Nobody was born wishing to be struck by cancer. Consider tender babies and school-age kids with shaved heads who know little about the normal life but more of doctor’s appointments and cold, beeping machines for the most part of their God-given lives. Consider too, the once-lively dad who supported his family in different ways he could, but has been recently diagnosed with deadly cancer with slim chances of survival. Finally, imagine a young mother with dreams and aspirations for her newly born baby, who is battling with breast cancer.

All have one thing in common: the need for strength, love, and encouragement to face cancer. Let a cancer patient know you are with them with these words of encouragement:

Inspirational Messages For Cancer Patients

1: You are a survivor. I know and feel it deep within me that you are already winning against the ugly fellow called cancer. Cheer up!

2: Cancer has got nothing on you. I need you to believe that all things are possible, including being cancer-free. Just believe.

3: I can give you everything, but the most important tonic you need now is hope. Always look forward to that day you will smile while receiving the good news that it’s all gone. Keep hope alive, dear.

4: Perhaps, one of the most trying moments in life is fighting cancer. You can succeed, if you are not fighting to lose. Fight a good fight of faith!

5: I can relate with how traumatising it is to see your baby groan in pains from cancer. Nevertheless, be rest assured that your strength is his strength. Stay strong. Be strong. He will win.

Positive Messages For A Cancer Patient

6: Never, ever lose hope. Cancer is already a defeated enemy.

7: I encourage you today, with words of hope and possibility. Don’t allow despair take over you. Cry just a little if you must. But that’s about that. For the most part of your day, every day, pursue happiness. Let joy find you.

8: It isn’t easy to endure the degree of pain that comes with cancer. This moment, I want to tell you that you are the bravest woman I’ve ever known.

9: There is no telling the amount of courage it takes to go through sessions of chemotherapy. But you do it all with an undaunted face. Truth be told, you are a great inspiration to me.

10: Don’t overthink the process. Just relax, and trust that everything will be alright. You will be fine, soon.

11: A difficult situation is handled with a heart of steel. I have come to know you as a man who is relentless in his pursuit for victory. Cancer is not different a difficult situation. Show it what you can do!

12: The battle is tough and overwhelming, also. So, whenever you need a shoulder to lean on, I am always available for you. You are not in this alone.

13: No matter how ugly cancer is, there is someone beautiful who is coming out of it. That person is YOU.

14: I look forward to the time you will be in complete remission when doctors will find no evidence of cancer in you anymore. I am quite sure it is going to happen very soon.

15: Don’t let cancer have the last laugh on you. Fight it to a standstill! You have my unreserved support.

16: All I want from you is to be more than a survivor. Live through each day, thankful and hopeful that you will return to your normal life. I am very sure you will make it.

17: We are happy that you are coming on stronger with each passing day. The level of your strength puts ours to shame. Indeed, brother, you are a fearless lion.

18: I’ve known this about you, that you don’t take a “No” for an answer. Nothing keeps you away from anything you’ve made up your mind for. Now, do the same to cancer. Say, “No!” to it, and mean it. See you on the winning side.

19: Remember all that we use to do together before cancer came along. Deal with that ugly fellow, and spring back to health so that we will continue our fun activities from where we stopped.

20: If there’s nothing quite significant to motivate you in this fight against cancer, let your baby’s innocent stares at you quicken your spirit. Would you want her to question your strength and courage when she grows up? Don’t give up!

21: Fight, you will. The end promises to be sweeter. Hold on till the end because it is worth the effort and pain.

Positive Messages For A Cancer Patient

Words Of Encouragement For Cancer Patients

22: You know what? It is not over, until it is over. Until the doctors say you are free from cancer, cancer will not have the final say over you. Never!

23: Your story shall have a happy ending. You are having a hard time today, but also know that tomorrow will be fair to you. I look forward to creating more beautiful moments with you.

24: In all that you pass through, make it a point of duty to take good care of yourself. When cancer notices that you care less about its presence, it will have no other choice than to take a bow out of your life.

25: All you see may be darkness and uncertainty, but beyond them are sparkling lights of hope and a great future. I will walk with you, hand in hand, into that better future. Just stay with me.

26: I’m sure you know how beautiful you are. Don’t let it be taken away by cancer. You are more than who you think yourself to be. Lose no hope because your winning is already a settled case.

27: It is unbelievable how you manage to go through untold pains from cancer and still put on smiles for everyone. Your success story will be a resounding one.

28: Let the morning take longer than expected to come. Let the tears be heavier to shed than normal. Let all hell be let loose: one thing I am too sure of is that you are coming out from cancer, healed and whole.

29: Certainly, there are no many words to rightly describe your will power to live. Your determination to be cancer-free makes me question my own faith. Without mincing words, I want to tell you that you are a warrior princess.

30: You have distinguished yourself as an achiever in diverse fields of learning. That determination to succeed is the same one that cancer needs to see in order to disappear. You can make it, dearest. You can.

31: Baby boy, there is nothing you cannot have if you make up your mind to have it. Sincerely, I know that you are in much pains, but I don’t want you to live in pains. Do all you can to kick cancer in the butts!

32: You will survive this trial season of your life. May God grant you the strength of mind to beat cancer to a pulp. Hold on and be strong.

33: As you stay lying down, worn out and dizzy, let your mind be filled with thoughts of hope, healing, and total recovery. Let your mind win the battle against cancer, and you will be good to go.

34: Even when the odds are against you, don’t stay down. You will have the last laugh over cancer.

35: It is easy to let in negative vibes from feelings of frustration, anger, depression, and hopelessness. But remember that rather than help you, negative vibes slow down your healing process. Always. Choose. To. Be. Happy.

Inspirational Messages For Cancer Patients

36: Remind yourself of the many reasons you chose to give cancer a fight. When you do that all the time, your heart will not fail you, and you will finish up the race, happily.

37: Cancer can only attack your body, but it can’t lay hold of your mind or strength. Because of that, you are at an advantage in this battle. Defeat cancer from your mind with all the strength in your will power to survive!

38: You have to choose between living without cancer or dying with cancer. It isn’t about what you were told by the doctors; what do you want for yourself? Choose life!

39: Cancer comes like a guest who has a limited number of time in his host’s house. You have to man up to kick that unwanted guest out of your body, with all the strength that you can muster.

40: Do you know the awesome thing about being a cancer survivor? You live to tell the story for others to have courage to fight theirs. I challenge you to survive and live to be able to tell your story.

41: Sometimes, you may feel like listening to the voice of despair which comes from your troubled heart. Don’t do that. Rather, train your ears to listen to your mind which wants you to live by all means. Fight one more time.