Prayer can be a request or a way of communicating needs to a higher person or Being. As Christians, we pray to God in Jesus’ Name. To many, the art of praying is undertaken not just for themselves but for a loved one. Girlfriends are one of the special people whose wellness, happiness, and prosperity are of a huge concern to their lovers.

While you could do little when it comes to difficult situations such as terminal sicknesses, saying a prayer for her is one of the greatest prices you can ever pay out of love. It is essential to pray though it can get boring at times, especially when it has been repetitively said. Also, given the busyness associated with this Facebook Age, it becomes a lot easier to say that the spirit is willing to pray, but the flesh is weak.

If you’re finding it difficult to make repetitive prayers, or you hardly make a chance to get down on your knees to offer words of petition to heaven, here are a collection of simple and sincere prayers which you can say for your girlfriend, no matter how petty or large the situation could be.

General prayer for girlfriend

With a grateful heart, I come before your throne of grace, my Heavenly Father. With a voice full of thanks and praises, I declare that You’re the King over all that is in existence, including the loving woman You have made me to have as my girlfriend.

Everything about her is beautiful, just as you purposed. She is an evidence that You give good and perfect gifts to those You love. I thank You, for providing me with the heart to learn how to love her as You do.Dear Lord, I thank You for also giving her an amazing heart for You, which by extension, loves and cares for me.

No matter what my past seems to look like, her coming into my life has made me a new person, someone who desires to be a better man that suits her godliness. It has not been an easy decision, but her encouragement and loving have pulled me through the difficult stages of my renewal. Father, You chose her to complement the weak aspects of my life.

It is a privilege to count me a blessed man without my being worth the favour. Therefore, Lord, I request that this good work which You’ve started in my life, become perfected according to Your will. Increase my girlfriend (mention her name), and solidly keep us in one mind and with one goal, which is to please You through our relationship.

Help us not to bring shame to your glorious name, rather, use us as instruments to reconcile men to You. As we draw closer to You, may the bond we share become deeper and more meaningful toward a defined future. I have prayed, believing that You’ve answered me,

                                                                                                In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

prayer for your girlfriend

Father, I thank You for a brand new day and for an opportunity to seek Your lovely face. You’re beautiful in all Your way. That, I cannot deny. Your mercies are enduring despite my shortcomings. One of the signs You’ve shown me to prove Your steadfast love for me, is the miracle of an affectionate lady as my girlfriend.

There were days when I questioned Your love for me, those days when it appeared as though I’m unlovable. Now I know that You made me wait for a reason. You understood my need for a companion who would love me for who I’m becoming in You, and gave me (mention her name) as my girlfriend. In those seasons when I had my heart broken, while breaking some hearts by myself, You were patiently teaching me the importance of commitment to one person. How I yearned to pour out my love…without any reserve.

You have always known how delicate my trusting heart is, hence, You facilitated our paths to cross in the most unexpected way. My heart is at rest, and I am ready to do Your will in this relationship. Possess me with the strength to love her as Christ loves His church. Show me the right ways to deal with our differences.

I pray for the wisdom to exercise restraint when I feel like rebuking her for the mistakes she makes. Open my eyes daily, to find reasons to honour and appreciate her. Father, I ask that You take hold of her heart. Show her Your ways, and draw her closer to You.

Even as You are taking her through godliness, I pray for the patience to hold on till the end. I wouldn’t want to give up on her because of her background. I choose to focus on the great future that lies ahead of her as my girlfriend. Therein lies my strength to stick with her. May the light of Your presence beam on our relationship in order to expose everything that wouldn’t permit us to enjoy a stress-free companionship.

I wouldn’t want to remain a boyfriend to her. May You gloriously make real our plans for a long-lasting relationship at a higher stage in life. Teach us submission, and forgiveness. Help us in our simple ways, full of intolerable wrongdoings. As we see each other through Your eyes, may our love keep growing in leaps and bounds. All these I have prayed,

                                                                                                In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Prayer for your girlfriend who you desire to have godly virtues

Most precious Father, I thank you for yet another moment to behold Your glory through prayers. It is an indescribable honour to come before the Master Planner of the Universe, the One who changes people to be the best of who You’ve created them to become. I bless Your name for the girlfriend who you’ve given me to love and to cherish. You know her better than I do, the reason I bring her case to You. There are obvious character flaws in my girlfriend (mention her name), which are becoming an overwhelming burden to me. Lord, I pray:

  • That you open her eyes to the attribute of patience especially when it will work out for good, at the end. The Scriptures declare that patience works out character. Father, teach her to be a woman who isn’t fast to seek for the easiest way out of her training ground. Equip her with the soundness of mind to act with the best of intentions, without putting others down. Use a series of instruments, including me, to teach her Your ways that are accessible to only the patient.
  • That You touch her heart to exemplify a lifestyle of kindness and goodness just as our Lord Jesus did while here on earth. Help her to always be on the lookout for ways to lift people others without counting the cost. Make her willing to do as unto You, and not the human beings in question. Help her to do right, even if she is the only one doing it. May societal pressure not compel her to choose evil sides because everyone is there. Let the beauty that she boasts of be the beauty founded in living holy and pure for You. Fill her with a fresh fire of love, commitment and care for me. Also, inspire me to make it easy for her to love me, through patience and tolerance. These and more, I believe you’ve answered

                                                                                                In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Prayer for your sick girlfriend

Perfect Healer, You are the One who declared that healing is the bread of Your children. I present one of Your beloved children (mention her name) to You who is sick from an ailment. She is weak; it is difficult for her to pray. I pray, Lord, that Your bread of healing be made available to her, that she would eat and receive her healing.

By the stripes Jesus received, our healing was perfected. I declare that she is healed in all parts of her sick body. I declare that strength from above has rested upon her to quicken her body to rise up from her sick bed, whole and healthy. Sickness of the mind is hereby, removed from her body. Sickness that toys with her emotions is banished from her body.

I decree that she will prosper in health. I receive the power to stay strong for her, knowing that she needs me most in this season of her life. You promised us that You wouldn’t let temptations that are greater than us to come our way, but in all, You shall make a way of escape through them for us. Lord, I pray that this challenge pass away from us.

This sickness is not unto death, but for Your name to be glorified amongst men. There’s no manner of ailment you cannot heal; this one isn’t exempted. I believe that Your healing power is moving all over her body right now. Thank You, Lord, for prayers answered,

                                                                                                In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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