that You are the Father of every good and perfect gift. Therefore, I am encouraged to beseech You for my friend’s success in his academic pursuits. May the resources for his education never run dry, and may You stir his professors to favor him beyond every logical reason. Amen.

5: You are my prayer-answering Father, and I believe You will answer me as I bring my friend before You. Lord, I ask that You prove Yourself great in his life, making the little efforts he put into his work to yield abundant results. May he struggle less, and enjoy fruitfulness to his amazement.

6: Father, I acknowledge that You are the One who teaches our hands to make wealth. By that, I implore You to step into my friend’s case and possess his mind with innovative ideas that will change his world. All the glory and honor shall be returned to You at last.

7: My King of Glory, I thank You for Your steadfast love and kindness. Today, I come with a burden in my heart which has to do with prospering my good friend. It is my desire that You cause him to excel, flourish, and in turn, become a blessing to Your people. I ask this knowing that You will answer me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

8: Father, Your word says that we shall decree a thing, and it will stand. Taking authority from that, I decree that my friend will be successful. She will be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, and shall bring forth fruits in her season. This is her season to flourish, and I declare that nothing will keep her from manifesting it, in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.

Prayers For Your Friend In Pain

Prayers For Your Friend In Pain

9: My Loving Father, it isn’t Your good desire that any of Your children will be in anguish, given life circumstances. With total humility of the heart, I ask that You take away distress and pain from my friend and in their place, give him joy and cheerfulness. May You remind him of Your enduring mercies in times of need. I know You will never leave him nor forsake him at this time when he needs You the most.

10: You, Lord, are the Balm in Gilead. You alone understand my friend’s source of pain, and know the most suitable way of consoling her. Even when it is difficult for her words to express the magnitude of her hurt, You know, and will heal her completely.

11: There is no healer like You, Jehovah, the reason I call You the Greatest Healer. I call upon You today concerning my friend’s health state. Touch her in the way only You can, and restore wholeness into her.

12: I totally rely on You, Jehovah Rapha, regarding my friend’s mental health. He is battling with bouts of depression which have defied every medical intervention. I am sure that there’s no misery that You can’t handle, therefore I ask You, Father, to perform a miracle in his life that will defy every medical explanation, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

13: Dear Lord, You are our impossibility specialist; there’s no form of pain that is in any way hard for You to take away. My friend needs You now more than ever. He is heartbroken and helpless from the recent divorce he went through. Be everything comforting to him. Stretch forth Your hand of healing toward him to bring him succor. This I pray in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

14: You are our amazing God, the champion of our health. For his pain, give my friend gain. For his affliction, surround him with affection. Lift him up and above the circumstances that trigger pain in his life.

15: I am proud to call You God, the only one who turns grief into dancing. Arise, Lord, and defend my friend in this time of difficulties in his life. Honor your word in his life, give him rest, and may You bring him into a place of sound relief from pains, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Prayers For Your Friend In Need

Prayers For Your Friend In Need

16: Father, I thank You for the privilege to call on You in our times of need. I request You to bear my friend’s dire need for a job. You have the heart of the king in Your hand; touch the heart of the man in whose authority the job lies. Cause him to find favor in his sight, to the glory of Your Holy Name.

17: Your word says that we should call upon You in the days of trouble and You will show us great and mighty things. Lord, I call on You today to come to the rescue of my friend in need of his freedom from the prison. He is innocent of the crime he was accused of, and that is why we crave for Your vindication of him. Show the world that only You are the righteous judge by letting the case to turn around in his favor.

18: I have no doubts that You are an able God who can meet Your own at the point of their needs. I request for Your intervention in my friend’s demand for a child of her own. You give generously; may her womb carry babies. Make her fruitful beyond her expectations that her tears will be wiped away.

19: In total surrender to Your perfect will for her, I ask You, Lord, to restore my friend’s marriage. Work on her heart, as well as her husband’s. Make them see Your undying love for them which quickens the heart to love unconditionally.

20: You are God all by Yourself, the only Giver of blessings. May You supply my friend’s needs of money and promotion according to Your riches in glory through Your son, Jesus Christ. Do it, and our mouths shall testify to the glory of Your name.

Prayers For Your Friend’s Happiness

Prayers For Your Friend’s Happiness

21: Father, You are the source of true happiness. I pray for my friend who is saddened by his poor test result. Give him warm hugs that will lighten his burdened heart. Doing that will also bring him joy and the strength to study for a better result next time.

22: With joy shall we draw water from the well of salvation. So does Your word say in the Bible. Lord, take away sorrow from my friend’s heart. She is in a place of pain over the loss of her mother. Fill her heart with joy, and the fortitude to bear the loss.

23: You are the God of miracles whose tender words light up a sorrowful heart. In my friend’s case, show Yourself mightily by giving him songs of melody to sing even though life hasn’t been all smooth for him. Embrace him with Your love, and may the cheerfulness that is inexplicable keep him going.

24: Lord, I count on You for the deliverance of my dear friend from the cycle of moodiness that seems to control his life. Baptize him with the joy of the Holy Ghost, and may he realize that situations by themselves don’t bring happiness. Groom his dependence on You.

25: Jehovah, You are our ever present help in times of need. I hereby intercede on my friend’s behalf, that You anoint his head with oil of gladness. Answer his deepest prayers that his joy might be full.

26: I am assured that You make ways where there was never a way. Concerning my friend’s desire for happiness, inspire him to reflect on what You do for him without his asking for them. Help him to see the light of Your glory in the affairs of his life; with that, his heart shall be merry all the time.

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